Black Ambush! You ever order lunch, and when it gets here, your sandwich is way too fucking big? Some folks would opt to share that party sub with their friends, but any of the girls at Black Ambush would probably try to fit the entire bad boy down her throat at once. Make sure you order that on rye bread, because they like it hard and black! has been serving up unexpected chocolate since the beginning of 2017. “These girls are going to get a BBC Surprise today,” the motto reads. “They just don’t know it yet!” Based on the looks on their faces, they ain’t too sad about the change of plans. If you’re into interracial fuck flicks and hot chicks shocked by big dicks, you’re probably going to appreciate it, too.White Girls Get a Black AmbushBlackAmbush doesn’t have the high-finish gloss of some of the bigger porn networks. In fact, the layout and logo look older than the site’s actual age. The whole thing gives off an amateur vibe, but I think that’s part of the appeal. It immediately feels raw and real, which helps their premise seem even more genuine: the girls show up thinking they’re going to bang a white dude, but it’s a big-dick interracial scene.That amateur vibe continues on down to the gallery of Most Popular babes on the landing page. Most of them are girls you’ve never heard of or seen, exhibitionists on a first-name-only basis. Get ready to see tight blonde Renee get stuffed, cutie Maya getting stretched out, and thick Irish-American nurse Tara getting the biggest surprise of her life—literally!The cast is all hot amateurs and a smattering of recognizable pornstars. Their two most recent movies show Brooke Haze and Malory Malibu taking their first on-screen BBC. I love how Brooke’s working her own clit with a Hitachi magic wand while this dude chokes her and pounds her raw. Some sluts just can’t ever get enough, and those are my type of girls!There are no videos out on’s tour page, but there’s a small gallery of thumbnails available for each. One of the most striking of their recurring themes is how fucking tiny some of these girls are compared to the onslaught of cock. This chick Katie is absolutely dwarfed by this dude and his shaft, and her facial expressions convey surprise, pleasure, and full-on lust. The creampie looks great in a tiny still pic, but I’d love to get inside and see the full video.Sudden-Onset BBC and Other DelightsThe cocksucking whores over at Black Ambush may have gotten more than they bargained for, but there are no surprises when it comes to the membership price. They’re asking the industry-standard thirty bones a month, with cheaper rates for the 3-month deal. You know the drill.Hold on. You bought the big barrel of lube, right? It turns out you actually do get more than you bargained for, at least when it comes to the huge, unexpected quantity of sex that’s about to be thrusted in your face. The membership comes with full access to a handful of bonus sites. The deal includes BackRoomCastingCouch and ExploitedCollegeGirls, two killer sites I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude, as well as similar offerings like NebraskaCoeds and AfterhoursExposed.The site updates every two weeks, which is slower than I like. I do appreciate how upfront they are about it, with a message right on the front page. That’s the kind of shit I make sure to mention in my reviews, but I usually have to figure it out on my own.They go on to point out more of the exact same shit I’d tell you, which is how the bonus sites even out that slow release schedule. Black Ambush updates every other week, while most of the included bonus sites update at least once a week. That means fresh smut at least a couple days a week.Long Pornos, Hot Sluts, Big Black CockI know the amateur hotties are the main dish at BlackAmbush, but I just have to see Brooke Haze taking her first BBC. As soon as I got signed up and logged in, I clicked my way through to the video. That outdated layout followed me, serving up the video in a pop-up player instead of baked into the page like it is everywhere else. No matter, because the interface disappears when I go full-screen for my fap test.One of the things I like immediately is that the movie is fucking long, clocking in at around an hour. The pornos at are epic length, so you’ll have plenty of material to shake your dick at. The shortest one I looked at was 45 minutes, with others running a good hour and a half. Like all the bonus sites included with your membership, the long runtimes help even out that bimonthly release rate.The white dude Brooke thinks she’s banging is on his way to pick her up as the scene opens. He tells us what’s going on, which is the standard setup for the site. Brooke is cute, giggly, and eager as she gets into the car. Her outfit is sexy as fuck, and even moreso a couple of seconds later, when we see that she has no panties on. They’ve helpfully planted a camera right between her legs so her pussy can say, “Hi!”They shoot the shit a little before getting down to business. It turns out the horny girl is more hard-up than normal. “I haven’t had any sex lately,” she explains. “I need some dick!” It’s dirty porno talk, but it comes off as genuine, unscripted banter. She knows she’s about to fuck for money, and the conversation flows naturally around the topic of banging.Brooke ends up sucking him off, because that’s just the kind of babe she is. I’m crazy about the public stuff, so I love that they’re parked in the street, and you can see other cars in the background. The picture-in-picture gives us multiple angles, so we get POV blowjob eye contact while getting to stare at her perfect ass.Surprise! It’s an Interracial Fuck Scene!The camera follows Brooke as she heads inside, thinking she’s about to ride cowgirl on this white guy she just blew. Meanwhile, black stud Isiah Maxwell is laying in bed, fluffing his boner in wait.“Oh! Hi!” She’s visibly surprised but clearly happy to see the big black dude waiting for her. She immediately climbs into bed and puts her arms around him, saying, “I’ve been waiting to fuck you!” She talks about how horny she was in the car, and I almost feel bad for the white dude. Brooke seems to completely forget about his ass the moment she sees the bigger, blacker deal. The poor cracker is still behind the camera, filming the action as Brooke spreads her legs.If you’ve seen her at work before, you already know what kind of girl Brooke is. She does her best to fit that massive motherfucker in her mouth, tosses his salad, and gags on the BBC hitting the back of her throat. I’m not ashamed to admit I hit the Download button for the high-res MP4 when I heard that dick-gargling sound come out of her pretty face. Downloads are included with the membership price at biggest complaint about BlackAmbush is the outdated site design, which ain’t going to be a major dealbreaker for anybody but the most autistic design nerds. My navigation went wonky a couple of times as my back button accidentally shuffled me back to the free area, but it was a simple click to get back on course. Once you’ve got a video playing and you get fapping, that old-timey layout disappears into the background.The three main selling points at Black Ambush are the exclusive interracial porn, the surprise BBC angle worked into every scene, and the raw, real, amateur vibe that makes you feel more like you’re watching a quick and dirty hookup than planned-out porno shoot. It’s quality smut, and all the included bonus sites round out the deal into a full-fledged porno package.