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This Vid Scat is all about the freedom to explore fetishes your nasty perverted mind takes you to, even if that means landing on some pretty weird, repulsive, and even immoral destinations. The scat section of the site is not a place for ‘normal’ folks, leave alone the faint-hearted. Now, if you’ve just had lunch, you will have to excuse me as I explain to you what scat porn is all about as you might suffer from an ill stomach. I can handle the dirtiest shit, and although I’d never touch scat porn with a ten-foot pole, I have nothing but respect for folks with tastes twisted enough to get off this kind of porn.So what the fuck is scat porn? The urban dictionary defines it as an acronym for Special Combat Assault Team, which I find pretty hilarious. Well, the only attack happening in scat porn is from the ass into another person’s mouth. Still not getting it? It is poop-focused porn; messy as fuck but hot for those who draw their masturbatory inspiration from watching grownups playing with piss and shit (literally).You should know that has loads of porn covering other niches that you should check if the thought of seeing grownups with faces smeared with shit makes you want to throw up. But if you are down for watching crazy ass people engage in not so pleasant shit-filled activities, then continue reading for a full review.A stunning neat design for startersYou expected the entire layout to look like a bunch of poop smeared across the whole screen, didn’t you? For a site that’s literally about feces and girls, it features a surprisingly neat and dirty outlook. ThisVid is one of the rare websites with a massive collection of upload scat content but still puts in the effort to neatly organize it all. The design is quite aesthetic, but the designers clearly put in the works, and you will be able to find your favorite filthy flicks with ease. The black background is also perfect for hiding your perverted tastes from your hawk-eyed mother.The site has the usual menu that should help you find all the good stuff (by which I mean poop videos). Right below the page is a browsing menu that shows there are 4267 pages to browse, all stacking over 153,612 pretty filthy videos. You will see some interesting and other disturbing stuff, but that is clearly what you expected so, no surprises there.Think of Jap poop, horrible diarrhea videos, Chinese face sitting, dirty anal cam girls shitting on their hands and smearing their bodies with that shit and more. The site starts by presenting you the most recent videos with the number of views, rating, time of upload, length, and quality (some flicks have an HD icon) all visible.There is a search feature at the top-right if you have a specific way you want your poop videos served. On the right is a list of categories you can focus on the fetishes that are particularly appealing to you. They include blowjobs, creampies through to interracial and mature scat play, and the variety of content is sure to please all of you knobs.Strictly user uploaded filthAs you will immediately find out once you hit the scat section of, most of these videos, if not all of them, are user uploaded. As far as I can tell, all the videos involving the shit fetish were homemade. It is proof that we are living among pretty fucked up individuals. If you are one of them, the good news is you can also upload your personal collection of shit videos, although that will require you to be a registered user. But luckily, the sign-up process is easy and speedy and is something you should look forward to doing if you want to share your depraved side with the rest of the community.Registering as a member allows you to chat with the members and check out what filth they’ve shared, and it’s an excellent opportunity to interact with equally perverted people. It could also be your opportunity to meet and fuck if you are savvy enough. You know what to do if you are interested.Lots of kinky scat porn videosLike earlier mentioned, the site has over 153,612 filled with grownups that love spreading their love for shit in different ways. That’s what the fuck you came here for, right? I saw loads of videos where solo whores shit in their pants and smear poop all over their bodies as they masturbate. Or what about sluts ass riding their favorite dildos such that it comes out brown (for obvious reasons), domination videos, amateur couples shitting on each other’s mouths, golden showers, and much more.Quite clearly, scat porn is not everyone’s cup of coffee, but those who get off this filth have found their haven. The place is teeming with men and women who love showing off their poop, playing with it, smearing it on their bodies, or just shitting while masturbating at the same time. Fuck it; some will not even hesitate to have a taste of their own crap! There is a mixture of just about everything, and anyone who is into scat porn will surely find something to float their boat.Don’t even get me started on those videos where girls are tied up and forced to eat their own crap. Now that’s some mean shit if you ask me. The average person might find it hard to understand what’s really going on, but some of us can figure things out. Don’t worry; no one is about to shame you for your tastes.Plenty of other areas to explore as has lots of different areas to enrich your erotic experience if the scat videos are a tad too repetitive for you. You may start by exploring the ‘playlist’ section where real fun awaits. Like you will find out, all the vids on the playlists are played out in public. If you are looking for a playlist about throat fucking, you will find it here. Maybe you prefer public scat and walking around on the beach while taking a poop? ThisVid has your freaky ass covered.In addition, there are a ‘photos’ tabs filled with galleries that are all about- you guessed it; scat, vomit, piss, and all that filthy stuff. Fuck it; you will even see insertions. You can sort the galleries by "Most recent," "Top-Rated" and the "Most Viewed." These are just some of the twisted fantasies you will find, and with so many naughty fetishes out there, who knows what kind of nasty stuff you will come across?Admirable FeaturesNeatly organized content; the site features a crisp design focused on smooth navigation, and the material is so well organized; it puts other scat sites to shame.There are plenty of fresh videos; scat porn is one of the porn sub-genres that really lacks new content with many sites struggling with the demand for fresh, filthy videos. Not ThisVid, though, which uploads multiple scenes on a daily basis.A wide variety of videos; the scenes may be all about piss and shit, but they all provide a different experience, especially when there are categories and fetishes to pick from.Plenty of HD scenes; not only does the site offer a decent amount of content for lovers of this sub-genre, but the videos are also available in satisfactory quality with a good bulk available in HD.Indmirable featuresNo downloads; the videos are only available for streaming, which is terrible news for porn hunters looking to add on to their stash.Some videos have poor quality; this is probably from the fact that the content is mainly homemade and user uploaded, but you won’t appreciate some of the flicks that come in absolutely mediocre quality.What I think should be doneI’d love to see longer scenes as most of the scenes I saw were too short (some running below 3 minutes). Additionally, the site should add more browsing options, for instance, allowing the users to sort the content by length, quality, and such.Bottom lineIf you are looking for perverted magic courtesy of kinky scat porn, ThisVid/Scat (often misspelled as "thisvids") should prove a perfect destination. The site is one of the best in availing thousands of videos covering some pretty twisted fetishes, all available for free streaming at decent qualities. With a fresh amount of content uploaded daily, I don’t see why you shouldn’t find your visit to this site a hugely satisfying experience — the easiest way to get your hands on the hottest, filthiest poop porn.