Exotic 4K lets you know right in the title that they’ve got a little something more than the usual vanilla flavors you find on your typical paysite. Not that I have anything sexy white girls, who made their way into my masturbatory fantasies at least a dozen times this morning. Still, sometimes you get a craving for something different. Call it yellow fever, jungle fever, or whatever the fuck you want, but the symptoms include blue balls and an unquenchable thirst for dark skin and pink pussies. The only known cure is the type of porn we’re going to be shaking our dicks at today.Exotic4k.com hasn’t been around all that long, as you’ve probably guessed from the name. Hell, there are still some new paysites popping up that haven’t upgraded to 4K ultra-HD, which is the current top of the line when it comes to video fidelity. They’ve definitely been around long enough to build a reputation as a high-quality premium site full of the world’s most exotic women getting fucked raw, earning them thousands of incoming visitors every day. Guess who’s among that horny horde today.How Exotic is Exotic 4K?Since they’ve got that 4K in the name, you already know Exotic4k is going to have a modern presentation. A video montage loads at the top of the landing page the moment you show up, instantly giving you a taste of mysteriously ethnic babes tasting cum and their own dripping fluids. The redheaded Paisley Rae is the star of the current montage, getting her beautiful olive skin covered in oil and her shaved pussy stretched out.It should come as no surprise that it does exactly what it says on the tin. The images are sharp as fucking hell, and goddamn, these gorgeous chicks are exotic. It’s a nice mix of ethnicities, with Black, Latina, Middle Eastern and Asian women all getting their holes stuffed. I’m a real sucker for those ambiguously mixed chicks, and I try to guess their countries of origin based on their moans. So far, all I’ve really figured out is that the best pornstars are loud.Speaking of the best pornstars, they’ve got some big names and up-and-comers on the Exotic4k.com roster. They’ve had a couple of recent flicks with Nia Nacci, a movie of Jade Kush getting fucked poolside, and Vina Sky being speared on a dick that looks as big as one of her thighs. They’ve also shot with Kimmy Kimm, Charity Crawford, plus eleven more pages of girls on their picture menu. Alina Lopez is out on the front page, so I think I already know where I’m starting my fap test.I clicked on a thumbnail of Baby Nicols with her legs up in the air and a big ol’ ding-dong in her twat, expecting to be shuffled along to the sign-up page. It turns out, Exotic4k is one of the paysites who still offer some free video previews. The montages only run about a minute long, and you only get five freebies per day. You either need to whack off fast, or you’re going to have to sign up for the full versions.What’s Up with the Update Schedule?Honestly, dudes, I was pretty much sold as soon as I saw the casting choices and the previews outside. I’ve been doing this long enough that I often get a pretty good sense for the quality just based on what’s out front. This joint clearly has high production values and makes good porn, so the only real questions left are matters of volume and value. The sign-in page started spelling out the answers immediately, with a bullet point saying they add 2 or 3 updates a week.There is a problem, though: they haven’t been updating the site 2 or times a week lately. I know that a lot of websites started having issues with the updates due to social distancing guidelines, and it looks like that may be the case here. I’m reviewing the site in the last week of January, and their last update was nearly a month ago, landing a month after their previous update.That lack of updates is a serious buzzkill, but it isn’t all hopeless. The good news is that they’ve got a fairly respectable library built up already. As of this writing, there are around 150 movies in the Exotic 4K collection. That’s a lot less than you’re getting with those big reality porn networks that include a bunch of sites, but what you’re getting for your dollar is a porn collection with a sharp focus on sexy exotic chicks. The movies I checked out varied in length from 15 minutes on the short end to over 40 for the lengthier ones, which adds up to a lot of forearm workouts.Another big, related selling point is that you can download any of the movies in the collection. I know most perverts these days opt for the streaming route, but I like to see the download option available on paysites. With Exotic4k’s slow release rate, it’s hard to justify a long membership, but I could see signing up from time to time and saving your favorites for later.Price-wise, they’re asking the industry-standard thirty bucks for a monthly membership. The rates do go down if you sign up for 3 months or a year, but until they start banging out more ethnic porno, you may not feel you’re getting enough bang for your buck. Alternately, you could upgrade to their Platinum pass, which includes their other sites like Tiny4K, Passion HD and Pure Mature. It’s a little more money, but the whole thing balances out with a hell of a lot more updates across the network and a huge, well-rounded, multi-genre porn collection.Latinas, Asians, and Other Exotic SnacksI’ve had a hardon the whole time I’ve been writing this, thinking about Alina Lopez and itching to get to masturbating part of my review. Finally, I made my way to her Exotic4K.com profile. There are 20 thumbnails of movies she’s been in, showing the lovely Latina grabbing her stepbrother’s dick, riding cowgirl, getting creampied and just generally enjoying herself. The problem is, only two of those flicks are accessible on Exotic 4K.Remember that network pass I mentioned? They give you the hard sell by putting thumbnails from all the sites on all the profiles. It’s a fucking pain in the ass because you won’t immediately know which videos you have access to until you learn to recognize the Exotic4K icon below the thumbnails: it’s the one that looks like a flower. I know premium sites are going to advertise other websites in their networks, but the way they’ve got it set up here is spammy bullshit. Ads should never, ever get in the way of your masturbation on a porn site you pay for. A clean user experience is one of the main reasons for getting off to premium porn in the first place.At least the porn is good. I watched Alina’s latest, a half-hour number called Seductive Latina. It opens with some seductive dancing, showing off that tight body and that amazing ass, which segues straight into a big-dildo masturbation scene. I jumped ahead a bit to watch her suck off her male costar, slurping loud and licking the shaft. I love watching Alina take it from behind, which starts about halfway through the flick. Watch her back that ass up and you’ll understand why I developed such a porn crush on the chick.Watching Alina work her magic made me forget about that weird, wonky release schedule and obnoxiously placed ads, at least for a while. Exotic4K isn’t banging out shitty porn with any random Latina or Ebony chick they found on Craigslist. Whoever’s booking talent for the site has a real eye for world-class pornstars, or they’re at least watching who the other big sites are hiring. There’s a reason why chicks like Alina and the other Exotic 4K babes are so recognizable, and these videos provide even more examples.Exotic4K.com has a couple of issues that may put you off if you’re a volume-minded premium porn consumer. If you’re just looking for steady releases and a massive library, you may be better served on one of the premium Asian, Latina, Black, Indian or Arab sites I’ve got listed here at ThePornDude. Exotic4k’s biggest strength is in its casting, delivering a rich, multiethnic sampler platter of truly world-class pornstars in a rainbow of skin tones. If you’re into exotic chicks, you should definitely check out what they’re offering.