Pascal’s Sub Sluts sound like exactly the kind of babes I’ve been looking for lately. Between the fatties on Tinder and the #MeToo intellectuals blowing up the social media networks, it’s been difficult to find legitimately hot chicks looking for a hard, dominant fuck who aren’t going to complain about it on the Internet later. Hell, being on the Internet is part of what these bitches are all about, even as they get degraded, spanked, and pumped full of sperm.In case you can’t tell from the name, PascalsSubSluts.com isn’t your average vanilla porn site about wholesome hookups and friendly blowjobs from cougar next door. For nearly a decade, the site has showcased premium sub-dom smut starring Pascal White and friends, along with an ever-changing cast of gorgeous pornstars, amateurs and escorts, with a good number of first-timers sprinkled in along the way. There’s a good chance you’re not a first-timer, though, since the joint continues to get thousands of hits a day.Real Subs, Sex and OrgasmsThe tour page lays out a really fucking strong case for signing up the moment it loads in my browser. There’s a video montage of a cute MILF with pigtails that plays at the top of the screen. She’s seen giggling on the couch before flashing to a shot of Pascal holding her face and cumming in her mouth. He chokes her while she rides cowgirl, and squeezes a tit hard while she holds an intense vibrator to her cunt. In the next few seconds, we see him fuck her face, hold her mouth and nose closed, and slap her around a little.Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, a caption asks us to “Please misbehave responsibly.” Even the #MeToo crowd should agree that it’s perfectly good and fine to choke a bitch while smashing her twat if that’s what she’s into, and that’s what Pascals SubSluts are all about. Scrolling down the page, I see girls giving the camera fuck-me eyes as they get their faces fucked, and sluts with big smiles on their faces even as they’re tied up with rope or have their hands held behind their backs.Pascals Subsluts clearly ain’t afraid to show a broad being held by her hair, face, or throat, as you’ll notice in damn near all of the thumbnails. While some paysites will dabble in a little basic domination from time to time, it’s always front-and-center at Pascals Sub Sluts. I’ve always thought the taboo against showing it more often was strange. Maybe it says something about the kind of girls I bone, but in my experience, most chicks are into some amount of hair-pulling or light choking. I’m turned on already, not just by the hotties and the rough play, but the realism and rawness of it all.It’s worth mentioning this dude Pascal, in case you’ve never heard of him. The guy has been winning porn awards going back as far as his UKAFTA for Best Male Actor in 2006. There are a couple of rows of accolades and nominations wrapped in laurel leaves out on the front page. Mr. White and PascalsSubSluts.com have earned nods from respected adult entertainment institutions like Shafta, XBIZ, and UKAP. Maybe even ThePornDude, too, but I have to get in and look around first!Getting Down with Pascals Sub SlutsThere are some free video samples out front, but damn, the montage format is such a fucking tease. You get a couple of seconds of girls dancing with jizz-smeared makeup, followed by a couple of seconds of a chick kneeling with a bag over her head, and then a few seconds showing one of PascalsSubsluts getting her hair pulled while being nailed from behind. It’s all hot as fuck, but hard to jack off to with that machine-gun editing.I held my breath as I clicked through to the signup page. Not because breathplay is my fetish, but because kinky niche sites sometimes charge more than other websites. It turns out it wasn’t bad at all; a membership to PascalsSubSluts.com will run you the usual thirty bucks all the other sites are asking. The discounts on longer memberships aren’t as great as you’ll find elsewhere, but they’re not outrageous either.The membership also includes access to half a dozen bonus paysites. It’s a nice variety of content that helps round out the package. Included is SexyMomma, an intergenerational lesbian taboo site starring classic sluts like Nina Hartly banging their stepdaughters. There’s also LatexPussycats for the fetishists and SwankPass, if you want a little of everything all at the same time.There’s kind of an old-school vibe you’ll find on Pascals Sub Sluts and the bonus sites, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. They’re not as flashy as some of the newer sites, but it lets you know they’ve been doing this a long fucking time and they’re good at it. PascalsSubsluts still has DVDs for sale to the old heads, though they’re also available as VOD for the modern perverts. They also keep it classic by including downloads in the membership price, a paysite perk seemingly on its way out.Fresh Pascals Subsluts DailyPascals Subsluts is putting out new content almost every single day. Technically. There is a bit of number-fudging at work here. Each individual video shoot gets broken down into a bunch of separate daily updates, stretched out over a week or more. For example, that pigtailed babe I mentioned had a trailer released a week ago. The next day was a before-sex interview, followed by a gallery of strip pics and then a video where she’s banged against the wall. After that, they released a collection of fuck photos, then another porn video, followed by an after-sex interview. Today’s update is another BTS video in the series.Even with the updates broken down like this, you’re still getting a pretty fucking steady dose of domination porn for your PascalsSubsluts.com membership. Put in other terms, you’re going to meet another of Pascals Sub Sluts every week or so. It’ll just take a few days to see her fully degraded and transformed into a fucktoy.Altogether, you’re looking at thousands of galleries, dom-sub sex flicks and BTS scenes from over 230 shoots. That’s not even counting all that bonus material I mentioned, so you’ve really got your work cut out for you if you want to crank your way through the whole collection. You’d better get some lotion.How I Got Banned from TinderI’ve got to admit, I’ve been pretty fucking hard for that cute MILF ever since I hit the PascalsSubsluts landing page. It turns out she’s actually done three shoots with the site, with the older ones conveniently lined up below those brand-new updates. I decided to dip back into her first fuck video for the site, recorded just a few months ago. The lovely Lucy Love is seen smiling in the thumbnail, hands bound to the ceiling and unable to stop Pascal from squeezing her tits hard.I’ve seen a number of sites that do the daily update gimmick but then really cheap out on the video lengths. That’s why I’m happy to see long runtimes here. I checked out a BTS movie that ran twenty minutes, and Lucy’s fuck debut runs over an hour.Pascal grabs the restrained beauty by the throat in the movie’s opening, making her cough and her eyes tear up. He lifts up her striped dress, exposing a tight, sexy little body and rubbing her pussy through her lace panties. Her pretty face runs through different emotions as he works his magic. First, there’s joy, then fear, followed by unrestrained lust, then some pain, smiles, moaning, and a big grin as he makes those big nipples squirt milk. She really is a new MILF!Within the first ten minutes, Pascal’s making his sub slut gag on a big-ass dildo and blast more of her homemade baby formula all over the fucking room. I fucking love the look of lust in her eyes and the way she breathes hard, giggling when she catches a little break. Pascal’s almost 50, but he clearly still knows how to get Pascals Subsluts all kinds of wound up.Twenty minutes in, my dude can’t help himself anymore. He strips down to nothing and starts banging her from behind, grabbing her neck and cramming his fingers in her mouth to let her know who’s in charge. Honestly, guys, I’m going to have to research this film a lot fucking harder, so I’m cutting this review short.PascalsSubsluts is clearly aimed at porn fans who want to see submissive sluts banged hard by aggressive, dominant cocks. Even if you’ve never heard of Pascal White before, the dude makes it immediately obvious why he’s been a force in this kind of smut for so long. Check out some of those free video montages on the front page, because they really do represent what’s inside the member’s area.