Muscle Girl Flix isn’t one of those porn sites with a vague name, making you guess what’s on the menu before you pull it up on your browser. In fact, I bet you already have a pretty fucking good idea whether or not this is something you’ll be able to fap to, at least when it comes to genre. Some dudes are into dainty little teen babes they can pick up and spin around on their dicks with little effort, and other folks love ripped bitches with six-pack abs, bulging biceps, and thighs that could crush your puny little man skull like an overripe watermelon. Now, if you’re in the former category, check out my review of Tiny4K. If you’re in the latter, read on.Like it says right there in the title, is a premium porn site devoted to muscle girl movies. They call themselves #1 in the genre, which is a typical brag for any paysite in any category. A couple of hundred thousand visits a month isn’t a mind-blower on the vanilla sites, but on a niche fetish site like this one, it says they’ve got a following. So today, I’m skipping the Starbucks and writing up this review at Planet Fitness. Don’t worry—I’ll be sure to wipe my fluids off the machines when I’m done.Get Your Kicks from Muscle Girl FlixAs a full-time appraiser of dirty movies on the Internet, I realized long ago that fetish sites need to be viewed through a slightly different lens than most paysites. Part of that is just the content itself since it can be radically different from what they’re hawking over at Brazzers and Reality Kings. Tied into that is the fact that these joints just don’t have the budgets of your regular ol’ butt-fucking video operation, and you’ve got to take that into account. As a result, I’ve seen some niche sites with great content and absolutely garbage presentations.MuscleGirlFlix doesn’t have a flashy, super-modern setup. In fact, the presentation is arguably pretty last-gen, skipping that auto-playing montage all the big paysites have been putting on the landing page and giving us an extensive selection of thumbnails instead. That’s not to say it’s ugly, just a little simple compared to the bigger sites.But that isn’t the only thing that separates it from other paysites out there. There are exposed titties, handjobs, lesbian threesomes, dick rides, and backward cowgirl out front, but these aren’t your typical pornstars. Instead, you’ll find a selection of muscle-bound hotties and fetish models. If you’re into strong girls or femdom, you’ll probably recognize some immediately. Muscle goddess Rapture is featured in a handful of those front-page thumbs, oiled up, stroking dildos, and beating up guys. You know, her usual gig.It goes without saying that this shit is kinky as hell, and they’ve done a great job mixing up the sex acts and fetishes. A quick trip to the Categories page lists two pages of really fucking strong subgenres like Nude Bodybuilders, Lesbian Muscle Girls, Mixed Wrestling, and Muscle Worship. In addition, you’ll find Femdom and Futanaris, BDSM Muscle Women and Strapons, Breast Expansion, and Blowjobs. The Categories page is visible without logging in and definitely worth a look if you have a particular itch you’re looking to get scratched.How Much for the Strong Girl to Crush My Head?Anybody with a fetish knows the content is often more expensive than your run-of-the-mill blowjob site or bukkake library. If you’ve been blowing your money on OnlyFans kinksters or clip sale sites, there’s a good chance you’re paying a pretty penny, burning through the kids’ college fund before they even have a chance to drop out and become strippers. I expected a high price when I checked out the signup page, but I was pleasantly surprised.Memberships cost less than your average vanilla paysite. The regular price is just twenty bucks a month, or twenty-five if you want the nonrecurring plan. (I recommend saving yourself an Abe Lincoln by just canceling before you get automatically rebilled.) The six-month plan breaks down to about ten bones a month, which is about what you’d pay for just one scene on those a la carte clip sites.Buying fetish porn is often a “take what you can get” situation. Sometimes you end up shelling out your hard-earned cash for an awfully small pile of content, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Well, Muscle Girl Flix isn’t fucking around like that. The library is as bulked up as the broads, with nearly 600 movies in the collection. The downside to this is that, like many fetish clips, they tend to be short. Most of them run between 5 and 15 minutes, so you’re not getting the hour-long fuckfests you get on a lot of the vanilla sites.But I really don’t think the short runtimes will be a dealbreaker for many of you. For one thing, you’re used to it. For another, they’re adding new material nearly every day. I like when paysites update at least once a week, but these guys go above and beyond. It’s all bulking, never cutting.Muscle Babe Webcams and Fetish PornosThe signup page makes a big deal about the muscle girl webcams on MuscleGirlFlix. But, honestly, I tend to view the webcam areas on paysites as kind of throwaways. Very few, if any, are actually running their own webcam operation, so you’re usually just getting some rebranded, redirected cam shows from other sites.That said, they do offer a decent selection of muscle girl webcams. I’m not sure where exactly they’re drawing the babes from, but when I logged in on a Wednesday morning, I found a couple of muscular chicks showing off their bodies live on webcam. Only a handful are really as buff as the models in the Muscle Girl Flix, but it isn’t a bad place to see some girls flexing and showing off their washboard abs.Personally, though, I came to see the really, really fucking strong broads. So I made my way back to the Videos page and tried to choose where to begin my fap test. Do I want to see a relatively vanilla scene of a hard-bodied babe getting boned or sucking dick, or should I delve into some of the kinkier content, like a powerful amazon straight-up crushing a pathetic little man?I decided to go with one called Female Muscle Worship Domination with Marina Lopez, added earlier this week. The eleven-minute scene opens with a tan-skinned muscle girl (Marina) greeting a more traditionally sexy chick in a hotel room. Marina does some flexing before her girlfriend kneels, kissing her abs of steel. Then they move to the couch, where Marina wraps her strong thighs around the smiling blonde, choking her but without much force.The tits come out soon. Marina shoves her lover on the bed, straddles her, and holds down her arms. It’s a sensual scene with a lot of happy struggling and domination. Marina is clearly much stronger than the other chick, tossing her around effortlessly as the little babe worships the big muscles.It’s a lovely scene, but I do notice a couple of downers. First, the resolution is not adjustable, and it doesn’t look like HD. Even without maximizing the video on my laptop, the scene is grainy. Another major bummer is that downloads are not included with your membership. The streaming-only trend is coming back with a vengeance on a lot of the paysites I’ve reviewed lately, and I think OnlyFans is largely to blame since they’ve grown big enough to set the trends.Still, even with those minor drawbacks, you’re looking at a much better deal than your average OnlyFans subscription. Plenty of those models are charging about the same as but providing considerably less material. This is an intense and wide-ranging library of muscle babe fetish videos, probably the biggest of its kind. For twenty bucks a month, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better value in the genre.Muscle Girl Flix does precisely what it says on the tin, and they bring it in a big way. It’s niche porn, so it, obviously, isn’t for every masturbator out there, but it’s a hell of a deal if you’re into the type of chicks who could throw you on top of a roof after they’re done pegging you. If strong girls do it for you, I recommend looking at their Categories page to see how much of your preferred content is available. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, especially if every other paysite has come up short.