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EroProfile Scat, baby! Pornography comes in many forms today; thanks to the perpetual progression of technology and society over the last century, porn has evolved and took on many different forms, which are all enjoyed by horny, lonely fans from all over the world. Historically, pornography has mostly been erotic literature, which evolved into those infamous ‘peep shows’ that became popular during the 1900s. Afterwards, as society became more and more consumerist and demanding in nature, porn started appearing in the form of ‘nudie mags’, which were scattered throughout developed countries where grown and adolescent men would jerk off to them in secret.Then by the 70s, VHS porno tapes were the new big hit – this was a revolutionary advancement in the world of pornography, because it created a whole new market which swept over the globe like a virus. People everywhere were jerking off to 70s pornstars going at it, complete with super funky soundtracks and plenty of bushy pubes.These porn cassettes would be the most popular form of pornography until the internet era came along, which made it easier than ever to consume pornography – this socio-technological advancement caused a massive change within the porno industry, and would be the catalyst for the birth of scat porn, one of the most infamous and prolific categories of pornography there is…. Scat porn.Plenty of Scat Porn to Go AroundAs I was saying, the internet facilitated porn consumption, which made a rapid increase in demand for pornography that in turn caused the industry to come up with new genres and ways of producing pornography. The late 90s internet scene was scattered with pornography which eventually kept growing until it became a billion dollar+ market that housed a plethora of different kinds of porn.Hentai, live cams, BDSM, foot fetish, XXX games, VR porn and all sorts of never-before-seen fetishes and other by-products of the pornography industry popped up and claimed their own piece of porno real estate, however there’s one genre among them that is definitely as bizarre as it gets, and it’s called scat porn. Scat porn isn’t exactly easy to find even on today’s internet, but there are a few domains that are dedicated to it, and a lot of websites feature their own category of it: One such website is, and it has a literal shitload of scat pornography being consumed by fans from all over the world on a daily basis.Enough Enema Content to Last you a LifetimeI’m sure that there are plenty of people in the world who live fulfilling lives and are able to balance their work, social and family life perfectly but still yearn some unattainable excitement in their life which can only be momentarily sated with a good dose of enema videos. You’ll probably never guess which of your family members, friends or co-workers are into this kind of shit, but there’s a high chance that at least one of the people in your social or professional circles watches this stuff at 3 AM with his wiener out.The chances are probably higher if you live in Germany, Japan or Brazil, countries that for some reason have a significantly higher number of scat porn-lovers than the rest of the world. With that being said, the aptly-named ‘Scat’ section here on Ero Profile is vast, and it has a lot of enema videos. So if you’re one of those rare, gifted, special upstanding citizens of society who loves seeing fluids inserted into people’s anuses so much that you’re willing to jerk off to it, then you ought to check out this dark little corner of the internet.Golden Showers GaloreUrinating is a function of the body that excretes all fluids which have been recently consumed. When God created humans, he probably didn’t want them to experience sexual satisfaction from the sight of piss, and he sure as hell didn’t want humans to create their own electricity-dependent world-wide network tied to machines with display screens where they could store thousands of videos featuring piss used in a sexual manner so that they can, in turn, masturbate to those same videos. But he did and we’re here now, so let’s try to make the best of it.There’s a LOT of pissing videos on EroProfile’s scat section; people pissing on other people, people pissing on themselves, people inserting piss into their cavities, people drinking piss and people playing in piss can all be seen on the scat category, so if you’re a fan of golden showers you now know exactly where to go if you want to see a whole library’s worth of that kind of stuff.Aroused by Farting?Farting is one part of the holy trinity of themes that make up scat porn alongside shitting and pissing. Believe it or not, there are many people in the world who are aroused by farting, so much so that they’ve caused a substantial demand in this kind of porn to the point that the amateur and semi-professional content creators of the porno industry has decided to oblige them by putting out a treasury’s worth of farting porn.You’d be surprised by how many fart videos there are on the scat category of EroProfile – from girls farting on webcams to farting on boy’s faces, and even whole groups of people farting on a single person’s face while one of them gives that person head. You may find farting to be an amusing thing and laugh when you hear one, but in the XXX industry it’s a serious niche that rakes in views, and with views comes plenty of $$$.Femdom and HumiliationA lot of the videos on this category contain piss, shit and farts either by themselves or all mixed together in one big shitty fuck-fest. With that being said, a lot of the content does get pretty dirty, but there’s another element to this extremely fucked up and bizarre category that I feel is undermined, and that’s femdom and humiliation.There’s a good selection of videos on here that feature some pretty brutal psychologically-scarring humiliation being performed on guys and girls which I’m sure some of you who have some fucked up childhood trauma would appreciate. If you’re someone who likes seeing girls getting pissed on while being cursed at, then this shit is right up your alley. There’s also plenty of dominant mistresses shitting in their slaves’ mouths on here too, because you can’t have the whole spectrum of bizarre and fucked up pornography in one place without including a little femdom.Mix and Match with Other CategoriesThis website doesn’t just have scat content and nothing else on it – it’s a prestigious home to all kinds of bizarre and outright fucked up XXX content that draws in respected members of society from all over the world. You can mix and match your scat content on here with plenty of other categories which are features on this site’s content, or as the site likes to call them, ‘niches’.For example, say you wanna watch some scat porn with some shit involved, but you’re also turned on by dicks – you can select ‘Scat’ alongside ‘Gay’ (or if you’re brave, there’s also ‘Gay bizarre / Gay extreme’), and you can jerk away to some gay guys shitting on themselves.There are 36 categories in total, including the always popular ones like ‘Big tits’, ‘Amateurs’, ‘Teens’, ‘Lesbian’, ‘Lingerie, as well as the more out-there stuff that this site is more well-known for like ‘Fetish / Kinky’, ‘Pregnant’, ‘Dogging’, ‘BDSM’, and so on. There’s essentially no limit to the amount of ways you can mix and match your categories on this site, however you might not always be pleased with the result because some theme-specific content is pretty limited.Sick of Videos?Last but not least, if you’re tired of watching videos of people defecating all over each other then you could always hop on to the photos section which has its very own domain of scat content that’s sure to please if you’re a fan. If you’re someone who has enough imagination to actually jerk off to pictures instead of a full-blown video then I say you’ll fit right in here.