Are you hungry? Looking for some "Fresh Scat"? Is there really a need for me to introduce a site with such a straightforward name? Sure, some people might be confused as to what freshscat.com has to offer, but then those people are probably too young or not into this particular fetish. Well, if you do not know what scat means, that is basically pornography that includes a lot of disguising (for me) yet tasty (for some) fetish with shit, and sometimes other things as well.If you do not have a strong stomach, I advise you not to browse the content they have to offer here because you will not only be able to see shit videos, there will also be a lot of clips featuring piss, puking, blood, menstruation and so on. I think this all should have been fucking obvious, but hey, if there were any of you who did not know what the hell this meant, now you do. In addition, this intro should be enough for you to know if this is a site you plan to visit or not.There is really no in-between when talking about shit, you are either into poop or not, there is no ‘maybe’. If you are in the ‘maybe’ section and you are considering, then my friend, you are probably into scat porn. Obviously, there are different presentations of this fetish, and I am here to introduce a site called Fresh Scat, where you have plenty of such disguising videos, which is literally how they introduce themselves, with the use of ‘disguising’…From the very beginning, you will be able to see loads of different videos and their thumbnails as well as titles are enough to explain just what the hell you can expect to watch. Their design is slick, black and just the way I like it; they make the nightly browsing much easier, however, I am not really into this shit, literally. Do not get me wrong, I love almost all kinds of pornography and I can review anything, so I am not here to judge, I am just here to state the facts about this site overall.I think that they also offer a user-friendly interface, since I did not have any issues when trying to navigate through their website, and I am sure you will find your way around as well. As for the videos, I’ve seen a lot of random crap, from the shitting clips to puke, and menstruation, their description did not lie. They really do offer some rather ‘ugh’ content, but I guess if you are into this, that is exactly what you wanted to hear.Of course, I browsed the videos they had to offer, since how else could I tell you what they have to offer? First of all, their clips are quite random, from the content to the length and everything in between. I found clips that are only 2 minutes long, while there were videos of about an hour long, and they were completely different obviously.For some reason, there were plenty of webcam videos when I visited the site since the first content I checked out was the ‘latest videos’ since that was the first shit that was presented. You will have some other ways of listing their clips, and for that, you can check out the categories page, which can be seen on top. However, I was disappointed to see just how little tags they have to offer… I mean, they could have fucking made actual categories…You just have the basics, and I am not talking about the basic categories at all. You have eight categories in total; fetish porn, hall of fame, male scat, menstruation, pissing, scat and vomit porn. All of these categories will show you something different, and that should have been fucking obvious as well. Anyways, choose the category that makes you cock the hardest or pussy the wettest, I think we all know how this works.But, I have to repeat again, if you do not have the balls to stomach all of this or you tend to vomit often from disguising shit, then do not open their clips… unless you are into vomiting, then do whatever the fuck you want, not like I fucking care. I am just here to tell you the only side that matters, my side since I know what is most important when it comes to pornographic sites.On top of the site, in the usual menu, you will have some other options to explore as well. ‘Live Fetish Cams’ and ‘Live Cam girls’ are two sites that already tell you what the fuck they have to offer. You will be sent to the appropriate site, where you can see fetish and just basic webcam chicks… but then again, you also have my list of great webcam stuff you can explore.There is also a tab that suggests you will be taken to live scat webcams, but you just get some images and two links that basically take you to the same site where you have fetish cams… Honestly, if you just write in Google you are bound to find the naughty crap you are searching for… Similar shit happens with ‘Scat Dating’ and ‘Scat Singles’, basically you are not sent anywhere special.IF you really love Scat porn, check out their Scat resources, where they will have some other Scat porn websites suggested, together with the tab called Friends, where you have basically the same crap. Overall, that is as much as I will say about this site since it should be quite fucking straightforward, if you love shit pornography, together with blood, vomit and piss, then freshscat.com is a good site. They offer free clips of solid quality, so have some kinky fun.