Private Black

With a name like PrivateBlack, you already know they aren’t selling the usual low-grade interracial smut you find on the free tubes and tenth-tier paysites out there. The title itself implies some high-end shit, reserved for only a select group of perverts. This is a private reserve of black-on-white smut, brought you to by the folks at Private. I’ve reviewed Private here at ThePornDude and liked what I saw, which made me even more eager to see what they were doing with their BBC is a purveyor of premium interracial pornography. They only branched out from the original website within the last few years, but when you’ve got that kind of name behind you, it doesn’t take all that long to build a strong following. Do you know what else really helps build a strong following? Videos of pretty white girls getting hammered by big black dick. Without further ado, let’s go shake our own junk at some.Interracial Porno from PrivateOne of the main self-brags Private likes to throw around is that they’re Europe’s most visited multi-lingual porn site. While doesn’t get as much traffic as their big white brother, I think that European distinction is important. Why? Well, because from the outside, Private Black looks like any other big paysite out of Los Angeles or Miami. The logo looks a little crusty, but the overall presentation is modern as hell, with gorgeous women getting hammered in their various holes in the thumbnails covering the screen.The phrase “Euro porn” often conjures up images of really skinny chicks smoking cigarettes before smoking poles, overly arty presentations and often a cheaper-feeling vibe than you get from American sites. One of the things I love about Private that carries over to PrivateBlack is that it doesn’t have that stereotypical Euro porn feel. If I didn’t know any better, I would think it was all shot and published stateside.One of the main differences you’ll notice immediately if you’re a regular porn consumer is in the casting. The chicks look as stunning as you’d find on Brazzers or Reality Kings, but unless Euro is your main genre, you’re not going to recognize as many of the girls. They mainly work with high-end European pornstars, so while the roster isn’t full of Abella Dangers and Riley Reids, you can be assured of a constant stream of fresh white hotties getting their brains fucked out by black dudes.Case in point: Anastasia Brokelyn getting pounded by BBC from behind at the top of the landing page. I clicked the image, expecting to end up on the sign-up page, but Private Black still has free video trailers available for potential customers to test out. It’s only about a minute long, but watching the Spanish beauty get nailed on a boat and at the beach was enough to get me in the door with my dick and my wallet out.Sexy as Fuck and Cheap to BootI got to the sign-up page and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. A membership is cheaper than your average paysite subscription. The regular monthly price right now is twenty bucks, which they’re saying is a limited offer, down from the usual $25. Either way, that’s less than the industry-standard thirty bones a month, and naturally, the rate drops more with longer memberships.And what exactly does that low membership fee buy you into? Well, for one thing, they’re adding new videos every week. I was a little bit skeptical, since they don’t put the release date on uploads and I’ve seen more than a few paysites fail to live up to their promised updates on account of all this social distancing shit. It looks like they aren’t bullshitting, though, because they do publish the release dates for upcoming scenes. There are actually 4 scenes coming out in the next 20 days, including two threesomes and an interracial orgy.That’s obviously going to add up over time. The current collection includes around 300 movies. That ain’t as many as you’d get over at Blacked, where they have closer to 500, but it’s ten bucks cheaper and full of hot Euro chicks. I’m a sucker for a good deal, especially when it means I can save money jerking off. You guys don’t even want to know what my monthly lube bill is, but at least I’m not blowing my whole income on porn.Stiff BBC Up Every Tight HoleIt isn’t as big as the biggest paysites, but 300 is still a lot of movies to fap through. I wasn’t sure where to start, so I made my way to the Private Black Categories page to see what they had these babes doing with all that BBC on tap. I can happily report that they’ve got all their main straight-porn subgenres covered, each injected with a hefty dose of black cock.So, what do you like seeing? Is it white girls sucking off BBC, riding it, getting hosed down with its fluids or maybe having their twats filled with the creamy stuff? They’ve got teens doing it and MILFs as well, not to mention big tits, small tits and everything in between. There’s deep throating and anal sex, double penetration and orgies, and even a little bit of feet, femdom and fetishes.I decided to start my fap test with a recent PrivateBlack video starring the lovely Paris Devine. The thumbnail itself told me a lot, with the girl on her knees and two black dingdongs inside of her, and the Tags spelled out even more depravity inside: Blowjob, Facials, Deep Throat and Schoolgirls. Oh, and it’s also Paris’s first time at Private! Welcome!Taking a Black Trip to ParisThe 38-minute flick opens with Paris strutting into the room to some soft piano music. As the beat builds, so does the sensuality of her dance, which quickly becomes a striptease. A voiceover talks about a day in the life of Paris, getting all dressed up, sticking a dildo in her ass, and then doing anal. Sure enough, when the panties come down, we see a clear plastic doohickey protruding from her sparkly clean rectum.I skipped ahead a few minutes to the part where the black studs show up. These two naked dudes already have raging hard-ons as they pull the dildo out of her bunghole and immediately start plowing her. Paris moans loudly in a way that tells me she’s more than happy with her first-time Private Black partners.The double-fucking starts about 15 minutes in. One dude pulls his dick out of her ass, making her gape for a second before both cocks make a beeline for those exposed holes. Meanwhile, Paris is so overwhelmed by BBC that she’s barely moved in her face-down, ass-up position on the couch. After letting her taste her own juices off their junk, they get back to the DP from a different angle.Paris either ain’t a talkative pornstar or there’s just too much BBC to string together a sentence. She doesn’t make much noise besides the moaning, plus some slurping whenever she’s giving head. It’s pretty fucking hot, so I decided to take advantage of their generous download policy. Unlike a lot of modern sites, they still let you save some for later.While I certainly appreciate the downloads, this is where I found my only real complaint about the site. Even though a lot of their newer movies, including this one, are being released in 4K UHD, downloads are limited to last-generation 1080p HD. It’s kind of a weird setup, because usually when there are restrictions, they’re reversed, with 4K available for download only. It’s usually a bandwidth consideration on the paysite’s end, so here it just feels like they’re holding out. The situation is even worse with the non-4K movies; the very newest PrivateBlack movie has downloads that max out at garbage-quality 480p.That said, these download restrictions are only going to affect the porn users who still download their movies. That’s fewer and fewer smut consumers these days, since most of us are opting to stream most of our dirty movies and saving the hard drive for the all-time favorites.Of course, you may find some new all-time favorites here. PrivateBlack is a great all-around interracial site; the girls are hot, the movies are well-made, you get weekly releases and a nice, deep back catalog to fap to. They’re Euro chicks, so you won’t see as many big-names as some of the American interracial sites, but they cast a ton of truly beautiful, truly talented BBC-loving sluts. Check out their free samples out front and see what they do for you.