Gangbang Creampie

GangbangCreampie! Around 250 million sperm are released every time a dude busts a nut, on average, and it only takes one of those little guys to get a broad knocked up. I hope the girls doing gangbang creampie scenes are on some heavy-duty birth control, or at least buy their DNA tests in bulk. Bukkake girls leave those billions of fallen soldiers on their bodies or on the floor, but creampie sluts just need them all inside!Speaking of girls getting pumped with jizz by a bunch of dudes, GangbangCreampie is the name of the site I’m about to give the ol’ fap test. It’s one of those simple titles that does the trick, telling you exactly what it is right from the jump. Hell, some people probably just guess at the name, add a dot-com, and voila! Here they are! They’ve been around since 2016, though, so I’m going to go out on a limb and guess they’ve got some good shit to show off.Creampies and Other Cummy DelightsThe tour page at is certainly appealing. The big header image has a pretty plain-looking site logo, but there ain’t nothing wrong with the close-up creampie shot it’s paired with. It’s really nice framing, with the cooter front-and-center, legs spread off to the sides and a peek of titties in the background. A hard dick points toward the prize, that creamy filling dripping out of the lovely shaved cunt. A banner in the corner tells me the scenes are shot in ultra-HD 4k.I bet you can kind of guess what’s in the video thumbnails below, huh? This is a gangbang creampie site, after all. The first row of thumbnails features a babe getting jizzed on while another cock pumps her twat, a chick giving head with 4 other dudes locked and loaded behind her, and a hotwife with a face covered in cum eating what we can assume is just another in a long line of hard cocks. It certainly doesn’t get any softer as I move down the page, and neither will you.The scene titles give away the anonymous-sex setups of some of these movies. Watch Lauren Visits the Adult Video Store, or see Hotwife Gia at the Swingers Club. There’s a Bush Bukkake movie a few rows down where a girl gets her hairy beaver hosed down with semen, and a few just labeled with “Gangbang Creampie” and a number. The cum-splattered porn shoots are interspersed with hardcore behind-the-scenes episodes and interviews. I’m already interested in watching Behind the Scenes with Dallas, because the preview shows her giving head in the back of a moving car.There’s a niches page where they show off “so much more than just gangbangs and creampies!” They’ve also got Asians and Anal, Big Butts and Big Clits. A lot of it reads like the standard tags list on any porn site, but subgenres like Cum Martini and Gokkun remind you what kind of website this is. As if the whole premise ain’t sexy and freaky enough, they’ve also got some pregnant chicks. See? I told you these bitches were going to end up hella pregnant!Fresh Spermy Desserts with Every MealThere are no free videos out front, but they do have a blog-style News page in the tour area with a ton of free GangbangCreampie photos. Holy fucking shit, last month they shot a 19-year-old’s first gangbang creampie and the pics alone are worth a fap. This sweet young thing shows off her tight bod before eating some black dick, and then some white dick, and then some brown dick. She rides a motherfucker’s face while giving head and a handjob, and always seems to have a big smile on her face when her mouth ain’t full. I had to see more.The signup page at says you save $5.00 on the monthly membership, but with the discount, it’s the same thirty bones most paysites are asking. The 2-month membership only knocks a few bucks off, but the 6-month breaks down to about $20 a month. There’s no yearly membership on the menu.I’ve seen some decent gangbang and bukkake sites with weak update schedules. I cut them more slack than I would other porn genres, because they’ve got to round up a whole lot more people and considerably more depraved girls than your standard porn shoot. I love that updates multiple times per week. A lot of premium sites are slowing down their updates thanks to COVID-19, but these guys are still banging out the hits.Hundreds of Group-Sex OriginalsI’ve reached out to a few of my contacts at MIT, NASA, and the research department at Pfizer’s boner-pill division, asking for help making some vital calculations. They crunched some numbers with their supercomputers and got back to me. GangbangCreampie has nearly 800 exclusive movies in their catalog, which likely adds up to quadrillions of squirming sperm spilled on camera alone. The site gets a few hundred thousand visitors a month, all jacking off, resulting in another quintillion drying up and dying on tissues, keyboards, and crusty old gym socks.Most of the stars of these cum-fiascos are gorgeous one-name amateur babes, but they’ve also got a few recognizable pornstars dropping in from time to time. I thought I recognized this girl Ella, taking a face full of spunk in a thumbnail from a couple of weeks ago. Sure enough, that’s Ella Knox! I’m always happy to see the tiny brunette at work, so I was eager to see her doing one of these gangbang creampies.Ella’s Adult Store Adventure opens with Ella strolling down the street to the funky rhythm of some classic wow-chicka-wow porn music, looking fine as fuck in a little turquoise skirt. She walks into a porn store, hands a stranger a note and then peels off her panties for him. He accepts the gifts, and she wanders off to the counter to give another note to the clerk.Soon, she’s getting her big, natural jugs felt up by a customer as she makes the rounds. It’s just a prelude, though. Two minutes in, all the dudes follow her into the back room, where she plays with herself on stage. The fucking doesn’t really start until about 5 minutes in. I thought they might get to it a little faster since the scene is only 35 minutes. That’s not bad for a full-length scene in general, but good gangbangs often last a whole lot longer. They do have some movies that run over an hour, but some of the scenes are short, even under 10 minutes.Pornstars, Amateurs, and a lot of DicksElla is so fucking good at what she does. She works her way around the room on her knees, sucking cocks and stroking them. She’s giving double handies as a dude grabs her head and fucks her face, stuffing BBC down her throat and making her gag. These dudes can’t help but reach down to grab those beautiful titties, even if it necessitates an awkward angle between another dude’s legs.They start popping on her face pretty soon into the flick. By the halfway point, her whole face is covered in a thick layer of jizz, dripping down onto her chest and beyond. It seems to fuel her lust, making her slurp harder. One dude grabs her hair and sprays jizz at her eye.It wasn’t actually a gangbang creampie movie, but it’s a hell of a blowbang. Towards the end, it’s Ella’s turn. She works herself with her fingers; then, the magic wand comes out. If you like what you see, you can save it to your laptop or SD card. Membership includes full streaming and download does exactly what it says on the tin. This is unpretentious, straight-up hardcore porno with hot girls taking an absolute metric fuck-ton of cock, all at once. Not every scene features the titular act, but you will find some of the hottest, nastiest group sex ever committed to video. Also, my lawyer has advised me not to consent to any paternity tests.