Teens Love Black Cocks

I’ve been watching a lot of TikTok lately, and I think it gives a pretty skewed view of what teens love. Watching those mini videos, you’d think all they’re into is lip-syncing, viral dances, and the weakest pranks the world has ever seen. The movies at Teens Love Black Cocks give a more intimate look at their most primal, lusty desires. Specifically, I’m talking about all the premium interracial teen porn they’re putting out.TeensLoveBlackCocks.com has been pairing horny teenage sluts with the biggest, blackest cock in the industry since 2015. They’re part of TeamSkeet, a premium porn powerhouse that gets over two million visits a month. The big name and associated big budget and big talent is enough to sell a lot of you pervs on this interracial smut, but today I’m going to take a deeper look to find out what makes them so goddamn special.Do Teens Love Black Cocks?The whole gimmick of TeensLoveBlackCocks is 18-year-old white girls getting their very first taste of BBC, aka Big, Black Cock. Because they’re a TeamSkeet site, they’ve got deep pockets and the sexual talent that affords. Some of the world’s hottest teen pornstars get their brains fucked out in IR scenes on the site.Their newest flick, showcased in a big sliding image at the top of the landing page, shows Natalia Queen with an absolutely monster cock in her hand. The thing’s as big as her goddamn forearm, and the look of surprise on her face may well be genuine. Are you sure that thing can fit, my dear? I guess we’re about to find out.Another recent scene is a multi-generational, interracial incest scene called Persuasion. I think I’m going to have to watch this one as soon as I get inside, because it’s got the lovely young Whitney Wright starring as MILF Becky Bandini’s stepdaughter. Becky gets introduced to Whitney’s new black boyfriend, and things manage to get a little steamy.There are some free video trailers out front, so I treated myself to a preview montage of the scene. Whitney’s such a fucking cutie that I’m excited during the fully clothed intro segment, but by the time the setup was done, I was raging hard and dripping in my pants. Becky feels this dude up through his pants, and the next thing you know, she’s giving her stepdaughter a lesson on how to properly suck cock. Needless to say, they’re naked and fucking by the midpoint of the trailer. At the end, Becky spits cum in her stepdaughter’s mouth. Yum!Those aren’t the only A-listers on the TeensLoveBlackCocks.com menu, not by a long shot. Other recent flicks at Teens Love Black Cocks star such babes as Chloe Temple, Karla Kush and Kendra Spade. Adriana Chechik has graced their videos, as has Melissa Moore, Riley Reid, and even the legendary Mia Khalifa. Mia has been one of the world’s most popular pornstars for the last few years, despite having a career that only spanned about 3 months. TeensLoveBlackCocks.com is one of few sites that has original material starring the babe.A TeamSkeet Premium SiteTeamSkeet is a premium network with a couple of PornHub awards for Most Popular Network in 2018 and 2019. They’ve got good deals on their full network, but TeensLoveBlackCocks.com is one of their doubly premium sites, not included with the main package. You can get it on its own or as an add-on to the full network.A monthly subscription to Teens Love Black Cocks will run you about $25 a month, which is a few bucks less than most sites are charging. The yearly membership comes with a big-ass discount, or you can go all-out with the full TeamSkeet package at $289 a year. That big bundle comes with the whole shebang, so check out my full TeamSkeet review if you’re curious about what’s on offer. (Spoiler alert: it’s an absolute metric ton of original high-end porno!)If you’re not sure what you want, no worries. Even if you wish to sign up for Teens Love Black Cocks, you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to upgrade your membership. They’re big on upsells here, including routing you through a special-offer page as soon as you sign in.One of my favorite things about TeamSkeet is that you get a fucking ton of bang for your buck. Network-wide, you’re looking at daily releases spread out across a wide variety of pervy sites. One of the biggest disadvantages of signing up for just one website on the list is that you end up with fewer regular updates. TeensLoveBlackCocks, unfortunately, only seems to update once a month at best. Sometimes it takes a couple of months for a new interracial teen movie to come out.The good news is that they’ve been doing this for a while, so they’ve got a decent stash built up. As of this writing, there are 126 original interracial flicks available for your fapping pleasure. It’s only a taste of the thousands of flicks housed in TeamSkeet’s archive, but it is representative of the overall quality of the network. This shit is so good; you may not be able to help busting out your credit card and grab some more.Tiny White Girls Speared on BBCOnce I got signed up and logged in, TeensLoveBlackCocks dropped me off in their member’s area. New scenes are displayed first by default, and I found myself drawn to a flick called Tempting the Personal Trainer. The size disparity between the tiny teen Aften Opal and her black costar is striking. She barely comes up to his chest, so I’m excited to see how well she takes his giant cock in her tight cunt.They don’t have 4k video yet, but the movie streams smoothly in 1080p HD. It opens in a brightly lit room with Aften doing some stretches. Her costar, Louie Smalls, comes up to assist her. Dude towers over her, so it’s kind of funny when she presses her ass up against him and doesn’t even reach his dick height.Aften is wearing some tight yoga pants as Louie assists her with some tantalizing stretches. It’s a great tease scene that gets you raging hard and itching to see more flesh and flexibility. The blowjob starts about five minutes in, and it’s clear immediately that it’s true: Teens Love Big Cocks.It’s a forty-minute scene, so they’re able to take their time with the BJ. That BBC is way too big for Aften’s face, but she does her best to cram as much of it as she can into her mouth. She makes up the difference with some vigorous handwork and lubricates the fuck out of it with her spit.As soon as she drops her pants, Louie starts eating her out from behind. Aften’s tight body looks even better out of the yoga pants, as I’d imagined, and her shaved pussy looks absolutely delicious. He tweaks her clit with his thumb and forefingers while slurping away, really enjoying the sequence and not trying to rush to the penetration.Of course, the penetration is fantastic. He plunges it in from behind, pushing slowly at first to stretch her tight cunt out. She moans and pushes her body onto his, letting him push deep inside as she moans with pleasure.Downloads are included with the standard membership price at TeensLoveBigCock.com, so go ahead and save the MP4 for later. I made my decision around the time Aften was bouncing on his dick like a cowgirl. There’s an incredible underneath shot that shows her pussy really stretching out for his dick, her flesh hugging his tight as fuck as she bounces her ass up and down. It’s fucking incredible.Of course, fucking incredible is pretty much what I expected from a TeamSkeet interracial site. This is material so good that they’re charging extra for it on top of their regular network price. Some folks scoff at add-ons when they’re trying to get their biggest porno value, but TeamSkeet obviously sees the value here. So do I.Whether you spring for the full TeamSkeet package or just stick to Teens Love Big Cocks, you’re in for a wilder ride than sweet little Aften here. This is IR smut from one of the most well-respected studios in the industry, starring some of the hottest teen talent in the business. The porn speaks for itself, so check out some of the free trailers on the tour page.