You sick fucks want to know more about Poo Pee Girls? The internet made it possible for porn to be accessed very easily and ‘enjoyed’ by people from all over the world with relative ease. Many early P2P sharing platforms like Kazaa and Limewire had an astonishing amount of porn on them during the late 90s and early 2000s – so much that it was impossible to tell whether you’re downloading a Linkin Park anime music video, or a low-quality homemade fuck-flick. As the internet expanded more and more, a LOT more porn started to show up until it became a norm. By the mid-2000s, everyone knew that there was a literal fuckload of porn on the internet, and thus the demand started to increase as more and more people started jacking off in front of their computer screens.This lead to the creation of new pornography genres that went above and beyond the typical male and female sex – there was all kinds of Hentai and fetishes by the time the 2000s came to an end, with millions of people were jerking off to all kinds of alternative and taboo porn. This new expansion of porn genres was the catalyst for that infamous ‘Two Girls One Cup’ video that went viral during the late 2000s. If you did manage to watch it and got scarred by it, then you’re probably not cut out for this website – but if you enjoyed it, then ‘Poo Pee Girls’ is right up your alley.Scat Porn GaloreThere are so many kinds of scat porn on here that if you tried to explain them all to a non-scat porn fan they’d think you’re insane or go insane themselves. You have the typical close-ups of women’s (mostly) nicely shaven/bleached assholes, which proceed to excrete poop out of them. This is one of the more standard scat porn videos which feature poop, and as far as I can see there are plenty of shit-lovers out there who give these videos good ratings. Then you have content that contains the more hardcore, dominant variant of scat porn: People pooping (and peeing) on other people. You may not believe it, but there are a LOT of people who are in love with this kind of shit (no pun intended), and the weird thing is that you never know who those people are.It could be your boss, your nice Uncle, or even that girl you have a crush on (be careful who you crush on). I personally don’t see what’s so arousing about a person pissing and shitting on another person, but it’s a free world I guess. Then you have the scat porn content which features the zoomed-out version of girls (and guys) pooping and peeing. There’s a lot of videos on here that feature men and women, fully naked with their whole body showing on the camera, kicking back and taking a nice shit or piss for your viewing pleasure. If you like scat porn, there’s no doubt that this page is definitely for you.Voyeur Scat PornNot only is there a whole ‘shitfest’ of standard scat porn on this website for you to jerk your dick to, but there’s also a huge number of videos which contain normal everyday girls shitting and pissing on toilets. Of course, the catch here is that they have no idea they’re being filmed, which adds a sense of excitement to the video and makes it that much more arousing for scat porn fans. If you’re someone who has ever tried to peek on girls in the toilet to see them naked but found out that you’re much more aroused by them pissing and/or shitting than seeing their naked body, then you’re definitely going to love the videos on this website.There’s enough of this stuff on here to keep you satisfied day in and day out for months. Sure, you might need to go to a therapist, but you live in a world where this kind of content is available for free on the internet, and it’s not illegal so why the fuck should you pay for a therapist to get ‘better’ when you can enjoy all the hidden camera scat porn you’ll ever need right here on ‘PooPeeGirls.com’.Delicious!A large aspect of scat porn also includes people shitting in other people’s mouths –this one’s not exactly for the faint of heart, but if you’re a hardcore scat veteran then you’ve got nothing to lose here. This website has its own category dedicated to girls pooping in mouths, and it’s aptly named ‘Girls Pooping in the Mouth’ – there are actually quite a few categories on this website which is pretty rare for the scat genre since most scat porn is merely a whole category of its own on a whole website dedicated to alternate/taboo porn.Did you Forget the Farts?A lot of things come out of the human anus and genitals, including farts. That means that farts are also a part of scat porn, and they have their own category too. This website really does like taking care of its fans needs and goes all out when it comes to all things scat – it’s one of the few websites I’ve encountered which have their own ‘farts’ category, and it’s filled with nothing but girls farting on the camera, and on other people. You can’t even smell it from your computer screen, so you have nothing to lose! (I know that being able to smell it makes the experience better for some of you, but you’ll just have to wait until technology becomes advanced enough to give you that pleasure)Eight Categories in TotalThis website definitely makes the top five when it comes to the humble scat genre because it really does care about satisfying the needs of its fanbase. There are eight categories in total which contain all manner of scat content for your viewing pleasure here: ‘Girls Pooping in Mouth’, ‘Pooping Girls’, ‘Pissing Girls’, ‘Girls Farts’, ‘Panty Poop’, ‘Sex with Shitting Girl’, ‘Hidden Camera in Toilet’, and ‘Popular Searches’, which isn’t really a scat category but it does let you see what like-minded people are searching for the most on here.Like Japanese Girls?If there’s one thing that Japanese people are known for aside from having an above-average intellect and being extremely xenophobic, it’s their love for weird, taboo porn. Japanese people are obsessed with scat porn, and they’re not afraid to show their passion for it by having one of the biggest collections of piss and shit flicks out of any ethnicity in the world.There are TONS of videos on here featuring cute pale-skinned Japanese girls ‘taking a load off’ in front of the camera or on other people, even though there’s no specific category for Japanese girls – it’s impossible to explain why Japanese people love masturbating to this stuff - they even have a lot of Hentai made with scat porn in it, and this website has a pretty good amount of it. So if you’re someone who gets turned on by both Japanese girls and excrement, then you’re definitely in luck.Pictures TooIf a whole treasury of videos wasn’t enough for your scat porn obsession, you can always turn to the ‘Pics’ section of this website and whack away to some quality still images of girls shitting and pissing which are sure to satisfy your needs. There’s no categorization for the pictures, but then again there aren’t too many pictures on this site too (about two pages-worth only), so there’s really no point in organizing them anyway. Most of the pictures are close-ups of girls shitting, so if you’re into that kind of stuff (and you probably are since you came here) and you don’t mind jacking off to a picture as opposed to a video, then no-one’s stopping you, pal.Your Feedback Would be AppreciatedSince PooPeeGirls (often misspelled as "pooppeegirls") covers a genre that’s highly underdeveloped within the porn industry, it's only appropriate that they have their own feedback category which allows fans to give vital information that’s necessary for growth and exposure. If you’re a righteous scat warrior then you ought to leave your feedback on this section – who knows, you might just end up meeting your new scat partner or at least get someone’s private scat-filled Snapchat. It’s worth a shot!