Interracial Pass sounds like something you might get from a really open-minded wife who didn’t mind if you got a little action on the side, provided you’re doing your part to fight the stigma of racism. Too bad for all the virgins and sad sacks stuck in unhappy marriages, I guess. It isn’t all bad, though, because there’s another kind of interracial pass that’s a lot more accessible to the average pervert with a few extra bucks in his wallet.InterracialPass.com, as you may have already guessed, is a premium porn site devoted to white girls who just can’t get enough of that big, black cock. Their archive goes back to 2016, so they aren’t exactly a new kid on the block, but they’ve clearly managed to carve a spot for themselves in the interracial paysite niche. Coming into the new year, these guys are getting more than a quarter-million visitors a month. I have a feeling I already know what their secret is, but I’m still going to lube up and investigate for myself.Top-Shelf Pornstars, Amateurs, and BBCLiterally, the very first thing I saw when I loaded up InterracialPass was a trio of images at the very top of the landing page, each showing the beautiful and talented Abella Danger wearing nothing but a set of red high heels. The chick’s been one of my very favorite pornstars for a while, so I was happy to see her showing off her winning smile, that absolutely incredible ass, her BBC-sucking skills, and her sparkly clean butthole while she rides that same black monster dick, all in my first few seconds at the site.Abella isn’t the only grade-A hottie I see on the tour. The promo text screams that they’re banging TOP PORN STARS & REAL AMATEURS, a claim backed up by all the glorious thumbnails getting me excited. Other big names include India Summer, Piper Perri, Carolina Sweets, Abigail Mac and Elsa Jean. Flipping through the thumbs for the latest videos, I see some babes I don’t recognize, so maybe those are the “real amateurs” they’re talking about. One thing they’ve all got in common is that they’re stunningly beautiful, and they’re all making daddy proud with some black dudes they just met.There are some free video trailers out front, so I checked out the 75-second preview for today’s update. In it, the lovely young Jade Amber shows up to do her first interracial scene. “Once you go black, you never go back,” she says before lifting her skirt. The montage shows the giggling brunette shaking her ass, rubbing her twat on this dude’s mouth, eating BBC, giving a beautiful footjob, getting her cunt pounded from every angle and teases a facial cumshot at the end. Many paysites cut you off after a couple of free previews, but InterracialPass gives you a hundred free views. Thanks!Discount IR on a Pandemic SpecialI’ll be honest: they had me at Abella, and they only sucked me in further the more I indulged in those free hundred previews. It’s hard to whack off to a montage, though, so I quickly knew I’d have to get into the member’s area and see the full versions.I made my way to the signup page, where it said InterracialPass.com is currently offering “COVID-19 Isolation Deals.” The regular monthly membership is thirty bucks, like almost everywhere else, but they do knock five bucks off the first month. The 2-month deal is slightly better, but nothing that makes it stand out from other paysites. The yearly membership does break down to about $8.33 a month, though, which is fucking solid. I like to see a yearly rate that comes out to around ten bones a month, and they do a little better.Oh, and you’ll definitely see a lot more than ten raging-hard black bones per month. Interracial Pass adds three exclusive, full-length movies every week. This week alone, they’ve added more than two hours of white girls getting filled with black dick. Many paysites have been struggling with updates during the pandemic, but I guess these girls crave chocolate too much to be bothered with social distancing.One of the really neat things about a release schedule like that is that it really adds up over time. The current collection spans nearly 500 IR porn movies so far, and they typically run nice and long. I see a lot of paysites that do multiple updates a week, but really skimp on the runtimes or divide one movie into 5 releases. At InterracialPass, the shortest movie I could find over the last few months was 26 minutes, and that seems to be a total fluke. Most run between 40 minutes to an hour, with some going even longer, harder, and blacker.How Do You Want to See Them Take BBC?The only problem with buying into such a massive stash of pornography is that it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. It’s like building that endless Netflix queue of movies you’ll never actually watch, except you really do want to actually watch this. Thankfully, they’ve got a nice set of sorting and filtering options to help dig through the library. This shit should be standard, but I’ve seen a couple of long-running paysites recently with no organization at all.By default, movies are arranged by release date, with options to reshuffle them by popularity or alphabetical order. That’s great and all, but what really caught my interest was the Advanced Category Filter. You can check off Tags like Brunette, Cum Swallow, Huge Tits, Rough or Squirting. The babes of Interracial Pass are afflicted with such intense jungle fever they’re willing to do damn near anything. All the major categories are covered here, from Creampies and Cumshots to Threesomes and Anal.To start my fap test, I checked off 4K, Busty Natural, and Booty Annihilation. InterracialPass.com served me 13 pages of videos when I applied the filters. It turns out you get any movie with any of the tags, instead of just the flicks with all of the tags. It could be improved, sure, but it still made my options easier.The choice was tough with so many pretty girls taking a filthy Interracial Pass, but I liked the look of this chick Ivy Rose trying to eat a dick the size of her forearm. I clicked my way to the 55-minute film, which started playing smoothly the moment I hit Play. Ivy looks cute as hell in the interview, giggling on the couch with hella cleavage showing.I couldn’t wait to see her get undressed, so I skipped ahead a few minutes. Dredd shows up shortly to caress the big jugs, which leads quickly to a handy which almost immediately turns into a blowjob. Holy fucking shit, the BBC looked big enough in the thumbnail, but on video, it’s like she’s slurping on a horse cock. I think it’s actually thicker than her forearm.She does her best with the massive thing, fitting as much into her mouth as she can and licking the shaft up and down. The beej sequence lasts about ten minutes before Ivy comes out of those little shorts she’s wearing, exposing that incredible ass. My dude Dredd is just as enthralled as I am, running his hands over her butt, slapping her lightly and spreading her cheeks.There are another ten minutes of sucking, but I wanted to see the cutie pie get her pussy filled with BBC for the first time. Dredd goes gentle at first, and they’ve got this great overhead angle of Ivy laying on her back as he slides it in and out, stretching her out and going a little harder. Ivy moans, breaths hard and enjoys herself.I didn’t make it all the way through. Once he put her legs in the air for a better angle, I ruined yet another keyboard with a thick, slimy coating of human protein. I figure I’ll watch it again, though, so I made sure to take advantage of the built-in Download button beneath each video, helping myself to the 4K MP4.My dudes, InterracialPass.com is a fucking winner if you’re into IR scenes. The setups are simple as hell, letting them get to what they do best: filming white girls (along with a few Asians, Latinas and exotic chicks) letting loose in depraved sex scenes with massively hung black dudes. The casting is fucking great, the movies are long, and the catalog runs super fucking deep. Don’t even bother checking out the free previews unless you’ve got the scratch to spend, because they’ll make you a true believer and a paid subscriber.