Sweet Femdom

SweetFemdom sounds like an oxymoron at first. What’s so sweet about a chick smothering a dude with her pantyhose, squeezing his balls, or fucking him up the ass with a strap-on dildo? Maybe it’s all in the presentation, because this site is far more than just the dungeon-dwelling, leather-clad dominatrixes that are often expected from femdom or BDSM. Their motto spells it out in clear terms; this paysite specializes in Cute Girls Doing Mean Things.SweetFemdom.com has been around for nearly a decade now, evolving from a fetish store on a clip sale website to the full-fledged membership site it is today. If you’ve been watching the kinky shit for a while, you’ve almost definitely seen the site’s creator, Lance Hart, before today. He’s that dude with the abs you see getting pegged, face-sat, kicked in the nuts and just generally dominated in so many of these scenes. Today, I’m going to take a deep dive into the site and see what’s had the deviates and fetishists flocking for years.Cute Girls Doing Mean ThingsArguably, the key to the SweetFemdom’s longevity is right there in the motto, and illustrated beautifully in every screengrab and posed photo out on the tour page. These girls really are cute, not to mention sexy as fuck, and holy shit, they’re doing some seriously mean things. If you just like having your back scratched while you’re banging a cougar, this stuff might be a little rough for you.There’s a big photo at the top of the page, advertising a newer flick starring the tatted-up Leigh Raven and huge-boobed McKenzie Lee. The look of shock on Lance’s face hints at things either titillating or horrifying, depending on your kinks, while the text spells them out more explicitly: Big Tits, Pantyhose Smothering and Ass Play.The thumbnails from recent videos paint a similar picture of Sweet Femdom, one where guys are getting fucked up the ass all the goddamn time, but always by beautiful women. There’s a fair amount of ballbusting going on as well, not to mention edging, cum eating, and other painful and humiliating pursuits. The women are always 100% in charge here, and most of them look to have a rather vicious sadistic streak.SweetFemdom.com has free video trailers out front, but you only get to see a few before they cut you off. I watched the first minute of Kenzie Edges Seth In Madness, which opens much like a traditional porno with a hot blonde. I only know it contains edging, blowjobs, sex and begging to cum since it’s all right there in the tags. I tried watching a ballbusting trailer but wasn’t allowed for some reason. Next, I watched the opening for Sweet Pegging Valentine’s, which was such a big tease that it barely shows anything. I guess I’ll have to get inside if I really want to see what’s up.Femdom Fetish Porn on the CheapYou can still buy these clips individually if you want via a link to their clip store, She Owns Your Manhood, but I’m not sure why you’d want to. Traditionally, fetish porn has always been expensive, as reflected in those clip store prices of around a buck a minute.On the other hand, a SweetFemdom.com membership is cheap as hell. It’s just $15 for 30 days and renews at the same rate, which is about what you’d pay for one individual scene. It’s also half of what you’d expect from most vanilla paysites. They’ve got a yearly plan for $75 and a 10-year plan for $250, too, in case you want to lock in your femdom smut for the next decade.I figured if the membership was this low, they were probably leaving out the downloads to draw some traffic to their clip store. I was wrong, because unlimited movie downloads are included. I’m really not sure why anyone would buy their individual clips, but maybe the store helps them generate more overall traffic. Why leave money on the table?A full-on femdom site for the price of an OnlyFans is such a solid deal that I thought it had to come with a catch. Maybe a slow release rate, right? I was disappointed by the stale content when I reviewed ClubDom, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue here. They’re steadily adding a new movie every week, even in the middle of a global pandemic that has wreaked havoc on the porn scene. If you like beautiful women being mean and also appreciate a deal, it’s hard to beat this one.How Would You Like to Be Beaten Today?Sweet Femdom has been around for a long time, so the full catalog runs pretty fucking long and deep. As of this writing, there are 465 movies in the archive, including the pegging video released just today. That means you’ve got your work cut out for you if you intend to beat off to every single one of them, you dirty dog.Of course, femdom ain’t a one-size-fits-all fetish. Some of you who like cuckolding may not appreciate CBT, while the emasculation scenes may be a little too hardcore for the queer-curious just looking for a little forced bi. SweetFemdom has movies catering to all kinds of femdom kinks, fetishes and activities.The Categories page breaks it down, illustrating each of the dozen subgenres with bonerific video thumbnails. There are porn staples like Big Tits, Cosplay, and MILFs, but I bet you’re here for the freakier stuff. In that case, feast your eyes on mature domes and teen domes, ballbusting and ass worship, chastity and face sitting. There are fishnets and leotards, scissor holds and small penis humiliation.It’d be hard for me to cover every fetish on the menu without devoting this whole review to them. There is clearly a common theme to the forced cum eating, hotties watching you jerk off, foot worship, and nut-crunching categories: Sweet Femdom is always about women being in full, violent, overwhelming control.Kinky, Freaky, Mean, Beautiful GirlsWith fetish porn, you sometimes have to settle for really low production values. I’m talking about poorly lit sets, bad camerawork, and fugly girls the producers found selling pussy at the local truck strop. One of the reasons SweetFemdom.com has managed to stick around so long is that their work has always been of a higher caliber than your typical basement ballgag scene. That includes casting some truly gorgeous fetish models and pornstars.Case in point: April Olsen, the long-haired brunette with the strap-on in the site’s newest movie, April Fucks Lance In Chastity Part 2. She’s topless as the scene opens, lubing up her dildo as a restrained Lance looks on in fear, his dick locked in a cage and his butthole exposed for the poking. April may not be a nice girl, but holy fuck, that smile as she pushes her cock inside gets me going. Lance moans and says, “Oh, fuck!” as she slams him, a gender reversal from the usual anal sex movies I review here at ThePornDude.Next, I checked out Your Balls Need Self Defense Lessons, since I wasn’t able to watch the trailer. Though it says it was added to SweetFemdom in February 2021, it feels much older. The 480p resolution tells me it is, especially since that other flick was in 1080p. I’m not sure if it’s new old stock, never released before, or if it’s just been recycled somehow.This one opens with the beginning of a self-defense class. A pretty blonde in a karate Gi asks a dude if he’s ready and then gives him a couple of unexpected snap kicks to the nuts. He’s fucking awful at self-defense, absorbing direct kicks and knees to the junk without any apparent attempt at blocking, doubling over with every shot. After crumpling to the floor for the third or fourth time, she steps on his face, stomps his dick, and grinds her foot into his nutsack while insulting him. She strips to her underwear, straddles him and then slaps his balls over and over.It’s clearly not for everyone, but that’s kind of the whole point. Sweet Femdom is exactly what they sell around here, so while the girls may be drop-dead gorgeous, they’ll fucking hurt you! If that’s what gets you going, do yourself a favor and check out the free previews out front. The full ticket is cheap, and you’ll find a lot more fun inside.