Dogfart Network

The Dog Fart Network! Fuck, I love watching slutty babes get absolutely wrecked by some big black cock in interracial porn. Or watching a smoking hot Latino chick bounce up and down on a dick while she sucks off the five other dudes in the room. Interracial porn brings the good shit. And it’s not just the same old scenes every time. Are you as tired as I am of watching a plain ass white couple have lame, uninteresting missionary sex? It fucking sucks. It’s time to branch out. Help break down the racial divide by indulging in the best porn there is: interracial! I dream of a day when interracial porn isn’t just a niche market. One day, it will just be porn!There’s just something so fucking hot about watching Marica Hase get blow banged by a bunch of black dudes or seeing Luna Corazon take get a massive facial from Erik Evenhard. And brings all of these scenes and much, much more to the table. I don’t know why the fuck they decided on Dog fart for the name, but apparently, it’s working. Dogfartnetwork has been around and reigning as the king of interracial porn sites for over 22 years. The network has 22 sites to browse, 1,484 models, 5,126 scenes, and 830,182 pictures. By the time you read this those numbers will probably have risen even more.For some reason, the network also has its own YouTube channel where they post interviews with some of their pornstars. Not really my thing, but it’s worth checking out if you want to see more “real” interactions and opinions from your favorite stats on the site.Premium Membership at a Reasonable PriceThe network is known for having seasoned pornstars as well as brand-new girls getting their start in the industry. You get everything here, but you do have to pay for it. Dog Fart Network is a premium site with premium features. But if you sign up for a year it’s only around 8 bucks a month for a year’s membership. That’s more than reasonable for how much you get here. Did I mention pretty much everything on the network is in 4k HD? Well, it is. No shitty quality vids here. Only the best interracial porn flicks for your fapping pleasure.With a membership, you get access to all 22 of their sites. Holy shit that’s a ton of content. Sites like,, BlackMeatWhiteFeet, BlacksOnBoys, and so many others. There’s something for every interracial lover out there. And with so many fresh models and content, there’s no shortage of new videos coming out every day.As a member, you also get access to exclusive photo galleries from each video. There are usually hundreds of high-quality pics that you can save and view at a later time if you want. Sometimes there are shots in there that don’t even pop up in the video itself! It’s like exclusive bonus content just for members. They also have behind the scenes videos that show you how each shot goes down, which might not be super-hot or anything, but sometimes it can be interesting to see how it’s all done.Solid Site Design, Animated Thumbnails, Tons of ContentMy first impression of the site, besides the weird-ass name, was that it actually looks pretty good. The grey on brown design could be spiced up a bit, but it definitely works and doesn’t take away from the content at all. The front page has this big slideshow up to that displays the newest shoots from some of their more popular sites. Next to it, there’s this big ad asking you to sign up for the site, but that goes away once you actually become a member.The rest of the front page shows off animated thumbnails from all of their sites. You can click on any of them and it will take you to a page with scenes from those sites as well. With a membership, you can click through to the site itself to get even more content. Without a membership, you can still check out 2-3-minute previews for each of the vids, and these previews are actually pretty cool. They have the stars talking about the shoot next to a video that plays some of the scenes from the video itself. It was actually really hot listening to Tina Kay talk about how she was about to get DP’ed. I’m surprised they show as much as they do. You get some of the best scenes from the video without even having to pay for it!For once, I prefer the mobile design of the site over the desktop version. Seriously, I don’t know who they got to design their mobile interface, but it is awesome. Sleek black and gray design, clear thumbnails, nice collapsible drop-down menus, and not a single ad in sight. The videos load quickly on mobile and you can check out all of the same desktop features pretty easily. This shit is easier than my ex-wife.So Much Interracial Content to Choose From!Aside from the front page, you’ve got quite a few options to explore. You can head over to the sites tab and check out every site that you have access to with your membership. Their girls' tab lets you find videos on all of their sites done by whoever your favorite model is. And fuck, there are so many 10 out 10 dimes on here. Try not to drool too much as you check out their animated previews. Yeah, there are animated previews of them doing all kinds of dirty, kinky stuff. And here I thought still pics of the models were great. This is the best way to showcase pornstars that I have seen yet!The top 50 tab is fucking awesome. It lets you see the top 50 most popular interracial movies across every single one of their sites. The #1 spot has Adriana Chechik sucking and fucking these two beasts of dudes called Mandingo and Prince. Even the preview teaser had me going. It holds the number 1 spot for a reason.If somehow the top 50 doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can check out the categories or scenes tab for more. Again, this site is doing it right. You get animated previews for each scene and HD pics for each category. Sites often skimp out on the categories page or bar and just give category titles. Not here! You get full HD 4k pics of exactly what to expect. Like Hairy. I see that option so often and all you get is some chick with a thin landing strip above her pussy. That shit doesn’t count! If I want hairy, I want hairy.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMan, there are so many awesome fucking features on this site that’s it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. The interface on desktop and mobile is awesome. The only ads you ever get are for their own live cam site, which is awesome by the way. But if I had to choose a single thing, I’d pick the animated thumbnails. God, those are awesome. You get to see every girl in action before you decide to jerk it to them. No more clicking on some slutty 10 out 10 chick, who you find out only does softcore bullshit.Oh, and the search feature is pretty sweet too. If you put in a pornstar’s name it searches her across every site, not just the main one. The only time you ever have to leave the main site is to click through to the full vids. And all of the sites in the network are just as safe as this main one, too.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI really don’t have too many suggestions for this site. They are fucking killing it in every aspect. Maybe change the color scheme on the front page a bit? But that’s not even that big of a deal. You’re here for the porn, not the goddamn color palette.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsEven with the premium cost, I would go for this. They’ve got 4k HD quality content, exclusive models, dozens of sites, cam girls, and everything else you kinky fucks could possibly want. Look no further for all of your interracial desires! Once you go Dogfart you never go back. Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? I still think the name needs work. Whatever. Go jerk it to some hot black chicks getting railed. I know that’s what I’m going to do.