Are you ready for some Black Payback? Before you answer that, I should warn you this ain’t your typical premium interracial site. They say that payback is a bitch, but I’d argue that the girls on the receiving end of these BBCs are more worthy of the name. If you’re looking for tales of romantic jungle fever, you’re wandering around in the wrong part of the hood. This is hardcore sexual payback, end of story. Get ready for some motherfucking has been hawking their heavy brand of black-on-white rough hardcore sex for a couple of years now, distinguishing themselves from their peers by degrading and abusing these sluts in a way that makes the other sites like soft as fuck. If you like your BBC scenes with an extra dose of pain, humiliation and domination, better get lubed up and grab some tissues now.Rough, Raw, Real and InterracialThe layout at BlackPayback ain’t the flashiest thing I’ve seen all day. Hell, it honestly looks older than its 2018 birthday, with a simple logo and design that hearkens back to IR sites a decade older. I wonder if that’s part of the gimmick. It’s raw and it’s basic, but it’s real, just like the filthy porno you’re about to be watching.Those pretty girls don’t look as elegant as they do on other porn sites, that’s for sure. The wide-eyed girl with smeared makeup and a mouthful of cock ain’t glamorous by a longshot, though the glossy coat of sperm covering every inch of her mug sure gives her a veneer of something or other. The babes in the thumbnails below are doing a little better, some of them trying to smile as cum drips down their foreheads, into their ears and around their lips.I just came back from cumming to one of their sister sites, FacialAbuse. has a similar set of girls next door and amateurs you’ve never seen before, but I feel like these babes are a step up from that last site in the looks department. I guess it could be that a few of the Latest Photos on the front page show these chicks before the step-by-step sexual degradation process, so they’re still looking confident and holding their sexiest poses. We’ll see how they look at the end, huh?There are some free video trailers out front, so I decided to treat myself to a freebie before pulling out my wallet. The one-minute montage features the newest blonde on the site getting her face fucked by a dude screaming, “Black cock matters!” She pukes on his dick, on the floor, and into a dog bowl. He pounds her face before drilling her cowgirl and then choking her with it, going doggystyle and picking her up for a hard bang and then jizzing in her hair. Needless to say, I’m impressed and I’d like to see more.A Lot of Big Packages for a Small PriceThat video preview had some of the hardest IR sex I’ve seen in a while, but the price ain’t any harder than your typical paysite. I know it sucks having to part with actual money just to jack off, but at least they ain’t trying to jack up the prices any more than anybody else. The standard price is $30 a month, like it is almost anywhere else, with a deep discount on the 90-day subscriptions. There’s a one-dollar trial, but as usual, you’ll get auto-billed if you don’t cancel it immediately.You also get access to a whole range of bonus sites. That Facial Abuse site I mentioned is part of the package, plus the similar action of Nasty Little Facials. Adult Doorway is included, plus Busty Amateur Boobs, Club Amber Rayne and Joe the Pervert. Pink Kitty Girls, The Handjob Site and The Pantyhose Site round out the membership and give you a hell of a lot more bang for your buck.The bonus material really enhances the value, because does have a relatively small collection of exclusive flicks compared to some of the other sites on the list. There are only around 50 Black Payback movies so far, which might feel a little light without all the bonus material on top. Then again, if you’re looking for the roughest interracial flicks out there, these movies alone may be worth every penny.Degrading as Hell and Funny, TooThe movie titles at Black Payback tell you a lot about what kind of degrading sex you’re going to see, as do the accompanying thumbnails. Corn Kicker features a blonde chick with sperm all over her face trying her best to smile, while the jizz-faced brunette in Debil Bitch is a little worse for the wear. A$AP Thot is trying to look tough while the sperm drips into her eyes, and the girl in Bilbo vs BBC looks like she’s trying not to cry. I take it she’s Bilbo.The cum-covered whore in Good Little Whitey looks stoic, while the splattered babe from Teaching Moments seems shell-shocked. I hope she learned something. The fat girl from The BBC Debate looks downright proud of herself. Say what you want about fatties, it’s hard to beat the enthusiasm of a big white girl for a big black cock.The titles may not be politically correct, but goddamn, they sure are funny! I clicked on Single Mother’s Day because it made me laugh and the MILF in the thumbnail looked like she’s had a lot of cocksucking practice. I snorted some Viagra and got ready for a nice long wank, because BlackPayback movies are nice and long. This one clocks in at just under an hour.On Her Knees for Some BBCThe interview starts with the dude ordering this chick onto her knees within the first few seconds. He sticks his gloved fingers in her mouth, checking out her teeth and poking the back of her throat to make her gag. She giggles as he slaps her face and her tits, then spreads her thick thighs wide so we get a good look. He sticks his fingers in her mouth again and makes her throw up all over herself.This chick loves the rough stuff! 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I started flipping around the timeline, seeing what else she got into over the next 50 minutes. There’s a lot more cock-gobbling and face-fucking, choking, smacking, and puking, plus doggystyle, cowgirl, and some deep inner-gut pounding with her legs pushed back over her head. She’s pretty fucking thrilled the entire time.If that ain’t enough for you, you can download every movie, and each is paired with about a thousand photos. I have a feeling this freaky single mother visited the site, saved the flick in HD and archived all the stills for her permanent spank bank. Some of the chicks on Black Payback seem downright overwhelmed by the onslaught of black cock, but this chick wants more of everything they’ve got to, indeed, has a fucking lot to offer. Their exclusive movies contain some of the roughest interracial sex I’ve ever seen, chock-full of gagging, puking, slapping, name-calling, degradation and humiliation. That’s on top of the filthy, intense blowjobs and pussy drilling. It’s some beautifully depraved stuff, and the membership comes with a fucking ton of bonus material to crank off to if you ever get bored of the rough IR stuff. They’ve got video previews out front, so give them a look if you’re jaded by the usual premium smut and need something harder.