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LiveJasmin has an extensive Fetish category that not everyone seems to know about. The site is one of the pioneers of the webcam sex industry, bringing the format to the mainstream in the early ‘00s and maintaining their foothold on the business ever since. I guess it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise; they’ve got a constantly rotating selection of live kinky cams to match the vanilla stripteases and tranny peep shows. Their 5 million daily visitors include thousands of camwhores, which means an absolute shit-ton of variety in live depravity.I feel like barely needs an introduction. Christ, dude, even if you’ve never visited a cam site, you’ve definitely seen their pop-up spam on the free tubes. They’re one of the true industry leaders when it comes to live webcam sex, setting the standards for the other guys to copy. I’ve always been a sucker for live nudity, exhibitionist perversion and a whole host of niche sexual interests, so I was pretty eager to start my hands-on research into their Fetish section. Let’s do it!How a Webcam Leader Does Fetish ShowsWhere do I start? When I review a site like LiveJasmin, it feels a little bit like trying to describe something as common as bread. The site’s a formidable online presence, seemingly as ubiquitous as Facebook or Google, at least if you’re the kind of person who mainly uses the Internet for self-pleasure. You almost get the sense LiveJasmin has simply been around forever. The only reason we know it hasn’t is because it’s big enough and popular enough to have its own thousand-word Wikipedia entry. When’s the last time somebody even mentioned your uncle’s amateur basement bondage site?You’re definitely familiar with the general layout of the joint, as other live cam sites are copying’s wall of camgirl thumbnails. The red color scheme gives it a classy, upscale vibe, and their elegant menu gives us quick access to whatever kind of live sex shows we’re looking for. For this review, I’m starting by hitting the Fetish button in the Categories dropdown.One of LiveJasmin’s defining features and draws is the absolutely massive gaggle of whores collectively exposing themselves on the site’s thousands of cams. They come from all around the world and they’re made in all shapes, sizes and colors. Selection can make or break a cam site, so the big numbers of camwhores give this cam site a big advantage over the other guys.If you’re browsing all the girls who are online, it feels like the page just scrolls on and on forever. Hitting the Fetish button does narrow the selection significantly, but because of the site's overall size, you’ve got a nice number of kinky fetish cam models to choose from at any moment. I’m shaking my dick at the screen in the early afternoon on a weekday and I’ve got my pick of over a hundred freaky live babes.Find Your Ideal Webcam Dom or Fetish ModelOne of LiveJasmin’s greatest assets is its top-shelf interface. It looks great and works so well; it’s easy to overlook, only becoming obvious when you compare it to clunkier cam site copycats. One of the places it really shines is the way they make it so fucking easy to find the camgirl of your wet dreams.I’ve already narrowed down my selection of online chicks to the Fetish-friendly amateurs and dominatrixes. Still, the search features baked right into the front page let me dial in exactly the type of broad I want to see tying up her own tits or calling me a worthless little worm. Fetishists may want to start by hitting the Dominant or Submissive buttons under the Willingness menu, though other options include Close-up, Toys, and Smoking.If you’re going to pay a girl to verbally abuse you and indulge your cuckold fantasies, you may as well get the exact kind of girl you’d also love to fuck if you ever got the chance. Those menus will let you choose her age, ethnicity, hair color and breast size. The Appearance menu includes body types like BBW and Petite, as well as adornments like Tattoos, Piercings and Stockings.Live Latex Girls and Bondage Shows for FreeYou can dial in your preferred price range, but a lot of you cheapskates are just going to tune in to the abundant free fetish webcam shows. “Free live nude girls” is a common refrain among webcam sites, but the brag doesn’t mean shit if the site doesn’t get enough traffic to keep those girls performing. Because LiveJasmin is so big and active, they actually do have a lot of genuinely free sex shows going on at all hours of the day or night.My general advice for finding the free stuff on any cam site is to sort the live shows by popularity, and that advice applies here, too. If there are already a bunch of people watching a public show, enough of them should be throwing money in the hat to keep the action going. You can see girls twerking in bondage gear with clamps on their nipples, smoking topless babes fucking themselves, and fat femdom goddesses acting superior to the slaves watching.Now, you probably ain’t going to get some deep-niche fetish indulged in a free show. If you want a girl to whip her own ass bloody or talk about crushing your balls, you’ll probably need to bust out the wallet. Then again, if you’re going to tell her all your dirty, freaky little secrets and have her act them out, wouldn’t you prefer the privacy of a one-on-one fetish chat?Live Your Fantasies in Private Fetish ChatsThere may be free live action available, but we all know the best stuff happens when the girls are getting tipped. They ain’t whipping out their tits and breaking out the whips for their health! They’re putting on latex and leather, busting out the handcuffs and doing freaky butt stuff to pay the bills, feed their kids and put their dogs through obedience school. If you’re looking for a camgirl to do something extra kinky just for you, these are exactly the babes you’re looking for as long as you’ve got a few bucks to spare.Of course, the biggest problem with any good cam site is just the addictive nature of it. Many cheapskates get their rocks off for free while watching LiveJasmin’s free fetish shows from the library. Others aren’t so lucky, spending whole paychecks on financial domination scenarios and ASMR height humiliation.You can spend money a few ways on LiveJasmin. Tipping can be the cheapest, at least the first time, and you can do it at any time in a free show or private chat. Speaking of, those one-on-one encounters are where you can really end up spending a lot. Listings can start as low as a penny a minute and go over ten bucks. I’m sorry to tell you guys, but a lot of the girls in the fetish area are charging higher rates because they’re kinkier than the other girls. If you’re on a budget, make sure to use the Price menu!Oh, and while we’re talking about budgets, you may want to set yours in advance because offers half-off credits to new users. It’s a diabolically clever offer, practically forcing you to go big with your first purchase so you can get the most bang for your buck. Spend those credits wisely! If you’re new to cam porn, you may be surprised at just how fast those tokens go.The quickness with which your money may leave you will always be the biggest drawback on any good webcam site. Still, the extra-kinky nature of LiveJasmin’s Fetish category means you may spend even more money even faster. I’m sure you expected that, though; fetish porn just costs more. Your typical vanilla paysite is thirty bones a month, but how fucking much did you spend over at ManyVids last week? As anywhere, it’s up to you to keep that fetish porn spending in check.If you’ve got the money to spend on indulging your filthiest, freakiest fetish fantasies, is one of the best places to spend it. Thanks to the site's overall size, they’ve got more fetish models and doms than the other guys, presented in one of the best, most efficient, most copied cam site interfaces you’ll find on the web. A few clicks will tell you whether or not your ideal cuckoldress or perfect slave slut is performing online right now, so why not go find out?