Evolved Fights

Let's check some wrestling porn at EvolvedFights! In the song, “What I Got,” Sublime famously sang the line, “Fucking and fighting, it’s all the same.” And I have often thought over the years about whether or not there is any truth to that. There definitely seems to be a sort of primitive connection in the brain between the instinct to fuck and the instinct to fight. Both can be rather aggressive and cathartic activities, sure, not to mention the fact that there are so many power dynamics going on during sex. One might characterize sex as being about control. Sometimes we dominate, sometimes we want to be submissive, and sometimes we want to fight for dominance over our partners.Whether or not we can say that fucking and fighting are exactly the same as one another, there’s no denying that there is a ton of overlap between the two. There is also no denying that there is something inherently erotic about professional fighting sports. Look at MMA, for instance. You can’t tell me that you’ve never gotten at least a little bit turned on while watching the female UFC fights. I mean, how could you not? These girls are sweating and panting and groaning as they roll around on the mat and pin each other down. It’s basically lesbian porn minus the sex toys.And if you don’t get turned on by female UFC fights, then it’s probably the guys that do it for you. Few things are gayer than male on male mixed martial arts. Well, the only thing gayer than actually grappling on the ground with another half-naked man for 20 minutes at a time is watching two half-naked men grapple on the ground with three or four of your closest bros. No, I don’t want to come over to your apartment to eat chips and dip and watch two sweaty grown men roll around on the ground together.At any rate, my point is that the lines between fighting and sexuality can be pretty thin sometimes. So, obviously, someone had the wherewithal to combine the two and make a porn site out of it! The result is a site known as Evolved Fights, where couples get into a ring and wrestle each other into sex positions. Well, maybe it would be more accurate to say that couples get into a ring and wrestle, with sexual acts being used tactically to cause the opponent to submit. Spoiler alert: when it’s a girl versus a guy, the girls tend to have the upper hand. But, hey, when your opponent is sucking you off or fucking you into submission, nobody really loses, right?Strange InnovationsI won’t even lie to you, this is a strange site. And I don’t mean that as an insult. If anything, “strange” is a compliment. It definitely beats the hell out of being average. I like sites that stand out from the crowd and do new things, try to do innovative things with porn. It’s no small feat to be able to say that you’ve invented something new in the adult film industry. Too many studios, it seems, do not take chances like this. So, they get props right out of the gate just for trying something new. Respect.But what can you expect from an Evolved Fights match? Well, first of all, they cater to all sexual orientations. There are straight matches, gay matches, and lesbian matches for you to choose from. So, pick your poison as it were. Then, once you find a video that catches your attention, play it. It usually starts out with a short pre-match interview. Then it cuts to both fighters, clothed, starting out on their knees. The referee will start the fight and they will immediately start grappling. The first few minutes tends to consist of the two fighters wrestling each other’s clothes off.Once naked, the wrestling continues for a total of 10 short rounds. When their naked, though, is when the real fun begins. The guy might, for example, play with his opponent’s pussy while he’s got her pinned to the mat, rendering her unable to fight him back (if she even wants to at that point). Then, if she is able to best him and get control, she might get on top of him and, say, sit on his face or play with his balls, jack him off. It seems like the main play is overpower your opponent and then satisfy her to the point where she doesn’t want to fight you for control.One of the deadliest moves in these matches, however, is the blowjob. Once a girl gets your dick in her mouth, there’s no way you're fighting her off of you. As soon as she starts sucking her opponent off, he is rendered powerless. She’s basically won the match at that point. The ultimate combo from there, then, is the BJ to cowgirl one-two punch. Once the fucking starts, all the rules are out the window, though, and nobody even cares about the fight anymore. The ref just gets out of the way and lets them get it on. It seems like the matches are kind of split up into two sections: the wrestling and the porn. And the result is oddly satisfying.As soon as you enter the Evolved Fight’s members area, you will notice that it likely looks nothing like any other premium pay porn site you’ve ever been to. The huge banner at the top of the page, for example, shows two fighters facing off, standing with their arms crossed and eyeing each other playfully inside of an industrial fence and brick wall. It doesn’t look completely unlike the UFC site actually. At first glance, you wouldn’t even know this was a porn site.Below the banner, you will find a spartan site menu bar. Here, you can navigate between Home, Photos, Movies, Models, and Blog. Then, you will find an area devoted to Upcoming Updates. Keep scrolling down the page to find Latest Updates, Most Popular Models, Most Popular Updates, Most Viewed Movies, Most Viewed Photos, Most Viewed Categories, What’s Hot, This Week’s Poll (Would you like to see a TS female wrestle with a cis male? [67% yes; 32% no, in case you were curious]), Latest News, and the Evolved Fights Twitter feed down at the very bottom of the site.Surprisingly Hot Sporty ChicksSo, if you are anything like me, at this point in the review, you’re probably wondering how hot the girls are. I think this is a very fair question, especially since you might assume that they are probably jacked or at least very athletic … and sporty chicks can be really hit or miss. Well, the girls of Evolved Fights are also, in my opinion, pretty hit or miss. But, for the most part, I would say that they are attractive. It has to be a task, though, to find really hot chicks who are interested in doing this kind of thing. They have to be few and far between, right? I think that Evolved Fights has done a surprisingly good job at finding sexy fighters though.One downside worth noting about EvolvedFights.com is that there aren’t quite as many matches as you might like. You’ll have two pages worth of movies to choose from, totaling around 40 videos. This actually isn’t horrible, though, considering the fact that Evolved Fights is a pretty new premium pay porn site. It looks like they add a new upload every week and have been doing so since July of 2018. So, the quantity may be a bit of an issue for now, but it certainly will not remain that way in the weeks and months to come if they keep updating at this rate.Flaccid Penises and Subpar Site DesignOne downside to the site for me is the design. All the thumbnails for videos are split into their own slideshow galleries, forcing you to browse videos by clicking arrows through the slideshow. I recognize that this may be a personal, subjective preference thing, but it’s just not for me; I would much prefer a few columns. But that is not the hugest deal, I get it.The only other real complaint that I have with the site is the fact that, since the videos are a mixture of fighting and then fucking, there is a lot of awkwardly flaccid penis going on. This is probably just in the nature of the actors having to sort of mentally switch gears from wrestling to fucking mode, but still. Few things are less sexy than watching a soft penis flopping around, or seeing a woman sucking on a tiny, squishy dick. Eventually, they get hard and the fucking ensues, so it might be another small complaint, but just thought it’d be fair to warn.All in all, I like how original Evolved Fights is. The girls are both fit and foxy, it’s fun, and they update regularly. If you think this is something you could get into, I highly recommend checking it out!