Motherless Scat

It’s time to go to the land of chocolate fountains and golden showers. That’s right. Scat, piss, shit, and every fluid in between. Ever fuck a chick in her ass and freak out when you see that little bit of shit on your dick? Then I’m sorry to say that scat isn’t for you buddy. Were you the only one of your friends that saw two girls one cup and didn’t get grossed out? If so, it’s time to celebrate it! Don’t get pissed off, get pissed on! Scat porn has the craziest, kinkiest chicks and dudes letting loose their bowels and bladders for your sick pleasure.But isn’t that disgusting, messy, and all kinds of weird? Hell yeah, it is, but who cares? Get disgusting, get messy, and get weird. So many dudes go crazy over a girl squirting, but you and I both know that’s just piss. Drink it, eat, smear it around, whatever gets your rocks off. And if it’s not for you, then you don’t have to stay around, but don’t judge us who do! Cum and spit are fine, but a little piss or shit and people will riot. So, don’t be a prude, my dude. There’s no judgment here!You all know motherless.com. It’s one of the best and biggest porn sites for amateur porn in the world. It brings in over 1.5 million unique visitors every day. Those statistics are fucking insane. Do you know how many people 1.5 million is? That’s almost double the entire population of South Dakota. And Motherless.com shows no signs of slowing down either with a steady climb in users, content, and views every month. With content mainly driven by amateur user uploads, there’s an almost infinite potential to keep going.But you’re not just here for the big picture. You want all the nasty, gritty details about their scat page. Well, let me tell you, Motherless does not disappoint. Do you want scat? You’ve got it with nearly 12,000 videos and more being uploaded every single day. I doubt you could even take 12,000 shits in your whole goddam lifetime. And this is the good shit, too. Fresh, new, amateur chicks pissing, shitting, and cuming to their hearts content. And Motherless brings its own unique style to the porn scene with all of their videos being shot and produced by amateur people and studios. This isn’t your usual fake, high budget porn. This is real, and this is really dirty.Community Boards for All Things ScatAnd you know what? You don’t have to experience it alone. There are chat boards, classifieds, and meetups you can take part in all on the Motherless site. No more dangerous Craigslist hookups or awkward Tinder fucks. You can find people with the same twisted minds as you with just a few clicks. It’s time to make those hot, sticky brown fantasies come to life.These boards are far from inactive. There are over 600 pages of posts for scat alone! Over 2000 if you lessen your search to “piss.” That’s a lot of freaky people to share your experiences with. You can even upload pics of yourself getting dirty for other people to comment on. I’m sure you attention whores, and regular whores, out there will have fun with that. If you don’t want to share pictures, then you can just post text stories for others to reply to and read. It’s actually a really well put together message board and community forum.Let’s Get Down and DirtyThese videos are straight to the point. There’s no fucking around with videos the length of a feature film here with dolled up titles. You’ve got gems like “delicious shit smearing,” “triple anal fist,” and “dirty, dirty, dirty.” You know what you’re getting into because each video has an animated thumbnail, so you can see, or never unsee, just how nasty things are going to get. Under the thumbnail, there are video details you that help you find the perfect one. It lists the video length, date uploaded, the user who uploaded, and the number of views. And if you’re feeling particularly daring, you can hit the random image/video button and see where fate takes you.If you know what you want, then it is super easy to narrow your searches down. Do you want wet, messy shit? No problem, there are hundreds of videos. Want Asian sluts pissing their pants? Same thing. The search function is lightning fast and accurate.My first impression of the scat section of Motherless is that it’s a solid, well-organized collection. The black and red design works well and makes it easy on the eyes. You can sort videos by length and by how recently they were uploaded. But the options don’t end there! There is a bar up top that lets you sort by videos, images, galleries, board posts, group posts, and stuff on the cloud. That’s a lot of shit if you catch my drift.No Intrusive Ads, Optional Paid Membership, and a Solid Mobile ExperienceI have to give Motherless major props for having a porn site, especially one with scat, that isn’t littered with weird ass ads. There’s barely any! No pop-ups or banner ads on the main pages. I only saw ads on the side of the videos or at the bottom of the page. Not intrusive at all.And if those few ads bother you too much then you can go for the premium membership for around 10 bucks a month. That membership gets rid of ads, gives you priority uploads, makes the site faster, and gives you access to subscriber only videos. It’s not that bad of a deal if you’re the kind of person who pays for your porn. Even without the membership, they have tons of free content. They also have their own currency that you can buy and use on the site to tip other community members for doing kinky shit for you, buy a premium membership for yourself, trade in for cash, or show your appreciation to your favorite content creator on the site.The site kills it on mobile. Sleek design, easy to navigate, and minimal ad clutter. Any ads that came up were easy enough to click away. No trickery here. The videos load just as quickly as they do in the browser, and I didn’t have any problems with the video player, community board, or search feature. Everything is tucked into sidebars that go away once you’ve found where you want to go. The mobile site has the same black and red design, so there’s no blinding yourself when you pull up your favorite scat vids.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature for the scat and piss section was being able to easily filter out content that I didn’t want to see. If I want to see “college girls pissing” then I narrow that down to videos, pictures, boards, or groups with just a couple clicks. It makes it much easier to search through and find exactly what you’re looking for. I also like the fact that each video has an animated thumbnail. As Forest Gump said, “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” Not here! You’re getting chocolate all right, but you know exactly which dirty treat you are going to get.I’m also a fan of the community board and groups in general. You don’t get that kind of involvement on most other sites. Getting to talk to people with similar desires can help people feel less weird or alone about their fetishes. It’s a great feature that more sites like this should have. Okay, brief moment of wholesomeness over. Back to the shit.The PornDude’s SuggestionsI’d usually give a suggestion here for what I thought was annoying or needed improvement, but everything is pretty fucking great. They’ve got a massive list of categories, social groups, and user uploads. The only thing really lacking is live cams, but I don’t think that Motherless needs it. They’ve hit the sweet spot with features and anything else would just be unnecessary at this point.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsIn all, great fucking site and page. You’ve got high-quality amateurs who upload videos of themselves shitting and pissing for the world to enjoy. Man, what a future we are living in. You can even chat with someone and have them show up to your door to do it in person. What are you waiting for? Get on Motherless.com and go get fucking nasty!