Cum one, cum all! Have a cum fetish? Love watching horny sluts get filled to the brim with thick white goo? I bet you fucking do. That shit is the best. I think something all of us fetish freaks can agree on is that a creampie is universally hot. Watching that mess spill out of some babes tight pussy is something to die for. But the content is lacking! I’m tired of watching porn where the dude can only muster up a paltry bit of cum. Oh, yeah, that little white dot is sooo exciting. Where’s the showmanship? I want her to see her fit to burst when that dick comes out. It should be running down her damn thighs. If that’s something you agree with, then I may have your next favorite is a site about creampies in 4k. The title doesn’t leave much to the imagination, does it? These guys have been pumping out, or should I say pumping in, quality creampie videos since 2014. And, judging by their numbers, they do their job pretty well. Over a million views per month on the free landing page, with a solid rollover of around 200 thousand visits to the members only area.This site is premium, so you’re going to have to cough up some cash to see these creampies. It’s only 9 or so bucks a month if you go in for the whole year. But there are other options for monthly and daily rates if that’s more your speed. Thankfully, you don’t have to go in blind. You get 6 free previews on the free page. These are only a minute or so long, but you can access any of the videos they have on the site. Pretty handy for getting a feel for the sexy content they have. And, trust me, once you exhaust those previews you’ll be dying for some more. I know I was.Membership Includes Access to a Huge Network of Kinky SitesOnce you login and get situated you’ll be directed to the members only area. This site is part of a bigger network, so you’ll see up top that your membership includes access to a shit ton of other sites like “Fantasy HD, Holed, Tiny4k, and POVD” to name a few. There are a half dozen or so more for you to head over and jerk off to. But my focus is on Cum 4K, so let’s get into their landing page.It’s nice. The logo is well designed. I’ve seen so many sites that do the bare minimum when it comes to logo. A good logo makes your site pop and there’s certainly does. The site has a pleasant dark them that makes it easy for night browsing. That’s always worth some bonus points in my book. Next to the logo you’ll see some header options that will help you navigate the site. It’s the basic array “Home, Scenes, Girls, Favorites, Live Cams, and Deals.”There’s also a banner that flips through their newest releases as well as their deals for other premium sites. Below all of that, you get previews of all the videos running down the center of the page. There are two sections. One for top-rated Cum4k scenes and a second section for top rated scenes in the network.Very Slim Catalog is DisappointingIt’s probably a good thing that the membership includes access to other sites, because I would quickly get my fill of the site. There are around 50 girls on the girls' page in total. With most of them only having one or two scenes a piece you can imagine that there isn’t a huge catalog of content. So, if you’re only signing up for the sweet creampie action, then I might reconsider. It seems as though they upload one or two videos a week. If you think that will keep you sated, then go ahead. But my tastes require more variety.The individual model pages are okay. There could be a lot more information there. You get a picture, a scene, and when their last update was. That’s about it. No age, height, breast size, or bio. A bit of a let down really. Hopefully, they flesh those out in the future. At least you can organize the page by rating, views, or alphabetical. Not that it matters too terribly much with the slim pickings of models. The scenes page is set up the exact same way. Same search functions and everything. The live cam area actually takes you to cams by Cum4k and not some other site. It seemed pretty active, too. So, if you like cam girls, that’s a little added bonus for you.Watch Sluts Get Filled With “Cum” in Glorious 4k HD.Content. Let’s talk content. The previews are, eh, fine, I guess. Full HD shots from the shoot, sure. But that’s the only good thing going for them. No animated previews. No video lengths included. No view count. You do get a model name, scene name, rating, and date uploaded. And rank? That’s good I guess. But I never found myself wondering how a video stacked up in an overall ranking system. I really only need that for the top rated videos, which I can just filter by anyway. Useless information.The video quality is fucking dope. 4k videos that you can stream or download in their full glory. No buffering or any bullshit like that. You can download related photo galleries or screencaps as well. All in a handy zip file! But I have to address the elephant in the room here. It’s a hard pill for some of you to swallow, but I have to say it anyway. The. Cum. Is. Fake. Sorry, but it’s true. That shit spurts out of these bitches in such crazy amounts that you would think they’re trying to recreate a Jackson Pollock painting. I don’t have a problem with fake cum, but I figured I should warn you fucks in case you were looking for the real deal. You won’t find it here.Fantastic Mobile ExperienceThe mobile site is great. If you login you get full access to every feature that the desktop section has. Jump between network sites, download videos, stream content, and browse everything and anything on the site. It’s also formatted incredibly well. No tiny video players, no small text boxes, and no bullshit. It’s easy to navigate and even easier to jerk off to the hot, cum filled sluts on the go. Just note that you can’t preview content for free on mobile. You’ll have to stick to desktop if you don’t already have a membership.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMan, I’m happy to have a site where I had multiple favorite features. I may be biased here since I love me some cum related content, but who doesn’t? If I had to pick, I guess I’d go with the obvious. They have curated 4k creampie content that is fucking awesome. Some of you might not dig the fake cum, but it’s all the same to mean. I especially love those videos out there of the JAV sluts getting drenched in the shit. But the creampies they have on here are awesome. The videos are produced well, and the content is hot as fuck.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy main suggestion is to beef up the model and video catalogs. It’ll come in time, I’m sure. But a membership is hard to justify when the content here is so slim. The saving grace is definitely the access to other network sites. I also think they need more model information and better video previews. Do those things and the site will be in great shape. I hope to come back here in the future and find that they have a massive catalog of cum drunk babes!ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, is a great site if you’re into ridiculously massive creampies. I know the fake cum may be a dealbreaker for a lot of you. I get it. I can’t get off to fake tits myself, so I understand. But, if you are into the other network sites, then this is a must visit site. They have some awesome videos in jaw-dropping 4k HD. What’s not to love about that? Just watching Brandi Love get her tight snatch filled with cum was enough for me to justify a membership. If you’re a cum lover, then get over and check this fucking site out now.