Blacked Raw

BlackedRaw! According to Urban Dictionary, getting blacked is “when a white-bread female raised in a middle- or upper- class home gets tricked by a smooth-talking brotha into being a black dude’s girlfriend and sex partner.” Okay, now that we’ve got that cleared up, what’s it mean to get Blacked Raw?To unravel the mystery, I aimed my browser at BlackedRaw.com, one of the most popular interracial racial porn sites in the world. They get three million visits a month, making them even more popular than your mom’s home creampie recipe. If you like seeing white girls get stuffed full of the biggest, blackest dick ever caught on camera, I hope you’ve got your trusty jizz sock ready.See Top Pornstars Get Blacked RawBlackedRaw ain’t some fly-by-night bullshit operation. It’s one of the most popular sites by world-class pornographer Greg Lansky, who has been described as a modern Hugh Heffner. He worked for Reality Kings before starting his own adult media empire. The dude’s got stacks of awards from AVN, XRCO, and NightMoves, and was the first to pull AVN Director of the Year three years running. Kanye West even mentioned his appreciation for Blacked on Jimmy Kimmy Live. People know Greg and his work well.The word “Blacked” is now synonymous with white girls taking BBC. It sounds like it’s been around forever, but nah, the term rose to prominence with the founding of Blacked and Blacked Raw back in 2014. These pornography websites have changed the way people speak, which is a pretty goddamn profound effect on popular culture.If you’ve seen my review of Blacked here at ThePornDude, you know I just eat that shit up the same way these girls eat up all that black-guy cum. The biggest question people usually have is, what’s the difference between Blacked and Blacked Raw? It’s immediately obvious to me when I look at the sites side-by-side, but I understand most of you don’t spend as many hours a day studying the subtleties of pornography with your dick in your hand.Simply put, Blacked is more traditional hardcore interracial porn, while BlackedRaw shoots their IR fuck flicks with modern reality porn production values. The movies are still polished and professional, but you’ll see more handheld camera angles, more natural lighting versus that traditional bright-ass porn glow, and more realistic hook-up scenarios.Remember, Lansky is one of the guys who helped popularize reality-style porn over at Reality Kings. The pioneer knows his shit, and he brought it here. The reason the genre has grown so popular is on full display in all the movies here. They’ve got the raw, real feel of amateur porn movies, with the production values of the pros.Aside from the crisp HD shots of hardcore black-on-white fucking on the tour page, those high production values are clearly visible in the hotties they hire for the flicks. They’ve got some of the hottest pornstars in the world banging every black dick they see. Ariana Marie, Lana Rhoades, Adria Rae and Mia Malkova are just a few of the world-class beauties they’ve worked with.Sign Up For Your Interracial Porn FixHow much would you expect to pay for access to one of the world’s most respected, most fapped to interracial porn sites? One hundred dollars? Two hundred dollars? Just kidding--BlackRaw.com costs the same thirty bucks a month all the other guys are asking. The falling rates for longer memberships are industry-standard, too, with the best deal on the 6-month rate.Some premium sites hide their release schedule until you get inside, but that’s sketchy shit for sketchy fuckers. BlackedRaw is proud of their rapid updates, telling you straight-up that they add 6 new scenes every month.They’ve also got a new series called Intimates, included as bonus content, which they’ve launched as part of their “stay home initiative”. It’s a limited edition, weekly series that gets behind the scenes with some of the hottest models on the site. Intimate, indeed! I had to take a break from writing this review to watch Alina Lopez take a bath and then finger herself to loud, body-quaking completion. I was going to start writing again right after that, but they’ve got another one with Gia Derza and her buttplug at the pool.Let’s Watch These White Girls Go BlackThe thumbnail of Kenzie Reeves getting fingercuffed on a couch sold me on Room For Two even before I could click through to the video. I love how she’s staring right at the camera with one BBC in her mouth and another one rammed up her tight little twat. This girl’s a pro, and a horny one at that!The 37-minute movie opens with a montage of a bored Kenzie all dressed up for a night out with nothing to do. She’s wearing a tight red dress that gets me going as she pretends to call up some random black dude she knows. “No, I don’t mind if you bring a friend,” she says before hanging up. I’ve always had a thing for the trashy look of a bleach blonde’s grown-out roots, which is often a sign a girl gives good head. We’ll find out in a second here.She rambles at her phone like she’s doing a Snapchat, and then we get a brief montage at the club before heading back to a hotel room with her two black friends. They tower over her, and everyone starts making out and groping as soon as they’re alone.BlackedRaw.com has a really nice built-in video player. There are little yellow dots on the timeline that tell you where the action shifts. I clicked on the first one to bring me to the blowjob sequence, which eventually leads to a messy spit roast. Yeah, I was right before: this girl can suck a mean motherfucking cock! I love it when she goes cross-eyed as one dude fucks her face. She gasps for air when he pulls out, but never stops stroking the other guy, who shoves his dick down her throat immediately after.This chick’s face is covered in spit and cum by the ten-minute mark, and they’ve still got another half hour to go. This girl’s got nympho energy, presenting with her ass up in the air as she sucks cock so she can get it from the other side. You can tell she’s sucking as hard as she can because her cheeks suck back into her face as she works the shaft. I guess that’s what it means to get Blacked Raw.Hundreds of IR Flicks, Downloads IncludedBlackedRaw.com keeps it old school by including downloads with the standard membership price. You modern masturbators might not care so much, but it’s a major selling point for all the porn hoarders building up offline collections for the end of the world. It’s a good way for cheapskates to sign up for a month and just stock up, which is probably why so many other premium sites are doing away with the perk.My only complaint is so minor it might sound like being a nitpicky bitch. No, my name ain’t Karen, but I do wish they had more videos. They’ve got over 200 original interracial movies in the catalog, which is great and all, but doesn’t jive with their 6 updates a month and long life on the web. There should be more by my math, but that’s still a lot of good black-on-white porno to help you use all that lube you stocked up on at the beginning of the pandemic.I’ll admit, I was biased in favor of BlackedRaw before I even got in the door. I had high expectations given the creator’s pornographic credentials, not to mention all the top-shelf poon on the menu. It turns out I was completely right, though. This is, indeed, one of the best interracial porn sites out there.If you’re looking for the best interracial porn on the market, look no further. BlackedRaw.com takes the perfect Blacked formula of hot white bitches taking big, black cock, and gives the whole thing a reality porn spin. The result is incredibly hot, professionally polished IR porno with the raw, real fucking you expect from amateur flicks. You’re going to love this site.