Fetish Network

FetishNetwork is a pretty great name for this network, since it is comprised of tons of fetish sites that cover a wide variety of topics from usual to spooky to super hot and taboo. There are more than 40 sites in this network and they are always adding more, which is unusual for a network. There are even different categories of sites for you to pick from that all keep it really kinky. There are about 20 BDSM sites, a couple hypnofetish sites, spanking sites, female domination ones, smoking and foot fetish sites and a decent number of smothering and face sitting websites that fetishists will enjoy. Find anything that is beyond the normal hardcore stuff that happens in most porn movies.It appears that some of the content is completely original and made by the creators of the network and other ones are collections that they have bought up and are putting on display for everyone to see, simply because they appreciate the content. The collection includes Rick Savage’s original porn site, which has lots of professional, and amateur BDSM content. There is also Bondage Auditions that features films from back in the day starring bondage greats like Madison Young who is now a feminist porn maker. Unfortunately, many of the sites seem to have just a few scenes - like less than 20 - and then they stop updating. This is a bummer and in fact, most of the sites are not updating anymore. I wonder what happened, but there is still a lot to enjoy here. They say they have 2 new sites per month, but that doesn’t mean much if they just abandon the sites soon after they create them.A lot of the newer porn is completely exclusive and available in HD, while older videos vary in quality as to whatever technology was available at the time those films were made. Overall, if you are a kinky freak who wants to keep watching all sorts of different fetish porn, you should get access to this network that has sites like Brutal Castings, Sexual Disgrace and Taboo 18 The Kinky Bunch! It’s a whole lot of fun and you’ll be glad you joined so do it as soon as possible. If you want something that is not the standard sucking and fucking but something more with plenty of kinky stuff, then this is the network for you!