Do you Watch 4 Fetish when you’re jacking off, or are you more into that tired old vanilla porn your grandparents watch before making the nursing home smell like old cum and despair? If you’re just into missionary sex and blowjobs, well, you’ll probably want to go back to my big list of the Top Premium Porn Sites here at ThePornDude. If you’re a true freak, though, read on. I’ve got something special for you gives away the gimmick right in the title: this is premium porn aimed at kinksters, fetishists and the generally depraved. If you’re the kind of pervert who feels underserved by the reality porn sites, teen nymphomaniac movies and lesbian collections, these guys might have some of that rare material that gets your crossed wires all hot and bothered. Of course, fetish porn is never a one-size-fits-all type of deal, so let’s see what they’ve really got to offer and who they’re really catering to.What’s Your Pleasure, Pervert?What do you think of when you see a site name like Watch4Fetish? Depending on your specific kinks, you might think of pretty girls being tied up, sexy sluts pissing on each other, or a big fat lady stepping on your testicles with a pair of spikey heels. While these guys have a variety of content displayed out front on the tour page, it’s not the typical set of dark, dungeon-based maledom or femdom thumbnails you find on a random BDSM site. On the contrary, there’s a bright, colorful and fully consensual vibe, even before switching the layout over to Night Mode.“Welcome to Watch4Fetish,” reads the text at the top, “the world’s largest fetish streaming platform. We are the fetish portal with the most exclusive videos. The best women in the world pose for you here.” True to their word, there’s a contortionist chick in a full-body snakeskin zentai suit. For the uninitiated, zentai is a fetish originating in Japan where people wear tight-fitting bodysuits that cover their whole body, head to toe, including their faces.She’s not the only contortionist or zentai-clad slut on the tour page, either. So many of these sexy chicks are all twisted up into unnatural positions that I thought maybe this was the main fetish they’re catering to. That isn’t quite true, because I also see a real rubber doll giving a blowjob and a hot chick in a BDSM outfit made of shiny black PVC.Watch 4 Fetishes of All KindsThe Channels page gives a more thorough overview of the deep-niche kinks and sexual fetishes indulges in their ever-expanding archives. All in all, they’ve got nearly 30 different fetish-based channels, each catering to a different subgenre of extra freaky smut.Some of them admittedly don’t sound all that kinky, but just you wait and see. Big Boobs sounds like a channel on any vanilla paysite, but here the busty broads are wearing zentai suits, rubber doll costumes or have their legs bent completely backwards, defying the laws of basic human anatomy. The Asian, Casting, Nude and Masturbation channels are similarly fetishistic, despite the boring names.Other channels on Watch4Fetish are more obviously intended for the real deviates. Fanatics of classic bondage will appreciate the BDSM, Dominatrix and Latex channels, while fans of twisted bitches will love Contortion, Flexibility and Splits. There are Giantess and Long Legs channels for those who go wild for a tall bitch, Public and Outdoor channels for the voyeurs and exhibitionists, and sex-doll fans will want to check out Dolls and Ragdoll.On some of the smaller fetish sites, you have no choice but to settle for ugly chicks. obviously has some money behind it, because they seem to consistently fill their movies with some gorgeous, sexy, freaky European starlets. The front page promises “world-famous porn stars,” though you’re probably not going to recognize anybody if you’ve mainly been jacking off to American fetish pornos.How Much to Watch 4 Fetish?One thing Watch4Fetish really has going for it is the price. If you’re a freaky motherfucker, you’re probably already used to paying out the ass for fetish porno. Blowjob and anal fans have an endless selection of thirty-dollar membership sites to choose from, but if you’re into weird shit, you might be spending $50 a month on a small handful of OnlyFans flicks.A standard monthly recurring membership at will run you about $25, so you save a few bucks off what the typical perverts are paying. Their 180-day non-recurring membership is the best deal, breaking down to about $15 a month. Not bad for a shit-ton of spandex-wearing sluts and zentai porn ballerinas.That cheap ticket buys you into a whole fucking world of fetish porn. As of this writing, they’ve got an even 750 available movies to choose from. That would be impressive even on a “normal” porn paysite, but it’s even more of an accomplishment for a premium fetish site. Again, let me remind you about those pricey OnlyFans subscriptions with like 10 videos.They built that collection by updating the site daily with new content. I’m fap-testing the joint on a Tuesday, and they’ve added no fewer than five new movies today. There’s a rubber doll blowjob film, two contortionist movies, a spandex sex puppet show and a beach zentai scene, all piled on top of the rest of the kinky smut they’ve been adding.Cover My Face and Lick My Crotch AreaI felt like I wanted to start my official fap test with something that really encapsulated the pornographic essence of Watch 4 Fetish. I looked for a recent thumbnail that had both a really flexible babe and one of those tight-fitting lycra or spandex full-body outfits. That’s actually most of the movies, but a fair number of them are solo flicks. Watching one lone kinkster doing her thing is nice, but I wanted to see a couple of fetishists doing fetish stuff to each other.My prayers to the fetish gods were answered by the thumbnail for Peeing In Zentai Spandex, a self-explanatory video added just a couple of days ago. I hadn’t even realized they had golden showers on the menu; Watch 4 Fetish truly does cater to all kinds of kinks!The video is only eleven minutes long. That’d be pretty shitty for a traditional porno, but it’s not unusual for a fetish movie—most of Watch4Fetish’s movies clock in between ten and twenty minutes. Short, sure, but it seems like they make up for it in volume.Peeing In Zentai Spandex started playing in HD as soon as I hit the Play button, with no apparent buffering. A dude in a shiny black zentai suit walks into a bedroom carrying a babe in rainbow-colored spandex zentai. He drops her down on the bed, lifts her leg up over her head and starts licking her pussy through the spandex, making her moan loudly within the first few seconds of the flick. He twists her up tighter, knees pressed to shoulders, and uses his face to elicit more squeals.I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like this. The chick is flexible enough to be in the circus, and homeboy is having a fucking blast working her over through the spandex. Weird or not, I have a raging fucking boner. There’s something about the smoothness of the material in place of the smoothness of human flesh, plus the anonymity of their faceless heads and the way they touch each other. I looked around for a download button, but it looks like doesn’t allow downloads.The lack of downloads is arguably the biggest downside to the site, but it just seems to be the way things are going, doesn’t it? Here’s another good place to mention OnlyFans, because you can’t download those fetish videos without a third-party browser plugin either. Even the vanilla sites are ditching the feature, so we can’t really act surprised. Still, it sucks and downloads are always holds a unique place in the world of fetish porn. While you will find the dominatrixes, BDSM and gimp suits you expect from a fetish site, their real focus is a proprietary mix of zentai, dolls and ultra-flexible contortionist pornstars. It’s definitely one of those places where your masturbatory mile is going to vary a lot depending on what kind of pervert you are, so do yourself a favor and check out the tour page. I think you’ll know right away whether or not it’s worth a bite of that COVID stimulus check.