Sperm Mania

SpermMania! Not many people know that your old friend The Porn Dude actually studied psychology for a while before breaking into the smut review business. I had a few specialties in the field, including using vibrators to treat hysteria and seeking a way to intensify the symptoms of nymphomania. It’s my background in that big-brain mental shit that got me so interested in SpermMania, one of today’s leading causes of creampies, gangbangs, and devastating outbreaks of bukkake.SpermMania.com is a principal source of information on the condition. Since 2015, the premium adult site has been releasing uncut, uncensored footage of beautiful women caught in the throes of debilitating semen addiction. While the videos of body bukkake, cum footjobs, group gokkun, and creampie gangbangs are invaluable to a sexual researcher like myself, they’re also a hell of a lot of fun for the general masturbator.Holy Shit, That’s A Lot of Cum!If you’re into sterilized vanilla porn where the bedsheets remain relatively clean, and nobody goes home drenched head to toe in semen, turn your ass around and find something else on my list of Premium Porn Sites. SpermMania lets you know exactly what kind of sexy mess you’re getting into right out front. The white fluid site logo looks like it was squirted out of a dick, and there’s a hot Japanese chick playing with a martini glass of jizz right on the warning screen.“This site contains extreme cum fetish content!” the blurb reads. “Do not enter unless you love to see lots of cum everywhere, girls playing with cum, girls sucking and stroking dicks with cum, cum filled mouths, and messy sloppy seconds.” They go on to say all the girls are at least 18, and yes, they do use 100% real semen in their scenes. I’m sure some of you conspiracy-minded fuckers will still believe they buy their sauce direct from Cinnabon.They ain’t kidding about the extreme cum fetish content. They’ve got the bukkake scenes you expected from the name SpermMania.com, with cosplay cuties getting their faces hosed down, their butts soaked, and their bodies covered in a glistening layer of man juice. They’ve also got some of your other favorite porn subgenres, and sex acts, only with a liberal sprinkling of way more sperm than you’re used to.They’ve got creampie scenes where the girls keep getting fucked, using millions of unborn babies as a lubricant. Watch a girl bounce on a guy’s dick as she whips up a frothy batch of creamed cream all over everyone’s genitals. The handjobs, blowjobs, footjobs, and tittyfucks are similarly enhanced with a dripping, shiny layer of man milk.There’s a Cum Play page in the tour area that breaks down some more of their trademark offerings. Panty fetishists are going to love the scenes where they fill a girl’s panties with so much sperm it leaks out, soaking their thighs and twats and giving them some lube to masturbate with. They also promise that every scene features “extra messy, creamy, gooey cumshots!” I wonder what they’re feeding these motherfuckers, because the screenshots look like somebody got wild with the Elmer’s.Uncensored JAV (and Jizz) by the BucketBased on the semen-sipper on the landing page, the cosplay schoolgirls, and all the hot, cum-covered Asian chicks, I thought SpermMania.com might be just another JAV (Japanese Adult Video) site, which ain’t necessarily a bad thing. The country is responsible for the bukkake genre, after all. It looks like maybe they actually started as a JAV site before branching out a bit. The cast of spermmaniac sluts includes a ton of hot Japanese sluts and AV idols, as well as a growing number of white pornstars.Those of you who usually only sign up for Western paysites are shrugging your shoulders, thinking this is no big deal. The JAV fans out there can already see the major value of that crossover: these bukkake, creampie gangbang, and cum-lube sex movies are completely uncensored. No biggie in the world of American porn, but a big goddamn deal in Japanese erotica.Speaking of deals, I found another thing that reminds me of a JAV site. Japanese smut always comes at a premium, and I’m afraid I can’t say any different about the sticky-faced cum-drinkers at SpermMania. The regular membership price is $35, which is a few bucks more than your typical porn site where they use regular lube and try really hard not to knock the bitches up. There are discounts for longer memberships, but they aren’t great.The local and state governments have been advising against having dinner with a couple of close friends, let alone getting together with some strangers to ejaculate all over some pretty young coed we just met. That hasn’t stopped the pervs at SpermMania. They’re adding a nasty new cum-fetish flick every week.Hundreds of Exclusive Filthy FlicksSeasoned masturbators know all that wasted sperm can really add up. My garbage can is constantly overflowing with tissues, my floor is covered in stiff, crusty socks, and I bang these words out on a keyboard encased within a hardened shell of my own DNA. A similar thing has happened to SpermMania.com, since they’ve been around so long. To date, they’ve got around 250 movies exposing the depraved sex lives of semen-addicted whores.It’s hard to know where to begin in a collection like that. Some may choose to simply dive in the deep end, but those of you afraid of drowning in an ocean of sperm can do what I did and start with the newest piece. Uploaded just a few days ago, Nanako Nanahara’s Sticky Bukkake Facial seemed representative of the site as a whole. The thumbnail features a beautiful Japanese girl, the titular Nanako, with her mouth open and three dicks squirting in her face.It’s a shorter scene on a site where the movies typically run around 15-30 minutes. This one’s only ten, so they don’t waste any time at all. Nanako is sitting on the floor, staring up at the camera and looking nervous as the scene opens. Several seconds later, she gasps as five dudes suddenly run in and stick their dicks in her face. She begins moving between them, alternately sucking, licking, and stroking.She tries to say something, but I can’t understand her with the pretty mouth full of cock. I don’t speak Japanese, anyway, but I have a few guesses what she’s saying, just based on her enthusiasm for ding-dong. It’s like she knows one of those peckers has the cure for SpermMania inside it, but she just isn’t sure which. Nanako can barely catch a breath before wrapping her lips around another pole.The action looks glorious at 1080p HD, though I’m looking forward to the inevitable update to 4k. Downloads are included with the standard membership price, so I decided to save the full HD version when the little slut opened her mouth to catch as much of that special sauce as she could.A couple of minutes of the movie are just Nanako sitting on the floor with her mouth open while these guys shake dicks in her face. You can tell they’re each trying to pop that first nut off, but it goes on a comically long time. The dudes don’t have their faces in the shot, but I can imagine their frustration.Finally, one pops, and then another, and then the other two in quick succession. These dudes must all be true bukkake fans, because seeing the girl get her face creamed on was enough to get plenty more cream coming. It was a truly impressive feat of porn sex synchronization. In the last couple of minutes, Nanako tries to lick the cum off her face.Each movie also has an extensive photo gallery. As much as I like seeing the girls covered in jizz, I think it’s their facial expressions that draws me to the galleries more than anything else. Nanako looks like such a cute, innocent chick, but how’d all those wieners get in her mouth?While doctors aren’t sure SpermMania will ever be cured, perverts are rejoicing that they finally have a reliable source of videos documenting the phenomena. I watch porn all day, every day, and I can’t remember the last time I saw that much cum spilled in so many movies. Masturbators who like their fap material soaked to the goddamn bone in sperm will feel right at home. Watch your step—it’s really fucking slippery!