O Creampies! As a fan of Japanese girls, hardcore pornography, and dripping creampies, I’m often pretty goddamn frustrated with the censorship you find in Japanese porno. The country pioneered such kinky shit as bukkake and butthole-eels, yet they frown upon explicit depictions of wee-wees. Well, I’ve got some great news for my fellow sufferers of yellow fever: OCreampies has those cum-pumped pussies you’re after, unobscured and uncensored.Ocreampies.com was registered in 2007, but their pedigree stretches back further than that. Digging through their archives, it says their first oriental breeding movie was added in 1993. I’m not sure exactly how true that is, but it’s pretty obvious they’ve been building this collection for quite some time. According to the digits out front, they’ve currently got nearly 1300 authentic creampie porn videos from Japan.Uncensored Creampie JAV? For Real?If you jerk off to a lot of JAV (Japanese Adult Video), you’re already well aware of the censorship problem. What you might not know is that nobody really knows what the law says about the issue. Seriously. It’s all based around a vague criminal code over a hundred years old. American pornographers would be quick to test the limits of those laws, but that just ain’t the kind of thing they do in the Land of the Rising Sun. Very few have been willing to test the waters.OCreampies.com has the fucking hookup, though. I’m not sure which Asian smut peddlers they’re working with, but this is fully legit JAV with the cum-dripping pussies and assholes uncovered for your enjoyment. One look at the screengrabs will tell you JAV fans all you need to know.The tour page is a smorgasbord of cumshots dripping out of AV idols and Japanese pornstars like Megu Hayasaka, Nene Fujimori, and Konomoi Sakura. In typical JAV style, there are a lot of hairy muffs, though I see a fair number of shaved broads with baby juice in their baby-makers. The creampies ain’t only vaginal here, as a couple of front-page hotties are spilling cum from their assholes.One weird quirk about Japanese censorship is that buttholes are fine on camera until the moment they’re penetrated, at which point they’re usually censored. Not so with OCreampies! There’s a shot of Mei Amasaki with her skinny body folded almost in half while she gets a dick plowed up her ass.I’m still confused by the prevalence of DVDs in the Japanese porn scene. The country is ahead of the world technologically in almost every respect, but they’re still fapping to your grandpa’s format. Whatever, though, because at OCreampies.com, you can reap the benefits without having a stack of plastic next to your Xbox. To date, they’ve got around 6,000 full JAV cream pie DVDs available for your masturbatory entertainment.Tons of Included JAV SitesMy dick was all hard and drippy from the tour, but I held my breath as I clicked through to the sign-up page. Japanese Adult Video tends to cost a little more than your typical premium porn membership. I’m sad to report that’s the case here, with a standard membership running $40 a month. The 3-day trial renews at an ass-raping fifty bones a month, so don’t forget to cancel! Cheaper rates are available if you can afford to spring for a 3- or 12-month subscription.I can’t say I’m surprised at all by the high price. If JAV, in general, is pricey, the uncensored stuff is going to cost more. What’s going to even that price out for a lot of you is how big the actual package is. Your membership to OCreampies comes with network access to more than 20 premium porn sites.It looks like the network updates so fast they have trouble keeping their promotional material up-to-date. In some places, it says you get 21, 22, or 24 sites. The total videos are listed as 13k or 20k, which jives with the other rapid-growth numbers. It looks like they’re buying whole JAV sites fairly regularly and adding them to the bundle.However you want to divvy up that stash, it adds up to an incredible amount of Japanese Adult Video. I don’t want to get too deep into it, but the package includes themed JAV sites like Anal Nippon, Big Tits Toyko, Bukkake Now, and OfficeSexJP. You’re going to be really grateful for all that quarantine alone-time.Smooth-Streaming Japanese PornoI got signed up, logged in, and back to the creampie menu at OCreampies. The member’s page is the same as the tour page, only now I’ve got access. Where should I start? There’s a new 50-minute movie of teenage whore Atomi Shuri getting fucked in POV, and a much shorter scene of bubble butt diva Hikari getting her twat buzzed with a vibrator while jizz leaks out of her twat.Ocreampies.com is a JAV site, though, so why not go for something a little weird? They’ve got those Japanese smut categories you know and love like schoolgirls and race queens, but I can’t help noticing the title of a scene halfway down the page: Beautiful Japanese Lady Yui Hatano Loves Food Insertion and Hot Fucking-Japanese Creampies.I don’t have any buffering issues streaming the flick in HD, though it is the JAV version of “HD”. You weeaboos know what I’m talking about, and it’s related directly to the Japanese love for the outdated DVD format. It just doesn’t have the crisp clarity of the 4K movies Western sites are putting out. Still, you can see all the taste buds on Yui’s tongue as the camera pulls in for a close shot of her pretty face as she kisses the cameraman.A lot of JAV movies feature a really submissive girl who just does what she’s told the whole time. Yui is horny, fun, and playful, and even though I don’t speak Japanese, I can tell she’s the instigator in this scene. The cameraman feigns reluctance, “pushing” her away with the strength of a cripple and completely failing at preventing her from getting another taste.Surprise Censorship and Downloads IncludedI skipped ahead a few minutes. Yui fondled this dude through his underwear before whipping his dick out. I was shocked by what he had packing under there. It was a small blur of flesh-colored Tetris blocks. Fuck! I guess I should have picked a thumbnail that showed an uncensored creampie, because this fucking movie is censored!I went back to the main OCreampies member’s page and clicked a sperm-dripping snatch belonging to cute Asian teen Airi Momose. This chick is cute as hell, but I wasn’t going to take any chances. I immediately skipped ahead a few minutes to make sure this wasn’t more bait-and-switch bullshit. I regained my former hardness and then some when I saw her on her back, legs over her head, and the cameraman’s finger poking deep inside her tight twat.The promo text out front is misleading. Since they weren’t entirely upfront about the censorship situation, I was worried they might be lying about the creampies, too. Fortunately, the scene ends with Airi full of cum. I liked it enough to save it for fapping later. OCreampies includes downloads with the membership price, which they fucking better because this shit is expensive.In case you can’t tell, I’m pretty fucking annoyed by that surprise censorship. I expected to see a bunch of fucked-up pixels on the other included network sites, because the phenomenon is standard in JAV. The thing is, the landing page stacks a bunch of uncensored stuff at the top of the screen, strongly implying that all or most of the collection shows poon.I know it’s not going to be a dealbreaker for most of you. Really, what’s the alternative? Maybe you can only get uncensored JAV in a package full of defanged porno. The package here is, admittedly, really fucking extensive. I just wish they had an Uncensored tag to find the best stuff fast, but that would probably give away how small that unpixellated collection really is.OCreampies.com isn’t entirely uncensored, but they do have a fair number of Japanese Adult Videos where you can see hot AV idols and pornstars getting pumped full of jizz. It comes as part of a truly extensive JAV network, making it an attractive package deal for anybody who loves Asian women and Eastern smut.