Princess Cum

PrincessCum! I’ve never made it any secret that I really love dirty whores. For whatever reason, it’s even hotter when those sluts look young, sweet, and innocent. Show me a girl-next-door who loves creampies, and you’ll have me hooked in no time flat. That’s pretty much what happened with PrincessCum.Based on the name, I thought this might be a squirting site, but the theme at is teen creampies with a taboo twist. “Don’t be fooled,” the front-page blurb reads, “our nubile princesses are far from sweet!” That’s exactly what I was hoping for, so I can’t wait to get in and poke my dick around.Teen Creampies and Top Porn SlutsThe preview page of Princess Cum has got that modern style with the automatic video loading at the top of the screen the second I land. They don’t even let you catch your bearings before they show you some hot young things getting pounded, stretched out, and pumped full of cum. It looks like they’ve got a type around here. These are all perfectly ripe, lithe little chicks with adorable faces. You won’t find any MILFs in pigtails pretending to be teens. This is the real deal.Short-haired nymphomaniac nymphet Daphne Dare is featured prominently in that silent video preview, as is college cutie Kenzie Madison. They’re pretty solidly representative of the girls you’re going to be jacking off to here. Haley Reed and Eliza Ibarra have been in recent fuck flicks, too.I guess I ain’t that surprised they’ve got such a buffet of delicious snacks. PrincessCum is, after all, a Nubiles Porn series. I’ve talked about the network a lot here at ThePornDude. You can read my reviews of sites like Moms Teach Sex, MyFamilyPies, and NubilesET, or you can just go beat off to them without doing all the reading. The long and short of it is that the company knows teen porn, and they know it well.It definitely doesn’t take a fucking porno connoisseur to know this is some good smut, though. Just follow your boner! The wall of moving thumbnails out front features stunning, tight-bodied teens bouncing on a ding-dong and getting their cunts filled with jizz. It’s got bright, clean porno production with beautiful camera angles that really showcase what these young women have to offer.Jacking Off to Free PreviewsLike other Nubiles site, has some free video previews a click away. I have to give them credit for that, because so many websites these days do that bait-and-switch bullshit where the Play button on a sample video is just a link to the sign-up page. Here, you can actually see trailers for the newest movies.Goddamn, just the setup for Cum-Crazy Step-Sister (season 4, episode 3) has me dripping in my boxers. Blonde starlet Emma Starletto walks panty-free into her brother’s bedroom while he’s still got morning wood, telling him she can’t stop thinking about dicks. She acts disgusted by his boner even though she’s flashing her lovely shaved twat, and then interrupts his shower by getting into the water and giving him a handjob.I won’t lie, I started jacking off to the trailer when she backs her cunt onto his dick during a yoga session. There’s some great POV dick-sucking and pussy-smashing. In keeping with the teenage cumshot theme of PrincessCum, he fills her with his seed at the end. Good thing they’re just stepsiblings or she’d end up pregnant with an inbred monster baby.17 Sites for the Price of 1You get to watch 5 free previews a day if you ain’t a member, but they’re only 3 minutes long. Half of that time is setup. While I can sprint like nobody’s business if I’m forced to, I’m more of a marathon masturbator. Given all the Cialis I’ve snorted in the last 20 minutes, I know I’m going to need a lot more material than that.As I write this, is having a spring sale. The regular $30 membership is only a few bucks off, but the yearly membership is 60% off and breaks down to just $7.00 a month. That’s a pretty fucking good deal on most any porno paysite.One of the really fucking great things about Princess Cum, though, is that membership is just part of the Nubiles network you’re buying a ticket for. You’re actually getting a subscription to 17 different premium sites. Besides the ones I’ve already mentioned, you get a bunch of spank fodder like StepSiblingsCaught, PetiteHDPorn, DetentionGirls, and BadTeensPunished. Are you sensing a theme here? In case you’re dense, let me spell it out in really simple language: you’re going to be fapping to a ton of high-quality teen porn, very often with a taboo theme.The update schedule is worth a look. The network adds new videos multiple times per week, but the Princess Cum series itself only gets a new entry every month or so. Given the similarity of the overall Nubiles theme, most masturbators will be more than happy with that setup. If you’re expecting to see girls get creampied several times a week, sorry—they often get those unborn babies blasted on their pretty faces, all over those kissable tummies and perky boobs, or drenched onto juicy butts.Beautiful Teens Creampied on CamOnce you get signed up and logged in, you’ll be dropped off in the main membership area of Nubiles-Porn. As much as I’d love to watch the newest COVID-19-themed scene with Avery Cristy, I’m afraid Quarantined With My Step-Sis is a StepSiblingsCaught movie. It’s included with my membership, so I’ll have to come back for a personal review I’ll be spelling in semen.The network updates so often that I had to go to the second page to find the most recent movie. Then I realized the Series dropdown would make it a hell of a lot easier to find those teen creampie flicks. There are actually only a few dozen released as part of the Princess Cum series, but have no fear; there are a couple of hundred scenes tagged with Creampie in the full Nubiles catalog you’re buying into.I love the incest angle to the PrincessCum movies. It’s obvious in episode titles like Daddy’s Princess, Cum-Chasing Step-Sister, My Nympho Niece, My Nerdy Step Brother, and the subtly titled Cumming Inside My Step-Daughter. Rest assured, there’s also plenty of family fun in such titles as I Need Your Cum, Make You Cum, and Pretending To Be Sick For Dick.I like that sisterly love Avi Love is showing off in the thumbnail for Victory Shot, so that’s where I started my fap test. The scene opens with this dude Justin watching football with his sister Avi and his bitchy girlfriend. The ball-and-chain storms out just two minutes in because Avi grabs her bother’s dick through his pants, kicking off the incestuous action in a hurry.There’s a great mix of POV, and third-person camerawork shot and edited together seamlessly. As a total film scholar who spends his days studying smut, I was genuinely impressed. Try not to fall in love with Avi as she smiles, makes eye contact, and stuffs her mouth full of her bother’s cock. It’s only a 17-minute episode, so she’s getting pounded doggystyle on the couch by the 7-minute mark.Avi is the kind of girl whose body you look at and immediately know she fucks really well. She lives up to any expectation I had and outdoes it. She rides backwards cowgirl like a professional. Somebody get this girl to a rodeo. As per usual, Nubiles is always getting the hottest, most sexually talented babes in their movies. Princess Cum is certainly no exception.I usually try to keep away from the spoilers, but I’ll mention it since PrincessCum is themed around how the movies end. Avi smiles as she sticks a finger in her pussy to taste some of that jizz Brosef deposited, and tells her brother she’s not on birth control. He doesn’t take it well, screaming, “If you get pregnant, Dad’s going to fucking kill me!”Nubiles comes through again with PrincessCum. They work with some of the most gorgeous teenage sluts in the business, and this family-creampie theme is a fucking amazing use of their pornographic talents. New episodes only come out every month or so, but you get full access to a teen porn network that adds new smut every few days. I’d write more, but I have to get back to fapping.