Ready to get all messy at Dirty Shack? It will never cease to amaze me with the things that you people get off to. They are absolutely insane! I'll be completely honest, and I'll say that I don't get this fetish, at all. Is it about degradation, humiliation, disgust? Did these people really sink this low that watching someone take a shit arouses them? Damn son, just, damn. However, that's the world we live in. Even though this is definitively not something that floats my boat, DirtyShack.com will get its fair share of reviewing. Furthermore, even though I don't exactly get this fetish, I'll try to make my journey as painless as possible with nervous humor so I feel like my job is not that messed up. Well, it's the site, well, actually, it's the ones who desire this content who are messed up, but that's another topic. Onwards.So, Dirty Shack (as you can clearly see from the introduction) is a website that is all about people taking dumps. Sometimes it's people taking dumps and being recorded without even knowing it. Sometimes it's people taking dumps right in front of the camera. These people might even take a dump in their new jeans and get themselves dirty. Taking a poop in your new white dress? In public? Sure, why not...Starting off with the shit tabs. There are a few header tabs that are worth mentioning, so, if you are a scat lover, pay attention. If you don't want to see nasty things like these, well then you might as well leave now. Check the views on these videos. Go on, I'll wait. There are so many people watching these, it's scary, honestly. There's a video of a male slave being forced to eat poo, it lasts a minute, and it's pretty god damn gross. The views? Oh, about 26 thousand people have seen this video, and 71% of the people who have seen it gave it a thumbs up. Who am I to judge them right? The video right next to it has a 100% rating and around 10 thousand views. Shoot me, I don't want to live in this world!Pooping isn't the only thing these people do. No sir. They also pee all over the god damn place, but they will also vomit. I hope this makes you horny. Until now we've only been talking about the home page, but more horrors await on the "videos" tab, and this is where you can really geek out on your preferences of videos of people taking dumps on other people. Sounds fun, right? First off, you can choose the duration of your videos, they can be anywhere between a minute and 45 minutes. However, if you have a video of someone pooping that lasts more than 45 minutes, all kinds of questions start to pop up in your head. I mean, I've taken such dumps in the past, especially before going to work, however, I don't think anyone recorded me.If you ever get bored of looking at these videos, then you should definitively check out the pictures gallery. First off, you might expect static pictures here, but that's not what you'll find on DirtyShack.com. Rather, you will mostly find gifs. These do the job for most people, I guess. Most of the gifs posted here are of a fat dude with a huge nutsack taking dumps over and over again, infinity and beyond. So yeah, heads up.If you want to log in on the website, then you might as well do it. The creation process is pretty simple, above all, it's free. I don't think anyone wants to pay money to see videos of people taking dumps, right? I know that there's someone out there who is willing to spend money on such a thing, but I'll just pretend they don't exist. Honestly, it depresses me. So, if you click on the "members" tab, you'll find a lot of people here. I don't know if all of these members are even real since all of their names are just straight-up numbers. It looks like randomly generated stuff, but I don't know. Maybe these people don't want to be identified. I'd be pretty embarrassed if people knew I get off to videos of people pooping. I mean, I don't get off to something like that. I'm only saying hypothetically.DirtyShack.com offers a lot of videos, and I guess that's nice. I don't think I can make poop jokes, I was good at that stuff (fart jokes as well) back in like fourth grade, but I've lost my touch...however I wish I could bust such a joke right now. The design of the page is quite decent as well, I'd be very happy with this page if the content didn't make me want to make my breakfast go through my throat in the opposite direction.