Well, you don’t see this every day. Yoo Girls is one of those sites I am proud to review because I see some semblance of an actual original idea on this site. Technically, this site is bending over backward to get you to spend money, but I am ok with it because they’re actually doing something original for once. If I have to review another website that’s a carbon copy of PornHub, I swear to God I will stick my dick in a toaster and just call it a century. I’m tired. I love porn more than anything else in this world, but my God, it’s so hard to get behind seeing the exact same shit over and over again. YooGirls was the breath of fresh air I didn’t know I needed.So, what’s their game? Well, it’s a clip purchasing site. You go there, find clip previews that you like, and then pay around $10 for the whole production. I’m just throwing numbers out there – the clips are priced differently depending on length and quality, but $10 is a good amount to keep in mind. It’ll take you far if you’re only in it for one fap. And if you’re familiar with pay-per-view cable pornography, this is kind of similar in that you pay per clip. The upside is that you pay per download, not per view; therefore, you actually get to keep the clips you paid for, well, forever.All About the Fem DomBut wait, there’s more. I said that this site is particularly unique. They went the extra mile and gave the damn place a niche! That’s right; they specialize in a single type of videos – femdom! This is some impressive shit. You get a singular, one-stop shop for all of your femdom needs. Plus, they don’t charge you for videos that you don’t want. You don’t have to pay for a subscription. You only buy what you genuinely want to watch, and the previews are more than thorough enough to give you a decent hint on what to expect inside the actual full-length video.It’s a great system, and I think that it puts the customer first, but I’ll admit – the videos are a bit too expensive. There are tons of $10 videos that last like 10 minutes. Technically, that’s not expensive if you factor in the production costs and all, but when you weigh it against a Brazzers subscription, well, it’s embarrassing. However, if you were to scale these bad boys against any mainstream subscription, you’ll deduce that they should cost somewhere around 3 cents per video. But that’s not realistic. You can’t expect this site to pay all of these independent creators with that kind of money.It’s a Video MarketplaceSo, it’s not a subscription site or even a studio. It’s a marketplace where femdom mommies can share their videos with the world and get paid, optionally. You don’t have to buy anything that you don’t want to, and if you’re particularly stingy, you can jerk off to the previews. I won’t judge you for it, to be honest. I know that $10 per video is very steep for the average person working a 9 to 5 minimum wage gig. By all means, fap away. But, if you’re a true connoisseur of femdom videos and you want to show your appreciation, I’m sure you’ll spare the shekels to get the full-length videos of girls that you like. But, again, there are many chicks on this site, and no one expects you to get everyone’s entire video library. That would cost thousands of dollars.Plus, there’s no point to it. You can’t watch all of these videos in one lifetime if you were to connect them end to end. Maybe the current catalog is doable, but new shit gets added all the time. It’s pointless to try to get all of them. You don’t need all of them.I guess there’s a lesson to be learned here about humility and how spoiled we’ve gotten in the era of free porn tubes. But, hand on heart, be honest: How often do you actually watch the whole damn video when you jump into a porn tube? Also, how often do you skip the video entirely for no real reason, only to try and find something else that’s better, then skip several times in a row until you end up right where you started and then blasting your load? Don’t lie to me; I know it happens all the time.Impressive Business ModelOn YooGirls, you have to be more prudent than that. You have to pick content that you actually like and want to watch. These girls put a lot of work into these videos, and it shows. These aren’t just porn clips; they’re mini-movies. The acting chops on these girls are damn impressive. I know it might seem unlikely that an entire website’s worth of women is all great actresses, and sure, there might be a few duds here and there, but for the most part, these videos are legitimately impressive. They use props, costumes, camera angles, proper editing, and some of them even have men in the videos that they use as objects to assert their dominance over. The whole damn website is a museum of femdom art. I adore it.Keep in mind, I’m singing all these praises, and I don’t even give a shit about femdom. I’m just impressed by the hard work and dedication. I can only imagine how horny I’d be right now if I were actually into femdom kinks. I’d be creaming myself and foaming at the mouth over having found this website.Now let’s talk about the content itself for a bit. Just what does YooGirls consider femdom? Well, they really cover their spread. I noticed that particular girls tend to stick to specific niches. They don’t mix and match. So, one girl will have an entire series of videos on using latex and whips to treat men like slaves, and another girl might be doing feet worship videos during which she talks down to you. In these videos, as you can imagine, the camera is under her feet. That’s the angle that foot fetishists want, after all.Hardcore, Softcore, and In-BetweenMany of these videos go deep into BDSM territory, depending on the bitch you’re checking out. There’s a lot of piss and spit play, though I haven’t seen any scat. I guess the bottom line here is that the girls want to be dominant, not evil. But, there’s a lot of heels on balls and feet on top of men’s heads and so on. Men also tend to get spit on.What I love about these videos is how immersive they feel. None of the ones I watched felt like they were acted out. Maybe they’re not actually acting. Perhaps these girls are genuinely this freaky, and they’re trying to cash in on their talents. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the dudes they use as props are their real-life husbands. Whatever the case, they’re making actual artworks in video form, and I encourage you to check them out. If you’re into being dominated by females, this site might just feel like your next favorite bookmark and your digital home away from home.The best part of being on a site like YooGirls is knowing that you will not be judged for your fetish. Instead, you’re going to feel welcome. This place was made entirely for you. And sure, it’s pricier than most other porn sites, but I think that they’re working findom into the equation by default. Findom is a category on the site, but I mean, there’s a layer of findom within all the other categories as well - you’re paying $10 to get yelled at for 10 minutes. It’s incredible stuff if you’re into that.Before I depart, let me just run you through the categories on the site to know what you’re getting into. Real quick, we’ve got: Foot dom, fin dom, and fem dom, the big three. Then there’s humiliation, general foot fetish, trampling, and ball destruction. Spitting, boot dom, crush fetish, which is apparently different from ball crushing. Facesitting, butt worship, balloons – whatever the fuck that is, chastity, cuckolding, and finally, to reward you for being a good boy, you’ve got jerk-off instructions. Those I actually adore, even though I’m not into being dominated. There’s something sexy about a woman trying to control my orgasm. I can get behind that kind of play.Check this site out! You will be doing yourself a favor. I promise!