Teen Pies! What’s so fucking hot about a creampie? It’s kind of weird if you think about it too hard, because that’s another dude’s sperm enhancing the appearance of a beautiful twat. It is how your life started, though, which makes me wonder how many of those Teen Pies on the website result in pregnancy. These bitches are absolutely ripe and fertile!TeenPies.com calls itself “The Official Teen Creampie Site”. I kind of take offense with the “official” part, because it implies all my own personal conquests don’t count. Then again, maybe they’re claiming that status on account of their popularity. The TeenPies domain gets a few thousand visits every day, and that’s not counting all the dessert lovers getting their fill straight from the TeamSkeet website.Teen Creampie Movies From Team SkeetIf you’re a frequent masturbator, your ears perked up, and your dick wiggled a little when I mentioned Team Skeet. The network has been putting out hardcore smut for over a decade now, and have become one of the biggest, most well-known smut operations out there. Even if you’ve never signed up for one of their sites, you’ve definitely cranked out plenty of loads to their movies on the free tubes.These guys always seem to find the hottest young sluts to star in their movies. I see a lot of the freshest faces in the porn business at TeenPies, pornstars who are just starting and those just starting to blow up. Some of my favorite faps of the year are here. Out front, I see teen video whores like Alex Coal, Kenzie Madison, and Liv Wild.Fresh faces are one thing, but you came for the cooters, huh? Specifically, you came to see them jizzed in. I feel you. I watch a ton of porno, as you may know, and I always wish I’d see more creampies. Usually, when I’m hoping a dude squirts his load up in some hot slut’s guts, he pops it on her face. That’s great and all, but I’m glad sites like TeenPies.com roll creampies into their entire premise. Every movie ends with a bang and a drip.TeamSkeet is pretty good about the free previews, so you can watch some video trailers out front. They’re only about a minute each but gives a solid peek. I wasn’t even through the full trailer for Teen Pinball Wizard Hits The Creampie Jacket before I knew I had to get in for a real look at Teen Pies. Scarlett Mae is cute as fuck, and those little shorts are such a tease. Of course, I’m also naturally attracted to any teen beauty willing to stroke off a guy in the middle of a pinball game.How Many TeenPies Are You Looking to Buy?Show me a beautiful girl getting banged on a pinball game, and I’ll let you show me the sign-up page. The price is nothing noteworthy, just the regular thirty smackeroos every porn site is asking for a monthly membership. They call it a quarantine special, but the prices look pretty standard to me.Do you know what’s not pretty standard? The sheer volume of porn you’re actually getting with the membership. Remember, this is a Team Skeet site. You get access to 28 premium sites, almost 3,000 updates, and over 1,300 amateur girls. Even if they had mediocre porn, that’s some value shopper shit right there. If they sold porno at Costco, it’d probably come in quantities like this.TeamSkeet ain’t known for mediocre porn. If that ain’t apparent from the TeenPies.com tour page, it certainly will be once you get logged in and scooted to the member’s page. By default, you’ll see all the latest updates from across the network. Even in the days of the COVID-19 lockdown, the network updates multiple times per day.The actual Teen Pies release schedule is a little more modest. The updates are staggered a bit, with a new one landing about once every two weeks. I’d say this fucking sucks, but the network updates even it out. If it’s mainly creampies that do it for you, have no fear, as there are more than 400 movies with the tag available on the network.TeenPies is one of the more popular series on TeamSkeet, ranking 5th among their dozens of offerings. While the update schedule ain’t the greatest, they’ve been at this for a long time. To date, the collection has over 150 exclusive, full-length teen creampie movies.Watch the Best Bad Girls in the BizThe newest Teen Pies movie is a little something called Being Bad Feels Good, which is a sentiment I can agree with. Earlier today, I cut one of those do-not-remove labels off my mattress, ran with the scissors, and then masturbated into my neighbor’s geraniums. I probably should have done all that shit in my teenage rebellion years, because I had to spend the next half hour hiding from the cops. Thankfully, the video of Dana Wolf’s teenage rebellion is a cool 35 minutes, and the dumpster needed a new coat of semen, anyway.Dana is slipping into some black lingerie in an all-white bathroom as the movie opens. We hear her in a voiceover as she does her makeup, talking about how she didn’t want to betray her sister, but she also wants to fuck her boyfriend. Dana tells him sissy is cheating and then starts sucking his dick a couple of minutes later.She may be young, but this girl has clearly had some experience with a dick in her mouth. She expertly works the shaft with her hand while she bobs her head deep on that motherfucker. It looks clear and streams great at 1080p HD, though I’m surprised and a little disappointed they haven’t upgraded to 4k yet. I’m sure it’s coming, but I expect a company as big as TeemSkeet to be ahead of the curve on things like this.I like Dana’s face better when there’s a dick in her cunt instead. Her open-mouthed awe at the hammering she’s taking, combined with the eye contact, eye-rolling, and the really loud noises, is the stuff wet dreams are made of. Of course, she’s got the body to match that pretty face, and not a single qualm about showing it all off. She’s confident as hell in front of the camera, and genuinely seems to forget it’s there sometimes as she gets lost in the fucking.Dana has thighs that look like they were made for grabbing during a hard doggystyle bang. That’s not to dismiss how well she does missionary, and that cowgirl ride is what finally does out hero in. The smile on her face as he pulls out and she dribbles cum is absolutely beatific.Kinky Teen Pregnancy Plots, TooThere are plenty of porn sites out there that are content to show you hot bitches pumped with cum, minus any kind of plot or setup. Not only does TeenPies give you a little story, but they’re also fucking kinky! It’s amazing how a little roleplaying can liven up the already-sexy action.The Pregnant Teen Pussy Plot is about a teen determined to get pregnant and trap the rich guy she’s banging. Creampie Eviction Intercourse revolves around an innocent-looking nympho who figures out how to get free rent forever, and yes, it involves getting knocked up. There’s also the cosplay creampie romp, Dragon Ball Cock, that’ll get all you neckbeards and weeaboos worked up into a masturbatory frenzy.TeamSkeet excels at almost every step of porn production, and they’ve brought that high level of quality control to Teen Pies. The girls are stunning, the sets and camerawork expensive, and the overall production values really fucking high. They’re also pretty good at packaging that product, which is why the network has such killer collections with different pornographic themes. You see that here with the all-teen, all-creampie theme, wrapped up with freaky breeding scenarios.It says a lot about a site when my biggest complaint is that they don’t have 4K Ultra-HD. If they were a lesser site, I wouldn’t even mention it, but you do expect a higher level of quality with such an established operation. It’s just a matter of time, though.TeenPies.com is an easy recommendation for any porno fan who loves teens and creampies. The smut is great and comes as part of a killer package deal on the TeamSkeet network. If you’ve been looking for a way to burn all that time on lockdown, you’d better stock up on lotion.