MYLF dom! MILF fantasies come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some want a nice, big-racked lady to suck their dicks; others crave doggystyle action with an older woman with a well-developed ass. Then you’ve got the bondage folks who appreciate the blowjobs just as much as the next guy, but would prefer it if that bitch were tied up and blindfolded while gagging on a fat jimmy. If that’s your thing, let me tell you all about MYLFdom.MYLFdom.com has been serving up MILF BDSM porno since early 2019. It’s one of the very few major premium sites devoted to the niche, and as such, has earned a shit-ton of fans since its debut. The fact that they’ve all but cornered the market is enough to earn them plenty of drive-through traffic, but the high quality of their material is what keeps those visitors sticking around with sticky fingers. These days, the site is getting thousands of visitors every day. It’s pretty fucking obvious that some like it rough. Others like it even rougher.Why’s Mommy All Tied Up?If you took just the quickest glance at MYLFdom, you might assume it’s just your standard vanilla hardcore site. There’s a babe eating dick at the top of the screen, followed in quick succession by a naked brunette on all fours and a MILF seducing a much younger dude. You know, the standard porno stuff.But it’s not so standard, really. That babe dining on ding-dong looks like she’s being force-fed based on the hands holding her hair and the uneaten cum dripping from her mouth, and that naked brunette has a gag in her mouth and a hand wrapped around her throat. The MILF seducing the much younger guy ain’t exactly seducing so much as she’s taking, and that shiny black PVC gives her away as a dominatrix. It also highlights the beauty of her round, succulent ass.No, MYLFdom.com sure as hell ain’t vanilla. It also ain’t some lo-fi bullshit. There are some well-known kink sites out there with low standards for the women, the sets and the cinematography, to say nothing of those Tetris-quality two-minute scenes. If you’ve got a fetish or just like a little pain with your pleasure, you’ve often had to settle for whatever’s available.Well, fuck settling, at least when it comes to MILFs getting dominated while getting banged rough and dirty. These flicks are full-length, professionally shot HD spectacles of caged cougars in heat. These are Mothers You’d Love to Fuck at their most vulnerable, their most submissive, their most sexy, and their most full of cock. Best of all, these talented, experienced whores are all fucking gorgeous.I’m talking about lusted-after mature pornstars like Becky Bandini and Sheena Ryder. They’ve got Silvia Saige tied spread-eagle to a bed, Anna Morna with tape over her mouth, and Mysha Mynx blindfolded, held against a wall and face-fucked. Dominant men are calling all the shots in most of the flicks, but they’ve got a few scattered femdom flicks for the cucks. Check out Ivy Lebelle, making a boy worship her pussy and Allesandra Snow teaching her step-son a lesson by sitting on his face.Get Your Kicks Cheap as HellThose of you who appreciate premium MILF porn probably noticed the MYLF part of MYLFdom. Yep, it’s the very same company that won the XBIZ Best New Paysite Award, a fact they don’t neglect to mention on the sign-up page. You can put anything in laurel leaves and it looks official as fuck, but it’s hard to argue with XBIZ. I reviewed the all-MILF network here at ThePornDude and gave it high marks.MYLFdom.com is a MYLF Premium Series. In other words, you have to sign up for it separately from the rest of the MYLF network, for a separate price. That ain’t the least bit surprising given this is a BDSM site. You kinksters already know they tend to charge more for this stuff than the reality-porn lesbians and teen cherry-poppings.The price ain’t bad, though. At just $18 a month, this is a lot cheaper than most “regular” porn sites. There’s also a 6-month membership that will save you a few bucks in the long run, and MYLF Unlimited, MYLF’s all-inclusive package that includes all the Premium Series and everything else. The latter is $289 a year, which sounds like a lot but is many times less than if you signed up for all the Premium Series.The sign-up page says there are new movies every week, but that just ain’t so. It was true for a while in the beginning, but the rate dropped to once a month before COVID-19 even hit. These days, it’s even worse. The last time they added a new MYLFdom movie was 3 months ago.Naturally, this ain’t great news for the full collection size, especially when the site’s less than a couple years old. As of this writing, there are just 27 movies in the catalog. That would be a dealbreaker if this were your mom and dad’s porno, but MYLFdom is high-end MILF BDSM porn. If you’re into the material, it’s going to be worth an Andrew Jackson, especially when downloads are included at no extra cost.I Hope You Like It KinkyI’ve got to say, the thumbnails at MYLFdom.com are an enticing variety of kinky-ass shit. I’m a little overwhelmed. Do I want to see the cougar completely tied up and helpless on the couch with an imposing figure looming over her, the broad with a hard dick strapped to her face with a belt, or the distressed babe put over a man’s knee while her friend watches helpless and silent from the chair where she’s bound and gagged?It’s the black-haired Lilian Stone who draws me in for my official fap test. She’s got a fucking stunning body, aged like a fine wine, with monster jugs and gorgeous fare skin. She also looks good with a gag in her mouth. From certain angles, she reminds me of a pornstar version of Mary-Louise Parker, so I took a couple of bong hits and pretended I was about to jack off to Weeds again.Busty Babes Like It Rough opens with a casting sequence, which I honestly wasn’t expecting from a BDSM site. The MILF introduces herself and says she hasn’t done much kinky stuff, and isn’t even sure if she’s a submissive when he asks. He pushes for more info, asking about the most intense things she’s done, what she enjoyed and what was too much. She comes off kind of shy and uncertain, and it feels like we’re about to watch a grown woman finally get her innocence taken. I’m hard as a fucking rock.I skipped ahead a few minutes, the movie zipping along with minimal buffering. Lilian’s titties were out and getting groped with two hands before they shifted, one moving for her throat and the other stroking her pussy through her panties. She gasped and squealed a little, and then he made her take the top off.A few minutes later, she was on her knees, her hair being pulled back and her pussy getting fingered. I love how Lilian gets more and more vocal as the movie progresses and things get harder. Twenty minutes in, dude decided she should make less noise, so the gag came into play for a while. Gags are great, but they have problems of their own: how’s a babe going to suck with a mouth full of rope? Naturally, it doesn’t stay on.Lilian plays the naïve, inexperienced slut really fucking well, but I have to wonder if she’s done it before. She acts hesitant but never misses a beat. Come on. You’re telling me she’s just immediately good at giving handjobs with her hands tied together, with no practice at all? I’m calling bullshit, but I’m also filling another sock with cum.The movie’s nearly an hour-long, and has a nice, slow, steady ramp up into harder and harder territory. By the end, Lilian’s riding dick with a belt wrapped around her neck, leaving her just enough air supply to squeal like a submissive, cum-hungry little pig.Damn. If you’re looking for MILF BDSM porn, MYLFdom.com is probably the fucking joint. It’s hard to recommend a long-term membership because they’re not adding new content very often, but the downloadable collection is easily worth the low price they’re asking. Just sign up from time to time and save what you like, or spring for the full MYLF Unlimited package.