Are you into videos of Girls Rimming? You don’t actually have to answer that, because the fact that you’re reading this tells me all I need to know about your lust for pretty girls who know how to toss a good salad. In a world of increasingly depraved porno, it’s still pretty uncommon to see a girl licking a dude’s asshole in a high-budget movie. If you’re the kind of pervert who seeks out the bum-tonguing scenes on the big paysites, I’ve got a fucking treat for you is exactly what it fucking sounds like: a premium porno site devoted to sick sluts who love to lick butts. The site’s been documenting the ass-eating adventures of some of the world’s hottest women since 2016, amassing an impressive video collection and sizeable fanbase along the way. Let’s take a look and see what kind of babes they’ve got dining on anus these days.Do They Kiss Their Moms with Those Mouths?I’ll be honest; I don’t see a ton of girl-on-guy rimming movies. It’s not that I hate it, but it’s just not something that comes up too often on the sites I review. If rimjobs are your thing, I already feel your pain over the rarity of the content. Based on that rarity, I really expected a polished amateur site when I got the link this morning. You know the kind of website I’m talking about, with good sex but cheap production and unknown local girls.Girls Rimming may be about girls having leftover fecal particles and ass hair for dinner, but it’s still a pretty high-end place. I was immediately struck by the production values. The layout itself is modern as fuck, with a nice logo and an auto-playing preview montage out front. The girls, though, oh my god, the girls!Those titular Girls Rimming include some of the world’s hottest pornstars. I’ve seen lots of these chicks countless times, and I’m still a little surprised to see some of them risking pink eye and an E. coli infection as they go to brown town. Babes like Gianna Dior, Kenzie Reeves, Adira Allure and Kyler Quinn have all been featured feasting on a delicious bacterial buffet. I usually assume their breath smells like sperm, but now I’m second-guessing myself.All the Play buttons in the tour area are bullshit, leading you to the sign-up page instead of showing you a preview. Still, I can see from the thumbnails and the front-page montage that this is professional smut, through and through. The sets are clean, expensive and brightly lit, and the camerawork is clear and practiced, focusing on gorgeous chicks as they get fucked, sucked dick, and stick their tongues as far as they will go into men’s colons.How Much for that Tongue in the Butthole?When it comes to niche sexual content, you can often expect to pay more than if you were just into regular ol’ lesbians or BBW fisting like normal perverts. Shit, if you’ve been shaking your dick at sites like ManyVids, you already know that. My condolences about your wallet, but congrats on all those premium fap sessions. That’s some luxury living, friend.Another one of my surprises at GirlsRimming was the price. I definitely expected an upcharge, but the regular price right now is just twenty bucks. That’s a tenner less than what most paysites are charging. I will say this, though: I’ve been seeing more sites asking for lower amounts lately, and I wonder if it’s pandemic pricing and how long it will last. The 3-month plan doesn’t break down to any less money, which tells me it’s just a temporary deal.And just what exactly do you get for that entry fee? Well, for starters, you get access to around 200 movies of Girls Rimming. That’s a respectable collection, especially considering their scenes typically run about 30 to 45 minutes. There’s a similarly large number of photo galleries if you’re into still photos of pornstars giving rimjobs.It obviously took a respectable release rate to build a collection like that. GirlsRimming steadily releases a new movie every week. Now that everyone’s worried about catching COVID-19, I’ve seen a lot of premium sites throttling their updates. These guys are still going strong, which begs the question: can you catch the ‘rona through rectum-to-tongue contact?200 Reasons for a Girl to Eat AssRimjob sites are rare enough that could have probably just put some hungry girls in a room with some buttholes and called it a day. No part of this operation has been half-assed, though, and their scenarios are another good example. I love the range of setups they’ve created to get girls tossing salad.Their newest movie, released just a few days ago, features Haley Reed as an escort in training, proving her worth by rimming a dude. A week before that, Capri Lmonde put an ass-eating twist on the typical sexy secretary scenario. Earlier this month, Charlotte Sins lived up to her name by stealing another girl’s boyfriend the only way she knew how: by taking an oral sample of his anal flora.This month has also seen Lulu Love and Sharon White as close friends who share both a man’s cock and the salty flavor of his bunghole. Besides rimming, this threesome includes oral, anal and vaginal penetration. Downloads are included with your membership, so I saved this one for later. It ain’t all rimming at Girls Rimming!A lot of them even have that incest angle that’s so popular these days. Titles like Step Daddy Takes You for a Ride, My Step-Daughter is a Rimming Junkie and Keen on His Step Sister give away the setup while also setting my schedule for the rest of the day. The Girl in the Family, starring Alyssa Reece, seems like a good place to start.I Hope They Have a Bidet on SetThe 41-minute flick started streaming smoothly in HD as soon as I clicked Play. Alyssa strolled toward a pool and took a seat on the edge for about 3 seconds before getting up and luring her stepbrother off for a blowjob. The girl moves fast: there’s less than a minute of setup before her mouth is stuffed full of ding-dong. Before we even reach the two-minute mark, she swings him around, pulls down his shorts and sticks her face deep in his ass crack.An abruptly ended blowjob can cause blue balls, but what about a rimjob that ends too soon? Blue hole? Whatever it is, step-bro is clearly disappointed when she quits and heads back to the pool. A few minutes later, she’s putting the moves on stepdaddy. Again, her cocksucking moves quickly to some hungry, hungry butt stuff.She’s tossed both dudes’ salads by the ten-minute mark, so what can she possibly do next? Well, there’s a double blowjob/handjob involved when the threesome begins, followed by more rimjobs with between-the-legs jerking.The incestuous Girls Rimming scenario is implied more by the blurb than the extremely minimal dialog in the film, letting them devote the whole thing to dirty sex. It’s a nice long porno that gives them plenty of time to experiment with positions, fuck her from every angle, and get their buttholes eaten from every angle, too.Alyssa gets increasingly wet as the action continues, but they keep going full throttle through the whole thing. Even if ass-eating ain’t your thing, any pervert will appreciate the depraved, hardcore nature of the flick. This chick is hot and nasty and down for absolutely whatever. I don’t want to make out with her or anything, but that’s kind of my chick!Spoiler alert: Alyssa ends the movie with a big smile on her face and a couple of loads of hot white cum dripping down her cheeks, around her mouth and on her titties. Goddamn, I wasn’t all that excited when I first saw on my to-review list, but they made me a believer.I know woman-on-man rimjobs ain’t everybody’s thing, but if they’re yours, I highly recommend the smut they’re peddling at It’s high-end porn filled with beautiful girls, extreme depravity, hardcore sex in every hole and yes, lots of male asses getting eaten along the way. They’ve got a one-day trial for a buck if you want to test it out before pulling the trigger on a full membership.