This one is for all you gross motherfuckers out there. Turd lovers, piss drinkers, diaper bandits, and vomit fans unite and come gather round, for I have a site today that may just exceed all of your twisted desires. I’m talking about piss, scat, shit, cum, excrement, and every bodily fluid in between. This one won’t be for the weak-stomached of you out there. If you like to fantasize about amateur women shitting, vomiting, or pissing on you or getting the same in return, then this genre of porn is for you. Get your toilet paper and disinfectant-ready, because this shit is about to get messy.Xpee.com is an amateur scat porn site that has a little bit of everything. Despite the name, the main focus here is on the brown stuff. They have still got pee, vomit, and all that, but there are definitely a lot more videos of babes shitting. Usually, these niche sites are newer, but goddamn this site is old. It’s been out there providing scat porn to the masses since 1999. And their numbers back that shit up with just around 2 million site views every month. That’s a lot more than I expected. I didn’t even know there were that many scat lovers out there. Still isn’t going to convince me to try those forbidden truffles, but you do you.Dated Looking Site Design, but Easy to NavigateThe landing page is kind of neat but dated looking. It’s got a cool geometric design going on in the background that can be a bit hypnotic if you stare at it too long, but I’m sure your eyes will be venturing more to the content instead. The previews run down the center of the page with a header up top for navigating the site. Pretty simple, but I like it. Though I might suggest a darker design. It’s a bit hard on the eyes as is. I can’t have anyone looking over my shoulder and catching me looking at this shit, though I’m not sure a dark theme would save you there.The front page is initially sorted by most recent videos, which is fine, but you can’t change that really unless you go to a category page. That’s not too big of a deal or anything, but it would be cool to be able to sort everything right on the home page instead. Speaking of categories, they have a small selection of them but each one has a ton of content. You’ve got “All, Girls Pooping, Girls Puking, Panty Poop, Pissing Videos, and Scat Videos.” I mean, if you’re here for shit and piss then I guess that’s all you need, right? Though I would still like to see other genres like “lesbian, BDSM, etc.” to look through here. What if you like scat and watching people get tied up?Only a Few Categories, but Each Packs in Lots of ContentWhen you go to a category, after the multiple redirect ads run their course, you can then sort those by upload date, views, rating, and random. Other than that, you just scroll through and find some videos of chicks taking dumps to watch. You can use the search bar up in the right-hand corner as well, but it’s all amateur, so you’ll probably have a hard time finding specific content here. Many videos are just named stupid shit like “shitting wife, girl with big ass pooping, and long turd from curvy ass.” The titles all sound like a 12-year-old wrote them, but I guess it’s hard to be elegant when talking about taking shits.The previews are alright. A little too small for my taste, but you get the information you need from them. You get the title, duration, view count, upload date, and user rating all right there in a little box. No cursor hovering needed. But the previews are just still images from the video, nothing spectacular. A slideshow would be a welcome feature for you guys, but I’m personally glad they didn’t have it. Something your dude just can’t stomach, but more power to you sick fucks out there who can dig this content.Pretty Decent Video Player, but No Download OptionsDon’t worry, I don’t skimp on my duties. Ha, duty. I went through and watched a bunch of these videos to get a gauge of how the player works. It’s actually not bad at all. The videos play with very minimal buffering. Granted, you’re not going to be getting many, if any, HD videos on this site due to the amateur production values. But, hey, you can flip through and watch 10/10 dime pieces drop their panties and shit on the floor for your enjoyment. You can’t really ask for more after that.Beneath the video player, you get related videos and on the right, you can bookmark the video, check out the tags, or share the video If you are a fucking psycho. The only feature I noted that was missing was a download button. It would cool if you could download all of these amateur vids for your own personal filthy spank bank, but you’re shit out of luck there.Aside from videos, they have a few menu options up top that you may want to know about. You can flip through their most searched tags if you want. Spoiler alert, the most searched term is “scat.” Who would have fucking thought? Next, you can register for an account. It’s free, but doesn’t do all that much, so it’s your call if you want an email associated with the site. You can upload your own personal breed of scat porn if you want. And lastly, they have a button that will take you right back to my awesome site for more scat site reviews.Very Poor Mobile ExperienceThe mobile site is pretty bad. It’s just the desktop version of the site, but not at all modified for mobile use. The format is all jacked up and the videos are blown up way to big when you start them. The ads are obnoxious too. Pop-ups auto-play video ads, and a ton of redirects. I’d just stick to desktop if you want a semi-pleasant user experience. It’s not at all worth it on mobile as it is. They should definitely do some work on that. So much traffic for porn sites comes in from mobile.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about xpee.com, aside from the freaky fractal site design, has got to be their extensive catalog of scat, piss, and vomit content. Seriously, if you love this kind of porn, then I could see this place becoming your new hub for fresh, dirty content. They update their catalog all the time and they have thousands of scat filled videos for you to explore and fap to.I also like the fact that the site is at least partially user-driven. You can find videos here that you may never find on some of the bigger porn sites, especially since the content here is super niche. Plus, you can upload your own content if you also have an exhibitionist vibe going on. What’s better than having people watch your girlfriend shit on you? Eh, probably a lot of things, but, hey, it could be fun, right?ThePornDude’s SuggestionMy main suggestion for xpee.com would be to fix their atrocious mobile site first off. Then expand and add some more specific categories. Then, once that is all finished, I’d rework the site design a bit. Maybe a new logo or a sleeker design. Even just darkening the site up would be beneficial. Oh, and maybe add in some slightly animated previews, and make them bigger while you’re at it. It’ll help take up the ton of negative space around the site. Other than that, just keep on providing free scat for the world.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, xpee.com is a solid site for all of your shit, piss, scat, and vomit related needs. Watch hot babes slide their panties down and gape their asshole with massive, earthshattering turds. The resource is there for you to use. Explore their massive catalog of depravity and get off. What more can I say? You like scat porn. They have good scat porn. Go watch their scat porn already you fuck.