Pee Fans! Porn is a lot of things. It’s hot, sexy, nasty and dirty. It’s also usually wet. There’s jizz flying everywhere and the girls who aren’t squirting at least have sopping wet pussies. Why stop there, though? The human body is a fantastic storage vessel for all kinds of fluids. The average human bladder, for example, can hold between 1 and 4 cups of urine at any moment. That’s exactly the kind of sexual factoid you’ll learn at PeeFans.Of course, whether or not urine is sexual is up for debate. I have a feeling you’ve already made up your mind about it, or else you wouldn’t be browsing my Piss and Scat section. You get all fucking hot and bothered seeing a hot girl taking a leak all over herself, don’t you? You’re in good company at, a forum where hundreds of golden showers fetishists stop by every day.Talking Piss with Pee Fans WorldwideIf the only Internet porn you’re used to is sex tubes and premium HD sites, you might be a little put off by the format here. PeeFans is a message board with a front-page covered almost entirely in text. I see a few tiny user avatars featuring pissing bitches, but there are no huge, fleshy images like you’d see on almost any other type of porn site. I do like how the site logo is a silhouette of a girl with a stream and a puddle between her legs.Message boards are old-school Internet. They’ve been helping freaks and weirdos communicate since the invention of the modem, and what makes or breaks a good bulletin board is still the same as it always was. You want a ton of active, contributing members, and you want them starting a lot of discussions and posting a lot of content.PeeFans seems to have that in abundance. They’ve got around 24,000 members right now, with nearly 200,000 posts in 12,000 topics. That’s not fucking bad for a domain that was just registered two years ago in a pretty deep niche fetish. You also have to figure there are a ton of lurkers who aren’t counted in the member totals. As I write this, there are 30 members online and 75 guests. Guess which one I am.You can shoot the shit (or piss) with other pee fans right now if you scroll down to the chatbox near the bottom of the screen. It’s a fairly active general chat. I figured I’d read it and find some people talking about sprinkling fresh bladder juice on their salad, but nah, today these freaks are talking about putting ketchup on everything. Donald Trump would fucking love this place.If you’re just looking to jerk off to some golden showers movies or photos, don’t leave just yet. Sure, the thriving community of pee enthusiasts here is one of the main draws of the site. That doesn’t mean you have to have any conversations if you don’t feel like chatting. In fact, you don’t even have to sign up or log in to view most of the content posted in the message boards.Pissing In Hotel Rooms with HookersThe forums of PeeFans are broken down by category. There is a thriving board for Fictional Pee Stories, and an even more active one full of Real Pee Encounters and Experiences. I read a popular member’s story about getting a girl to piss for him on his lunch break. It’s a surprisingly well-written bit of golden showers lit erotica that made me feel pretty weird. I don’t know if I have to take a leak or jack off now.There are more than 22,000 posts in the Pee Talk and Questions area. Right now, there’s a discussion on the logistics of making a girl have a peegasm. One dude says his wife has the best orgasms with a full bladder. She cums and pees at the same time, the stream pulsing with each contraction of her orgasm.I found a really interesting discussion on hiring a hooker to piss on a hotel room carpet with you. Holy shit, is Donald Trump here? The funniest thing to me is that there’s absolutely no discussion in the thread about how to deal with the inevitable fallout of leaving your hotel room absolutely drenched in your piss.PeeFans is ostensibly a site about girls peeing, but there is one board here devoted to Men Peeing: Pictures, Videos and Stories. There is considerably less dude piss content here, but they do have plenty of stuff for you homos who like getting peed on.I know half of you fuckers reading this hate reading and hate writing even more. You’re ready to hear about the good stuff, the pictures and videos of golden showers action that you can really crank the old shaft to. Well, I’ve got good news for you. They’ve got a massive Pee Videos forum with 20,000 posts. The Pee Pictures area is more than 3 times that size.Watch Pretty Girls Going Pee Real HardPeople are talking about putting ketchup on steak and getting hookers to piss in hotel rooms. If Donald Trump isn’t here, some of his friends certainly are. I went to the Pee Videos forum, hoping to find that infamous Russian golden showers video featuring the President of the United States of America.I’ve been traveling so freely on the website that I was a little surprised to be locked out of the videos. Posts in the Videos forum are the only ones that require registration with the site in order to view. It’s fast and free, and the system didn’t give me any shit when I signed up with a temporary email address.I’m not sure why the Video posts are locked down. The posts are mainly based around links to golden showers movies on sites like Pornhub. I still haven’t found that Trump piss tape, but I did find a lot of pee fan favorites. There’s a cute chick with purple hair letting loose in a urinal and a broad squatting by the car in a FakeTaxi movie.A lot of the videos are posted to the free sex tubes by actual members of the board. Apparently, these broads really want you to watch them pissing in their panties and on the floor.A Huge Stash of Golden Showers PicsThe Pee Pictures forum on PeeFans is by far the most active board here. It’s got over 70,000 posts featuring girls pissing on the beach, pissing on the sofa, pissing on tables, and pissing on each other. It’s almost comical how many of the forum topics follow the format of “Girls Pissing On _______”.One of the really popular threads here is about Girls Pissing in Each Other’s Mouths. It goes on and on for 10 pages, mostly featuring screen grabs from really dirty porno movies. Half these girls are wearing lingerie as they blast salty lemonade into waiting faces, and a good chunk of them look to be involved in massive orgies. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go!Some threads lean more to the amateur side of golden showers fetishism. The Hang Them Out and Pee thread shows a bunch of solo broads letting the water flow. Most of them are outside, which I totally understand for logistical reasons. I hate waking up from a good blackout drunk and not knowing whose piss is all over my bedroom, and I really hate having to clean it up.Why Get It Free When You Can Pay For It?PeeFans also has a premium Gold membership available for a few bucks a month. It’s cheaper than a typical paysite membership and gives you exclusive access to some extra Pee videos they’ve got on the website. You also get a bunch of social features like sending unlimited private messages and access to the Private Gold Member Lounge.Advertisements are removed with the Gold membership, though I didn’t really see any to begin with. I get the feeling the membership is largely for people who really appreciate and want to support the has an absolute shit-ton of free golden showers fetish content for the taking. Their real draw, though, might be the active community of urine fetishists who populate the place. The discussion boards are fucking thriving with chats about all kinds of urine-soaked the depravity. If you’re a genuine Pee Fan, you may have found your new home.