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There are a lot of fetishes in the world, and many of them steer clear of the normality that is vanilla sex, delving deep into the depths of everything normal everyday people would consider taboo and bizarre. A lot of people like different things, and that's totally okay because it gives sexuality a wide spectrum of different affinities and preferences which can all be utilized within professionally-made XXX content for the porn industry, which not only widens the horizons of those who watch it but also establishes new boundaries for what’s considered normal, and what isn’t. For example, it’s not hard to find a girl in her 20s nowadays who loves to be choked, slapped and/or verbally abused while having sex, and most guys won’t consider buckling down with just one girl if she isn’t open towards giving them blowjobs and possibly swallowing when they blow a load. Sexuality has evolved way past its once-strict boundaries, and it’s safe to say that pornography, and the various themes which it includes nowadays, is part of what made that evolution possible.People nowadays will rarely settle for a partner who is boring in bed, and experimentation is what makes satisfies their sexual curiosity - I mean you only live once, and do you want to live a life where you don’t get to choke a girl out while she’s giving you a blowjob, or fuck a girl who has her hands and legs tied down with rope? Or maybe experience how thrilling orgasms are when your partner lets you finish in their mouths? Or perhaps you’ve already experienced those things (since they are more or less normal nowadays) and are now moving onto scat territory, and wouldn’t mind using a little pee with your partner when having sex? If so, then you’re definitely someone who would fap to XHamster’s ‘Piss’ category, because it’s in my professional and personal opinion as an expert on all things internet porn one of the best destinations on the whole internet for piss-based pornography. Let’s check out XHamster’s ‘Piss’ section and see what makes it tick, its inner workings and if it has any flaws that need to be fixed…This is One of The Best Destinations for This StuffIf you’re big on piss porn, then you’ve obviously scoured the surface of the internet porn industry trying to find some of this stuff, and I know all too well that it’s not exactly the easiest find, and I also know that once a stash of this stuff is located, it’s not guaranteed to be quality. However, despite its rarity, piss-based porn IS on the internet, and there’s a lot of it right here on XHamster - despite this site being one of the main popular porn tubes, it still doesn’t shy away from catering to those ‘alternative folk’ out there who’ve long since outgrown the basic needs of vanilla pornography and have expanded their pornographic affinities onto newer and bolder horizons, such as piss porn here. There’s tons of this stuff here, both amateur and professional, and despite it being essentially free pornography which boils down to separate, cut-out scenes from full-length XXX works and titles, it’s still one of the best troves of piss-porn on the whole damn internet.When it comes to piss porn, there’s usually a boundary which strongly defines the very intensity of the act itself. This boundary is defined by whether or not the girl in question is open towards actually swallowing the guy’s piss or not, and believe it or not that makes all the difference. Now I personally think that swallowing piss makes the whole thing more ‘hardcore’, but some would disagree - some people believe that when a dude pisses on say, a girl’s face, the piss goes everywhere and makes the scene look spectacular, which could be seen as ‘hardcore’. In any case, I don’t think that swallowing actual urine is something that a person could easily do, therefore as an expert on all things porn I do declare that any form of piss porn where the girl swallows should be declared as the more ‘hardcore’ counterpart to just pure piss play with no swallowing. And there’s plenty of both of that kind of stuff here on this urine-filled category on XHamster which I’m sure could satisfy any caliber of piss lover out there.Some of Them Just Piss By ThemselvesIn addition to the astounding number of videos on this site which feature people pissing on each other (which I’m sure will please the majority of you), there’s plenty of clips here that feature solo girls emptying their bladders all by themselves. This may not seem like something appealing for most people, and really it isn’t, but I can tell you that there are scores of people who love watching hot girls pee on camera. I personally don’t get the appeal behind it, but I do know that it’s something that gets a lot of people’s blood rushing straight to their dick, because these solo pissing videos have a lot of views on them, and they’re certainly not bots so the numbers here aren’t lying. If you’re the kind of person who could add on to the views here then you’ll feel right at home here on XHamster’s cozy, smelly little piss category.Authentic Amateur Content IncludedEver since internet porn took off and reached the point of no return in the mid 2010s, professional big-budget porn studios from all over have been trying to emulate some of the bizarre fetishes which have been captured on amateur pornography that’s been uploaded to some of the darkest corners of the internet porn empire. Porn studios have been spending thousands of dollars per scene in order to emulate some of the bizarre amateur action that people do in privacy which involves things like mouth-gags, ball-busting and of course, pissing. Now I’m not saying that professional porn is better than the amateur stuff, but I do know that the amateur stuff is for a fact much more authentic and ‘real’ than the professional stuff and by extension much more relatable for the people who fap to it.As a result, lots of people prefer the authentic homemade stuff over the professional stuff, especially if they’re people who’ve been fapping to internet pornography for some years now. This is why I’m pleased to see such a wide selection and general focus on actual homemade content here, which involves couples pissing on each other without a care in the world due to the fact that they’re filming themselves for their own viewing pleasure and not being filmed by a 7-man filming team. The fact that these people are alone at the time of their filming makes them act much more natural in front of the camera, which gives the content they film that authentic ‘oomph’ which is extremely hard to replicate on professional XXX works and titles. In any case, there’s a wide selection of authentic material here which I’m sure will please most of you who are interested in ‘taking a dip’ into this domain.Optimized for Mobile UseOf course, XHamster and all of its videos are optimized for mobile use - now in 2019, a lot of people access the internet from their smartphones (over half of all internet users actually), so you know that at least half of them are going on X-rated websites, since that’s happening you know that XHamster wants in on the traffic money because who wouldn’t? Every video here, not just the pissing stuff, can be accessed conveniently from your very own smartphone and/or tablet device, which allows you to ‘enjoy’ it remotely instead of having to be confined in front of your desktop PC.Several Content Filters for Your NeedsLastly, there are more than enough content filters on this side of XHamster which I’m sure will help you find the urine-filled content you oh so desperately seek and desire. As soon as you’re on this section you’re greeted with a filter which lets you filter in/out all the ‘featured’ videos (basically all the ones which happen to be highlighted by the website’s algorithm at that time, and they’re almost always top quality), as well as all the newest ones, the best ones (which are the most viewed) and you can even filter in/out videos based on their length depending on how much time you’ve got on your hands. In addition, right below that content filtering section is an additional selection of common search queries related to piss porn which you can access, and they range from ‘Piss in Ass’ to ‘Asian Pissing’, letting you that you can be as general or as specific as you like.