Do you Love Her Feet as much as you love a pornstar’s pretty face, luscious titties and perfect round ass? Some perverts don’t appreciate the curve of a feminine arch or a woman’s sexy pedicured toes, the kind that makes your mouth water just watching them wiggle on the screen. Me? I love a nice pair of tootsies so much my sister always had to hide her socks, lest they end up all soggy and sticky. This next website is just as much fun, without making Christmas dinners awkward.LoveHerFeet.com has been serving up premium footjob, foot fetish and foot porn movies since 2017. While you’ll find some foot fun on most of the big networks, if you dig around, these guys put a lot more emphasis on toe sucking, foot fucking, and foot-oriented scenarios in every video. A lot of dudes go crazy for a big set of jugs, others love a juicy ass, but the 4,000+ perverts visiting this site every day are doing it because they Love Her Feet.How Much Do You Love Her Feet?In so many cases, the problem with fetish porn is that you have to settle for ugly girls, clunky websites, and shitty production. The deeper the niche, the rarer the material and the more smut peddlers are going to charge you for half-ass pornos on a site that would have been cutting-edge in 1994. Fortunately for us, foot fetishism ain’t all that rare. There’s more competition, which ultimately means all-around higher quality porno.I can tell the moment I load LoveHerFeet’s front page that this ain’t no bullshit operation. The layout is bright and clean, with a preview montage playing at the top, making my dick hard immediately. There are 4k icons on every video thumbnail, letting you know that features like My Stepmom’s Stinky Feet and Feet Fucking My Sister’s Ex are in crystal-clear Ultra HD. Everything about the site is modern and beautiful.Speaking of beauty, there are big-name pornstars everywhere. Vicky Love shows off her pink toenails and a flash of her shaved twat in one thumbnail, and Angelica Cruz is giving a lucky dude a footjob in another. They’ve got Gia Derza and Scarlit Scandal sucking each other’s toes, and the preview pic for His Slutty Ex Stepdaughter shows Jessie Saint with her feet on daddy’s dick at the dinner table while Aaliyah Love enjoys her meal, unaware for the time being. Abella Danger is known for that killer booty, but on LoveHerFeet, we get to get even lower, like floor level.The Models area runs on for 4 pages, showing off nearly 200 pornstars who have shown off their feet and their other pretty parts. They’ve got a bunch of my personal favorites, so I’m currently canceling some meetings and appointments I had coming up. I just got a new silicone sex foot, and I need some time to break it in while watching girls like Abella Danger, Ella Knox, Chanel Preston and Ariella Ferrara.Cheaper Than a Peg LegJust from looking at LoveHerFeet.com’s tour page, it’s clear the site walks a fine line between traditional hardcore paysites and fetish porn. Andrew Youngman, the dude who started the website, has been directing porno movies for twenty years, and he happens to really love feet. He brings both that expertise and that love to LoveHerFeet, resulting in high-end pornography with a heavy emphasis on feet.The crossover element made me wonder, is this going to cost as much as a regular porn site or will I have to break open the piggy bank for fetish porn prices? It turns out, a membership is a lot cheaper than most paysites. The regular price is twenty bucks a month, but when I visited, they were offering the first month at half off. Hell, that’s what you’d pay for one short amateur clip on a site like ManyVids where a girl’s just rubbing a banana with her soles.Many premium sites have slowed down their updates since the pandemic started, the logistics of shooting complicated by social distancing. I’m glad to see that doesn’t seem to be the case at LoveHerFeet. Their schedule is a little bit irregular, but they average more than one fresh foot fetish update a week. Last month, they put out 6 new movies.There’s a section featuring a couple of dozen bonus movies, and they also put out a fair number of Behind-the-Scenes videos. As a foot fan, I was raging hard just looking at the thumbnails of interviews with girls like Jewelz Blu and Bella Rolland, so I can vouch for their fapworthiness. Everywhere I look, the site is showing off some of the sexiest bare feet I’ve seen this week.That flawless framing of the female foot is also on display in the foot fetish photo galleries that accompany each video. I don’t mention the photo sections on most paysites, because it’s often just screencaps from the movies, and they’re usually just there to bloat the site’s content volume. These guys really do Love Her Feet, though, so you’ll find tons of close-ups of girls wearing heels, fishnets, flats, flip-flips, stockings or nothing at all on their beautiful feet.Sexy Girls Work Their Sexy FeetCounting the BTS movies and the bonus material, there are well over 200 premium foot porn movies in LoveHerFeet.com’s collection. I sometimes blueball myself in confusion when faced with such a huge selection of really enticing porno, so I decided to just watch the newest flick instead of endlessly browsing the thumbnails, slowly soaking my boxers with precum.I’m in luck, because they just uploaded a 40-minute foot movie called My Landlord Licks My Giantess Feet. Kinky! The film opens with a shot of Bella’s soles before seeing the 6-foot goddess lying in bed, looking at her phone and touching herself. She puts her feet up on the headboard and we’re treated to a close-up. It seems like she just got a pedicure today.While Bella’s doing her thing, the landlord shows up with a plumber to fix a sink. The landlord follows the moaning sound and then just stands there watching with a goofy grin as Bella sucks her own toes while she rubs her naked pussy. I appreciate how we only get short glimpses of the old guy, setting the stage without taking our eyes off the babe with the feet for too long.When she finally notices, she acts surprised and embarrassed. He’s a little surprised, too, because she was supposed to be at work. They don’t actually mention rent money, but he’s pissed she lost her new job and demands they work out an arrangement. A couple of minutes later, the old pervert is rubbing Bella’s feet and sucking on her toes.Everybody Loves Her Feet!Bella strokes the lucky grandpa’s dick with one foot while he slowly licks the other. I really love that everybody here seems to love the foot stuff, too: Bella, the old guy, the cameramen and director. Almost every shot is framed to let us see her feet, no matter what’s going on onscreen. I love how her toes curl when he’s eating her pussy. Nobody is phoning in their excitement.Neither am I. I could barely contain myself when Bella put her feet up in the air, soles together, and let the dude fuck them. She squealed and stroked her pussy, working her feet on his shaft as he massaged her toes and spanked her instep. She goes cross-eyed and tries to say things, though it’s largely unintelligible through her moans, giggles and screams.I wasn’t even halfway through the movie yet. Fifteen minutes in, Bella takes off her dress, squats and starts sucking his cock. The camera pulls back, making sure we get a nice view of her feet as she holds her full weight up by her toes, going to town with a dick in her mouth.She puts a foot up an ottoman when he starts fucking her from behind, showing us her sole before the landlord grabs it for a taste. I ended up ruining another keyboard with sperm and marked the occasion by saving the movie for my hall-of-fame stash. Downloads are included at Love Her Feet, so stock up.LoveHerFeet.com is a rare premium site that I can’t find anything to complain about. If you like high-end porn with popular pornstars and you appreciate pretty feet, you’re going to fucking love this. It’s cheap, they’re putting out fresh full-length foot fetish movies on the regular, and their back catalog is already deep. This one’s a fucking winner.