Looking for premium kinky BDSM porn? Not everyone is content with simply watching videos of sexy chicks getting their brains fucked out in various positions. A growing subset of the pornophile population has much kinkier desires than that. I’m talking BDSM, cuckolding, domination, fisting, humiliation … you know, stuff that really speaks to the darker sides of our sexuality. The bad news for you fetish loving sickos out there is that there are relatively few sites dedicated to the fet life. The good news, on the other hand, is that was started by Englishman, Peter Acworth in 1997. He created the site while working toward his doctorate in finance at Columbia University after reading a tabloid about a fireman who made 250 million British Pounds in a very short period of time from starting a porn site. Seeing as Acworth has had, as he put it, a lifelong interest in bondage, his pilot site, was geared toward BDSM pornography. Soon he was making thousands of dollars a day, which led him to abandon his studies to work on the site full time.Acworth’s site only grew and expanded with time, eventually becoming the we know of today, the winner of many highly coveted accolades in the adult entertainment industry, including XBIZ, Adult Video News (AVN), TEA, Storerotica, and Night Movies awards. The site is now global and has multiple sites under its name—Bound Gods, Kinkmen, and Device Bondage to name a few. Acworth has successfully turned into nothing short of a fetish-oriented lifestyle brand a la BDSM’s Playboy.Classic Premium Pay Site DesignI have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of BDSM, humiliation, or pain porn. But, from the moment I enter the member’s area, I can tell I’ve entered a top-tier porn site. This site has high budget content written all over it. The first thing you will notice is a giant banner at the top of the home page (in the case of my visit it was for an insane Cyber Monday deal, offering 60% off membership prices to “Get full access to 20 years of Kink and 72 new scenes a month!”Behind the text are high-resolution images of sexy girls being bound and ass fucked, a detailed high-tech looking circuitry design lights up the background. Okay, sure, this is cool and all (and a good deal), but if I just logged into the member’s area, why would I need to be sold on a membership? Seems like some unnecessary advertising if you ask me. I’d rather the banner be advertising a newly released scene or something useful to someone who has a membership already.Below that you will see divided sections of thumbnails over a black background—sort of the standard premium paysite web design. Choose between Kink Exclusives, Recently Added, Kink Features, Kink Series, Channels, and Sponsored Offers (AKA more ads). Up above it all, there is a slender navigation menu to help you browse all that has to offer.Click Browse (drop down: Scenes, Models, Channels, Studios, Directors), Categories, Shop (as if you aren’t giving them enough money), Community (Dropdown: Forum, Workshops, BDSM Resources), More (Kink Live, Kink VR), My Kink (a page dedicated to your own favorite scenes, channels, models, categories, and directors … easily favorite any by clicking a heart on a list of thumbnails).Community ServiceLong story short, gives you a lot to choose from. What intrigues me most, though, as you don’t often see anything like it on other porn sites, is the Community section. Let’s check out the forum; I would imagine there is an extremely active and engaged usership.Click and, whoa, never mind … thanks to President Trump, is no longer allowed to have a forum. In its stead there is an announcement from Kink: “On April 11th [2018], President Trump signed a law known as FOSTA/SESTA. The law makes websites like ours liable for content that might be posted by members of the forums if it relates to sex work. The law undermines the most important law protecting free speech online: Section 240 of the Communications Decency Act.”Basically, what it amounts to is that used to not be responsible for what individual users said on their site, now they are. Ironic that this guy of all people should sign a law meant to limit sex workers…Clicking on Workshops, however, will bring you to a page detailing all of Kink’s upcoming classes and events, most of which take place at their headquarters in San Francisco. Some of the upcoming workshops include “Intensively Oral Holiday Edition Part 1: The Art of the Blowjob,” taught by Dylan Ryan, “How to Fuck like a Porn Star,” presented by Danarema, and “Conquering your Climax: Tips for Women and Lovers of Women,” with Knotasha.I was a little surprised that there weren’t any upcoming classes regarding the highly specialized and potentially dangerous business of bondage, but, hey, I definitely don’t mind more chicks out there learning “The Art of the Blowjob.” Works for me!Besides, they fulfill their responsibility to promoting safe BDSM practices in their resources section anyway, offering links to online communities, educational resources, kink-friendly healthcare providers, and museums all dedicated to the fetish lifestyle. Here you will find everything you need to become ready to delve into the world of BDSM and kinkiness.The scenes and series found on all seem to be of the highest quality, definitely what you’d expect from such a well-known, longstanding company. Their videos have very in-depth descriptions to accompany them. And many of them feature interviews with the models before the kink begins.This, I would imagine, is’s way of promoting open, honest, and safe BDSM practices. This way there is no question as to whether the featured girls consented to what they are participating in, and if they have any boundaries or safe words, those are disclosed up front. Personally, I think this is a great touch.Not only does evade exploiting the lifestyle (I think it shows that they truly respect the kink community) by doing this, but it also makes for a more immersive experience. Not only does the crew know the girl’s safe words, but now you do too … feel free to listen for them while you fantasize it is you tying her up and fucking her with a cattle prod or whatever.So Much to Love About Kink.comI know I kind of complained about them featuring their shop earlier, but, in hindsight, I actually think it’s pretty useful. It would be one thing if they were just selling old DVDs of scenes or some shit, but that’s not what it is. They’re selling products that will help you further explore kinks of your own. So, once you’ve read up on your fetish resources, you have a spot to buy all the things you’ll need to attempt it for yourself. Purchase harnesses, ropes, paddles, iron cuffs … whatever it is that you’re into, all from the convenient location of addition to offering a huge amount of content, community links, classes, and a store, has their very own cam site, on which the models all have a kinky bent as well. This, of course, comes through a separate subscription; as does their VR site, which allows you to completely immerse yourself in the BDSM experience. Plus, they offer a ton of channels for you to peruse, including Bound Gang Bangs, Brutal Sessions, Families Tied, Kink University (instructional videos), and Public Disgrace just to name a few.A Fet Lover’s ParadiseAll in all, is probably the holy grail for all BDSM and fet life lovers everywhere when it comes to porn. The videos are all super high quality, the site has all the supplies and toys you could ever need, it will link you to a community of like-minded people, and it will teach you how to perform hardcore kinky acts in a safe and responsible manner. This is so much more than just a fap factory, cum and go kind of porn site; it’s an educational community center of kink. Oh, and you can feel free to cum while you’re here too, of course.I would prefer it if they didn’t push their products and promotions so strongly, but, hey, I’ve seen worse. This is the porn industry, ads are everywhere. What are you gonna do? Kind of helpless to stop it. Oh, but you like it that way, don’t you, ya kinky bastard? If you’re interested at all in BDSM, I have a feeling you’ll love Have fun and play safe!