Creampie Cathy

CreampieCathy! Creampie movies have a lot of things going for them. They’re sexy as fuck, appealing to that basic human desire to pump a woman full of hot sperm. I also like the name of the act alone. Creampie may be one of the messiest, nastiest porn acts outside the realm of fetish films, but it sounds wholesome as fucking hell. Creampie Cathy sounds like she might well be an artisan bakery owner, but of course, we know a little better.CreampieCathy.com has been peddling amateur creampie smut since 1998, which makes it a bit of a classic in its own right. The site was started by the illustrious Cathy, who calls herself The Undisputed Queen of Creampies. According to the stats on the landing page, this broad has taken over 10,000 creampies from more than 4,300 dudes. She’s graduated from MILF to GILF in the years since the site started, but she’s bringing a whole new generation of sluts into the game.Over Two Decades of Amateur CreampiesIt’s no surprise that Creampie Cathy’s layout is more than a little outdated. They’ve been around for over twenty years, after all, plus they’ve always been an amateur site. The color scheme is hideous, but the screengrabs won’t let your eyes linger on the design for too long. Big shots from some of their newest flicks slide by the top of the screen. I see Cathy getting gangbanged and stretching herself out with two dicks in her twat, plus a whole lineup of her friends getting in on the action. There’s some babe drinking sperm out of another girl’s creampie, which is a level of depravity I like to see whenever possible.Another one of Creampie Cathy’s claims is that they’re the largest solo amateur website in history. I don’t doubt she’s in the top echelon, but she’s certainly had a lot of help from a rotating cast of hot amateur teens, MILFs and everything in between. About half of the thumbnails out front feature other babes in threesomes with Cathy and coming to the creampie gangbang parties. A few thumbs don’t feature the titular CreampieCathy at all, even in the moving preview.Those moving GIFs are the closest thing to free videos on the tour page, but I like what I see. “Amateur” is a really loaded word in porno. On one end, you’ve got the obviously DIY iPhone videos of 12-second, shaky-ass sex snippets. On the other end, you’ve got that obviously fake reality porn where the cameraman just happens to meet a drop-dead gorgeous babe who’s willing to do anal because she just lost her dog. CreampieCathy meets in the middle, combining that raw amateur feel with the expertise of 20+ years of home sex-moviemaking.It’s not overly polished, which definitely contributes to the vibe. Even the GIFs out front feel like walking in on a barely planned sex party, like they’ve just lucked out and found a bunch of hot, horny babes and a cameraman who’s good at framing hot tub group sex and intergenerational lesbian bonding activities.Cheaper and More Plentiful Than Costco’s CreampiesWhat little disappointment I felt about that old-timey layout is more than made up for by the old-timey price. It seems CreampieCathy.com hasn’t updated their prices in a minute, either, because a regular membership is just $25 a month. That’s a few bucks less than most paysites in 2021, and it gets significantly cheaper with longer subscriptions.I’m glad they haven’t updated the price in a while, and I’m also glad they update the site all the time. They’re adding a full-length, exclusive amateur creampie movie every week! Damn, it’s a good thing Cathy’s old, or else she’d be getting pregnant all the goddamn time. These other girls must have Planned Parenthood on speed dial.Remember what I said the site’s been around for over 20 years? Even if you were in the retard math class, you already know that kind of release schedule is going to add up. The library seems to stretch on into infinity, with cum-filled cunts dripping through the aisles of history.The CreampieCathy archive alone is massive, but over the years, they’ve managed to forge relationships with a number of friends and partner sites. They give you access to a ton of bonus sites and extra movies with your membership. It’s mostly high-end amateur smut in line with Creampie Cathy’s own level of production values and fappability.Altogether, you’re looking at over 2,000 exclusive amateur moviesfor your twenty-five bones a month. Sure, those creampies won’t feed your family, but they’re a solid deal on a nice, homemade dessert.Amateur Smut in Professional 4k UHD ResolutionWith that many choices on the list, I figured I’d just start at the beginning and work my way through. The newest movie at CreampieCathy is Scene 718: Fallon’s Creampie GB – p1. Maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions based on the thumbnail, but I have a feeling the GB stands for “gang bang”. It was uploaded 4/20, so I put some Viagras in my bong to celebrate with Cathy.That outdated layout follows me as I click through to the video page. Most sites these days showcase the movies in a big, built-in video player, front and center. CreampieCathy uses that ancient design where you have to scroll down and find the video links beside the photo gallery. I know it only adds a couple of seconds between you at that amateur double-penetration scene, but it just feels so inefficient. I guess the grandpas who paid for their membership by writing a check will feel right at home.The good news is that at least they’re using a modern video format. CreampieCathy.com is now releasing movies in beautiful, realistic 4k ultra-HD. A lot of the big premium sites are still in the process of upgrading from 1080p, so I’ve got to give it to Cathy for staying on top of technology, at least where it really matters.The movies are direct links, so they’ll either open in your browser or you can right-click to save them. Downloads are included at no extra cost, another throwback that I can appreciate.Freaky Girls Doing Freaky Group-Sex ThingsThe scene opens with Creampie Cathy playfully jumping on a couple of hotel beds pushed together. She makes some banter with the buff black gentlemen around her, and then starts making out with this cute Ukrainian babe named Fallon. The room full of dudes surround the pair, all of them already fluffing themselves up by the time the tits come out at the one-minute mark.I love how they don’t waste any fucking time. There are 2 women, 6 dudes, and barely over half an hour to work with, so I understand the urgency. By the two-minute mark, each woman has a dick in her mouth and more in her hands. By the three-minute mark, Fallon is riding a guy’s face while sucking off another dude.I’m a little bit enthralled with this Fallon chick. She’s pretty, she’s eager, and she’s talented as hell. She’s an amateur in the sense that I’ve never seen or fapped to her before, but I don’t think this is her first time satisfying multiple guys. She appears to be completely in her element, having fun and not overwhelmed at all by the absolute onslaught of cock. Just look at her smile as one guy hammers her twat and two others stick their junk in her face.Maybe she learned it from a mentor. Cathy is one of the horniest old ladies I’ve seen in pornos recently. The camera mostly focuses on the younger Euro chick, but every time we see Cathy, she’s rolling in the attention and the big ol’ dicks. That’s the attitude that has helped this site survive so long.It says right out front that Creampie Cathy insists all cum-loads be deposited vaginally. I know it kind of gives away the ending, but it’s also a major part of the appeal. Fallon’s 1st Creampie GB – p1 lived up to the high expectations set from the jump.CreampieCathy.com has been around for so long because they offer a genuine amateur look into the life of a true nymphomaniac and her friends. Cathy’s a cum-loving slut, through-and-through, and doesn’t seem to have lost any of the enthusiasm she began the site with. The smut is raw and sexy, the updates are frequent, and they stack the membership with a fucking ton of bonus material. Fans of depraved, DIY breeding flicks are going to love this.