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CreampieThai! The cuisine of Thailand is known for such delicacies as tom yung goong, drunken noodles, and a variety of colored curries. If you’re looking for sweet treats, Thai iced teas are beloved around the world for their delicious blend of sugar, tea, spices, and condensed milk. Some of you sex tourists and globe-trotting perverts might know a thing or two about the sweetest Thai dish of all: Creampie Thais.CreampieThais.com uploaded their very first movie back in 2014. It starred a sweet, brace-faced 18-year-old from Bangkok with a predilection for blowjobs, a bald beaver, and ultimately a hot load of cum all up in them guts! The site’s been going strong ever since, continuing to build their extensive collection of amateur Thai girls taking creampies.Amateur Thai Creampies in 4k Ultra-HDThai porn sites often follow a formula. Some dude took a vacation, really enjoyed the fucking hell out of himself, and then decided to make a website about it. It’s a great formula, but I’ve seen sites that just didn’t live up to the promises out front. I’m not going to name any names, but I hate when I pull up a site, and all the “new” updates are clearly at least a few years old with shuffled upload dates.CreampieThais.com doesn’t pull that shit. One of the things I like immediately is that the newest updates are in 4K Ultra-HD. The crisp, beautiful images are a reward in and of themselves, but that high resolution also lets you know these guys are putting out truly fresh content. Not only are the updates real, but the producers are actively investing in the operation, which ultimately means better smut.Clear images don’t mean jack shit if the girls are ugly, and the sex is bad, but that ain’t the case. On the contrary, the girls getting banged in the video at the top of the screen are stunning examples of Asian beauty and eroticism. That’s a fancy way of saying these hot sluts can really fuck!The girls skew young, with plenty of teens getting their twats hammered and filled with jizz. There are some MILFs, but honestly? It’s hard to tell with these eternally youthful Asian girls. That’s part of why your yellow fever flares up so bad sometimes. Even without leaving the preview page, I see some true stunners that I know I’m going to be fapping to later. There are a ton of beautiful Asian amateurs to shake your dick at.Cum-Filled Asians Plus Some Big BonusesAll the Play buttons on the thumbnails are bullshit, leading you to the sign-up page instead of giving you a taste of those CreampieThais. There is a free trailer if you scroll down the preview page a bit. If you’re into tight little Asian chicks, you might not want to watch it unless you’ve got a few bucks for a membership. Your wallet may try to resist, but sometimes your boner just calls the shots.The trailer is a short montage of Thai girls getting boned against kitchen counters, riding cock on couches, and sucking cock in bed. Shots of strippers and Thai nightlife are interspersed between the bitches bouncing on cock and getting stuffed from behind. You probably guessed from the name CreampieThais.com, but there are no condoms used, and the girls always end up dripping cum from those tight cunts.I watched it and wondered how many of those little honeys ended up preggers. I also wondered how much it would cost to see more, since two minutes just wasn’t enough relative to my daily Viagra intake. The full monthly membership, including downloads, will run you forty bucks. The “Trial” membership is the same $30 all the other sites are asking, but you don’t get to save the movies. The best deal is probably a year of streaming and downloading for about $10 per month.The full shebang is pricey, but I do like how they include ten bonus sites with your membership. After you get done beating off to the CreampieThais, spend some time with AsianSuckDolls, CreampieCuties, OurAmateurSluts, and SexyTeenAmanda. I see a lot of white girls on the menu, but also a lot of overlapping themes of Asians, amateurs, and creampies.Fresh Creampies and Other Asian Treats on the RegMy dick got harder as I made my way to the Creampie Thais member’s page. Naked Thai girls were lined up across the page, taking cock or posing provocatively. It was the same girls as out front, except now I had names for my newest fap fantasies. Sasi, Tanzy, and Pinny are going to keep me entertained well tonight.Then I noticed the upload dates beside the names. Fuck. They’re only adding one Creampie Thais video every month. I was ready to blame the coronavirus, but it looks like it’s been going on that way for a while. Sometimes there are two per month, but it’s a pretty weak schedule.The bonus sites do balance out the membership considerably. AsianSuckDolls has added a couple of new beej movies this month, there are a couple of new riders on AsianSybian, and some babes taking shots at CreamedCuties. CreampieThais actually seems to have the slowest update schedule of all the included sites I looked at. I do wish you could see all the network-wide updates on one page.I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere out front, but they’ve also got a pretty fucking solid collection of full porn DVDs. I thought at first, it was a mixed bag of creampie pornos, but it seems like a broad mix of all kinds of X-rated material. There are Asian porn DVDs, amateur porn DVDs, schoolgirl porn DVDs, and more. Each one has multiple scenes, adding up to an enormous amount of smut.Raw, Real, Amateur Asian Sex VideosEvery time I went by the main screen, this girl Sasi stood out. She’s both cute and sexy as hell, laying on her stomach wearing nothing but knee-high striped socks and sneakers. Naturally, that’s where I figured I’d start my fap test.The 18-year-old cutie walks casually into the room and breaks out into a big smile as she sits down on the bed. She’s wearing a tight little dress that shows off her tight little body, and she clearly loves the attention. Introductions are made, she turns around for the camera, and she’s out of her dress by the 1:30 mark.Dude feels up on her big titties, which he notes are “original”. Asians ain’t always known for their racks, but this chick is endowed! I can’t get over how fucking adorable her smile is, even while she makes my dick so hard it hurts.I skipped ahead to the pussy-licking scene. At 1080p, I had a couple of seconds of buffering but nothing serious. Sasi has a beautiful, tight, shaved twat. She moans and pushes herself into him as he works his tongue inside her. Her body shakes; she fucking loves this!The camerawork is pure gonzo, with the dude taking all the video as he’s banging her. You have to admire his multitasking skills because he gets some fantastic shots. I love his use of the big hotel mirror to take in a view of Sasi taking it doggystyle. It has the raw, real feel of amateur smut without the ugly girls or short clip lengths.The tight POV shots look fantastic toward the climax. Then again, Sasi has a lot to do with that. This girl is fucking gorgeous, fucks like an angel, and then gets a big creampie. The cum leaks out like it does all the Creampie Thais at the end of these flicks.CreampieThais.com has a couple of minor issues, but they’re not going to be dealbreakers for most of you amateur Asian porn fans. The full membership costs more than most premium sites, but you can get a “regular” porn price if you’re willing to forgo the downloads. CreampieThais movies only come out once a month, but with ten sites, you still get plenty of fresh fap material. The DVDs are just more creamy icing on the cake.Creampie Thais is a great site for anybody who loves Asians, amateur porn, and creampies. It’s a simple formula, but hey, whatever works, right? These guys do it right, with gorgeous unknown sluts, high-quality video, and a goddamn mountain of bonus material.