BBC Paradise! What’s your idea of heaven? Is it a Hallmark Special where you reunite with your dog that got run over and your grandpa who had a stroke, only now he’s no longer a deranged alcoholic? Or is it something a little more sensual, like a Fiddler’s Green of tight, moist holes getting plunged deep by massive black dicks? That’s a little more my speed, and exactly what they’re peddling over at BBC Paradise.Some porno websites make you guess at what’s inside; what the fuck is a Brazzer, anyway? There’s considerably less guesswork when the site’s got a name like BBCParadise. I guess you might stumble on it accidentally while looking for some British programming about church choirs, in which case you’ll be very pleasantly surprised because this sucks in a good way. Then again, I bet even BBC TV viewers pretend the letters stand for the porno term. Let’s be perfectly fucking clear here: is a premium porn site devoted to MILFs getting stuffed with Big Black Cocks.Dear Mother, Can You Hear Me Fapping?I don’t know how many of you fuckers have ever tried your hand at smut peddling, but good domains like are hard to come by. If it’s catchy, clever, and lets viewers know what’s inside, there’s a good chance some asshole registered it 20 years ago and is just sitting on the Internet real estate. This site wasn’t even registered until 2019, and I can barely believe it wasn’t taken already.The actual site itself sprang up a few months later at the beginning of 2021 as a MYLF Premium Series. MYLF, for those unaware, won the 2021 XBIZ Award for Best New Paysite. I’ve got a full writeup of the network here at ThePornDude. Long story short, I agree that this is good shit, and I’m always eager to see a new site under their umbrella.Like other MYLF sites, BBC Paradise is populated by some of the world’s hottest MILF pornstars. I was going to say “the hottest video sluts of today,” but some of these babes have been getting on-camera practice for years. No shit, some of these women are among the most popular starlets of all time.The newest flicks on the tour page feature Alex Chance, Kenzie Taylor, and Andi Rye. They’ve also done films with Nicole Aniston, Chanel Preston, and the still-beautiful Nina Hartley. See what I’m saying? People have been jacking off to her for over 30 years now, and she’s still riding every dick she can find. clearly knows how to pick ‘em!Welcome to ParadiseDid you ever try to lay a real MILF? The tricks you use on drunk college chicks and Tinder fatties don’t have as much pull with sophisticated older girls. They have too much experience to go home with a dude they know is going to try to bang them on a squeaky air mattress. You want a cougar; it’s going to help a lot to wear a shirt with a collar and carry a wallet without Velcro. Yeah, what I’m saying is that a good MILF will cost you some good money.A MYLF, on the other hand, is another story entirely. Hell, these chicks look way hotter than that single mom you chatted up on PTA night, and they’re kinkier, too. Best of all, you gain access to all these mature, experienced sluts for the low, low price of just $18 a month. Most paysites run the industry-standard thirty bones, so this is a fucking steal.And what exactly do those eighteen bucks earn you, besides top-shelf mommy pornstars like Brooklyn Chase and Cherie Deville? Well, the sign-up screen promises weekly updates, but I’m afraid that just ain’t true right now. We probably have to chalk it up to the goddamn ‘rona, but I’m reviewing this in July and their last new movie was in June. They were coming in steadily every week, but they’ve dropped off.I’d guess that’s a factor in that low paysite price. There’s also the matter of BBCParadise’s collection size. They only started in February 2021, so they didn’t have much time to build their catalog before the pandemic hit. I’m looking at the full collection right now, and I’m afraid there are only 18 movies available. That’s a buck a flick, so it’s a lot cheaper than fucking with ManyVids, but way more than you’d pay with a network subscription. It’s definitely worth noting that downloads are included here, so you can take those interracial pornos with you when you go.Since BBC Paradise is a MYLF Premium Series, it’s not included among all the sites you get with the basic MYLF membership. If bulk cougar porn is what you’re after and you want plenty of BBC action, your best option might be MYLF Unlimited. It’s an investment at $289 a year, but you get every MYLF current series, plus whatever comes out next.Intergenerational, Interracial ThreesomesI know I already mentioned a lot of the top-shelf porn bitches starring in flicks at, but I was kind of holding out. I knew exactly which movie I was going to fap-test as soon as I looked at the landing page. Parental Approval is an intergenerational, interracial, incestuous orgy featuring goddess Becky Bandini as mom and Whitney Wright as her horny stepdaughter. I know I came for the MILFs, but I fucking love anything Whitney’s in.BBCParadise movies typically run around 40 minutes in keeping with the MYLF format, and Parental Approval is no exception. Bandwidth is abundant, so I’m able to stream in full 1080p HD without waiting for that shit to buffer. After a quick BBC Paradise intro montage, we cut to mom and stepdaughter chatting about Whitney’s amazing new boyfriend Becky hasn’t met.But meet, they must! Fast forward a few minutes to a friendly meeting at the kitchen table, talking about his accounting gig and getting Becky all excited. I told you MILFs like money! Becky likes it so much that a few minutes later, the two women are both stroking his cock—Becky on the balls and Whitney on the shaft.One of the everlasting appeals of the older women is that they just know exactly what the fuck they’re doing. Whitney’s no innocent little virgin, but Becky has been pleasuring cock for a long time. I love these mommy/daughter scenes because the older generation always has important knowledge to impart on the young ladies. Becky demonstrates how to slurp this dude’s balls, then gets Whitney to ride his face while she goes backwards cowgirl. It’s such a beautiful display of family bonding that I’m sure I’ll get off to it a few more times today.These Cougars Love Big Black CockOne of my favorite moments of Parental Approval is when Whitney is fingering Becky’s clit while making adorable puppy eyes at the dude slamming Becky’s pussy with big, black cock. Both women are clearly turned the fuck on, not dialing in their enthusiasm like you sometimes get on shittier interracial sites. Watch how many times Whitney’s eyes roll in the back of her head.After I recharged a bit, I treated myself to a few more fap sessions with the catalog. I highly recommend Sorority with Chanel Preston and Paige Owens for another pair of babes teaming up on a BBC, as well as A Dark Dick Encounter with Summer Hart for anyone who appreciates PAWGs. Everything I watched on the site lived up to the high standards MYLF has set for themselves, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that stack of awards grows in years to come.The black-and-white smut at BBC Paradise is fucking fantastic, which is why it’s such a bummer about the small catalog and slowed-down releases. Eighteen bucks a month would be a no-brainer for material of this quality if it was a fuller, more established site. In a year or two, its value will be apparent, but right now, it kind of depends on how much you love interracial MILF movies. If you’re a connoisseur of the content, you won’t want to miss the award-winning MYLF’s take on jungle fever. Alternately, the regular MYLF network offers a better overall bang for your buck, though with less focus on the interracial material.