Full Scat Movies

Let’s be real: Full Scat Movies ain’t exactly for everybody. Hell, it’s such a deep niche fetish that most of the big free porn tubes out there won’t even allow the stuff on their platforms. You can watch a teenage girl getting jizzed on by a couple of dozen old perverts, but God forbid you want to see a girl poop on another girl’s face and smear it around with her titties. Honestly, shit ain’t my shit either, but your ol’ friend ThePornDude certainly ain’t here to kinky shame. Nah, you know I always come through with exactly the smut you’re looking for, no matter how much of a sexual deviate you are.Which is why I’m talking about FullScatMovies.club today. The joint’s got one of those no-bullshit names that tells you right away what you’re getting. (Ironically, no bullshit, in this case, means lots of human shit.) This free tube is devoted entirely to filthy, greasy, grimey poop movies. The site sprung up at the beginning of the year and has steadily been building up a following. A few hundred thousand doo-doo handed masturbators were lubing up with turds and fapping to the site last month, making it one of the most popular coprophile porn sites on the Internet. Let’s see what all those Nutella fans are getting so excited about.G.G. Allin Would Be ProudYou know right from the jump that FullScatMovies ain’t your typical free tube. I mean, it’s right there in the name, but it wouldn’t be much of a mystery even if you were completely illiterate. Hell, I’m absolutely 100% sure there are poo porn perverts beating off to this across the world, even if they don’t speak a lick of English. You don’t need to understand the words on the screen to know what’s going on in the thumbnails. To be entirely honest, I can practically smell it, though I am writing this one from the Starbucks restroom. I just couldn’t handle the dirty looks anymore.Oh, but speaking of dirty looks, you ever see a pretty girl with caca smeared all over her beatific face? There’s a goth cutie out front sucking on a dick with shit all over her cheeks. I don’t think that’s pudding lubing up the rod, either. There are kinky girls ruining the bed, toilet shots of turds running straight from the colonic tap, and lesbians smiling pretty as they defecate in public parks. One dude is getting his poo-covered ass fisted by a dominatrix, a couple of ebony babes lick the crap off each other’s feet, and there’s a Japanese chick taking a dump right on some dude’s face. Is he a hero or a victim? It’s all a matter of perspective!My point is, FullScatMovies has a nice range of scat flicks. Some of these poop sites have a specific format they tend to stick to, like pants pooping or voyeuristic restroom cams, but the Full Scat Movies here cover all their brown and stinky bases. There’s even some pee on the menu to wash down all that corn-peppered dookie butter.If you check out the FullScatMovies.club Categories page, you’ll find a rich selection of rich, chocolatey subgenres of scat porn. They’ve Anal Sex and Asians, BBW and Big Turds. Watch some Blow Job scat, masturbate to Body Shit movies, or get your fill of Diaper movies while filling up your own. There’s Face Shitting and Farts, JAV Scat Movies, Pooping Feet and Prolapse. You can also double up your fetishism with Pregnancy, Shemale, Slave and Torture poo films. If you need a change of pace from the brown-ass babies, check out their Vomit and Piss areas.What a Bunch of Fucking Shit!I think one of the immediate draws of FullScatMovies.club, besides the wide range of coprophilia porn, is just the sheer volume of flicks available. Niche fetish sites are often tiny, which is just a natural result of the content’s rarity. These guys haven’t been around all that long, but goddamn, the collection is pretty impressive already. To date, they’ve got around 1300 Full Scat Movies ready to stream to your heart’s content and your wife’s chagrin.It ain’t just streaming, either. There’s even a Download button beneath many of the videos, so you can save some for later. These types of sites sometimes disappear without warning due to complications and beefs with the search engines, hosting services and local authorities in places where eating shit sandwiches is frowned upon, so it may be a good idea to stock up. Either way, downloads have been disappearing from a lot of sites lately, so I’m always happy to see the feature available.There are a couple of small downsides to the download setup, but nothing that’s going to be a dealbreaker. For one thing, they’re hosted on file locker services like Rapid Gator, which means the cheapskates are going to face slow download speeds and limited downloads per day. The other issue is that, for whatever reason, not all of the flicks are downloadable.Another thing that caught my eye is that most of the recent uploads are in HD. That’s usually not a big deal on your random vanilla-free tube, but you freaky fetish folks already know how common it is to settle for whatever you can find when it comes to the filthy stuff. These guys could definitely skimp on the bandwidth by serving up low-quality FullScatMovies, so I appreciate that they’ve gone all out with the HD. Now you can watch those glistening logs squish out of wrinkly buttholes in resolution so high you can make out every crinkle, crap and crusty bit.Masturbating to Shit Flicks on the ToiletI never know where to start watching movies when I’m reviewing porn sites. It’s often just because of the sheer variety, or the sheer number of sexy broads I’d love to beat off to. It’s a little different at FullScatMovies.club, because honestly, I’ve never really been part of the club. Sure, I’ll hang around outside while you guys go inside and shake your dicks around, but scat has always been a really fucking difficult fap for me.When in Rome, though, right? The coffee was really kicking in, my stomach roiling and my bowels moving as I perched on the edge of a public restroom toilet with my phone in my hand and FullScatMovies on the screen. I figured, let’s start with the first video on the front page: Sexy Goddess Enjoys Smelling Shit With Sexcsugarr Hot Porn. A catchy title, for sure, but would it get me off or just make me a little nauseous?I clicked the Play button and the movie started immediately with no apparent buffering, playing in legitimate HD. I really expected some load times and a few pop-ups slipping past my plugin, but it’s a clean and efficient delivery. I can’t say the movie was all that clean, though.The eight-minute shit flick opens with a black-haired babe in a pink bra and panties on the floor of her bedroom. She slips off the undies and aims her bunghole at the camera, which captures that brown rose puckering a bit before a little crap monster pokes his head out. She pulls it back in a few times, teasing the scat fans, and then turns around, squats, and fingers her clit for the camera.It’s during the masturbation scene that the shit finally starts falling out of her asshole. She spins around again to give us another view of her beautiful holes as one continues to drop turds. When she’s got a good pile, she kneels close and takes a big whiff. Meanwhile, my own diarrhea is flowing hard, enhancing the film by filling my nostrils with the fragrant aroma of ripe fecal matter. I sprayed another load into the pot as the girl picked up a handful of greenish-brown paste and held it close to her face.It goes without saying that not everybody is going to be able to jack off to this. If you are into scat, though, it’s really fucking easy to see how this site has been building up so much stinky steam lately. Not only is the collection deep and wide-ranging, encompassing thousands of Full Scat Movies in a bunch of shitty subgenres, but the delivery is remarkably efficient for a deep niche fetish site. FullScatMovies.club doesn’t have any of the issues I associate with the extra-kinky sex sites out there, like low resolution, obnoxious buffering or malicious spam. If you like jacking off while taking a dump, I think you’re going to love this one.