I need to take a Piss RIP right now, so get the fuck out of the way! I’m not sure what did it exactly; was it the 6-pack of beer I just slammed while sitting out in the sun, or was it the big pile of Viagra dust I just railed up my nose? Whatever the fucking case, I think you’re among the few who can relate. Most of us don’t associate urine with boners, unless you’re thinking of trying to take that first leak of the day while still raging hard with morning wood.Of course, it isn’t necessarily my piss that gets you hard, or my boner that makes you want to go drain the lizard. It’s just hard to fully disconnect the two things when we’re talking about the magic of golden showers. The folks at PissRip.net are similarly minded, building a whole free tube around pretty girls and a sea of pee. The site’s been kicking since 2017, but they sort of fell off toward the end of 2020. I’m happy to report they’re coming back strong, so it seemed like a perfect moment to check the place out from my hiding spot beneath this Porta John.Taking a Piss Rip with PissRipPissRip gets well over a million visits a month, which I think might surprise some of the more vanilla masturbators out there. It may also come as a shock to those pee lovers who thought they were all alone in the world, a freak without a circus to travel with. Well, friends, the fetish is a lot more fucking common than you think. I already knew this, thanks to my years of fap-testing the world’s best porn sites, but it became even more apparent when I recently launched PornDudeCasting. Fans have been begging me to serve up more lemonade in more scenes, and I’ve been more than happy to oblige.But back to the topic at hand. Truth be told, there ain’t a lot of studly studs or Porny Dudes hosing down the ladies at PissRip. While you will see plenty of beautiful ladies getting absolutely fucking drenched in liquid gold, the focus here is on girls emptying their bladders. It’s a fantastic mix of established pornstars and totally unknown amateurs letting it flow in the streets, into their clothes and all over each other.PissRip.net has a familiar tube-style setup you’ve seen a million times before, only that wall of thumbnails has a different smell and a glowing sheen of different fluids than the usual sperm and girlcum. Compared to some of the sloppier tubes out there, the presentation here is really fucking nice, including a high-class logo that adds an arcing stream of pee-pee to a sexy broad’s silhouette.There’s also a slider to turn on the site’s dark mode, a small but arguably important addition. The site’s creators clearly give a fuck about giving you a modern Internet masturbatory experience. That’s important on any site, but fetish sites often skimp by on the very minimum effort, knowing their fans are thirsty for content that’s difficult to find elsewhere. As a porn reviewer, I definitely appreciate it and I know the golden showers connoisseurs will as well.Where’s All This Pee Coming From?One of the hallmarks of a good porn site is frequent updates. That applies whether we’re talking free sites or premium sites, vanilla sex or the kinkiest fetish smut the world has ever seen. The deeper the niche, though, the slower these sites seem to grow. That’s natural, as the industry tends to focus on the easy sellers, like incestuous teens and anal scenes.I expected PissRip.net to be among the more slow-growing free tubes out there, just based on the overall rarity of the content. I was wrong, though, because they’re adding fresh pissing content every day. I’m reviewing the joint on a weekday morning, and they’ve already added a peeing teen, a urinating MILF, and a full-on lesbian scene where the girls go in with their bladders full and leave feeling fully refreshed. Goddamn, is there anything more satisfying than letting loose when you’ve really got to go?One of their secrets to success is obviously in the sourcing. PissRip.net features videos from some of the biggest and most popular pee porn sites on the Internet. There’s a big-ass menu of source websites available at a click, and fans of the genre will immediately start recognizing some of the names. They’ve got movies from sites like VIPissy, WetAndPissy, PissJapanTV and SG-Video.If you regularly beat off to this kind of stuff, you may be thinking, “Wait a minute… Ain’t those premium sites?” The answer is yes. You’d normally have to pay for a lot of these movies, but they’re giving out paid piss porn for the price of nothing. If you’re still struggling with those pandemic life logistics, hoping for another stimulus check to keep the fucking lights on, you’re going to appreciate the free fap fodder.That said, PissRip.net does have a slightly different business model than most free tubes. There’s spam here, of course, but you can actually disable it by springing for a premium membership. Five bucks a month disables the ads and removes some of the other limitations they’ve imposed on free viewers. The cheapskate library masturbators will have to settle for 30 videos a day, which will honestly be enough for most masturbators who ain’t all hopped up on boner pills and bong hits. There is another issue with the setup, as I was about to learn.Freaky Girls Pissing in the StreetsIf you’re a regular here at ThePornDude, you know I absolutely love the public stuff. There’s a real thrill to seeing babes getting banged in public, or in the case of Piss Rip, pissing in public. That’s why I decided to start my official fap test with a newly added video called Public Piss Poster 0021. The thumbnail features a trio of nicely shaped bimbos with their faces blurred out, squatting in a street and voiding their bladders.Unfortunately, when I clicked the thumbnail, I found out it was for Premium users only. That was a bummer for sure, but all I had to do was choose a different public scene off the front page. There are enough of them available for free users that you’re not going to be hurting for content.I ended up watching a short video of a pretty blonde chick, her face unobscured, pulling up her skirt, squatting, and letting loose. PissRip.net doesn’t actually host any of the content; instead, they're using video hosts to serve up the video streams of urine streams. It’s an efficient setup, but it may conflict a bit with your adblocking plugins. If you’re fapping for free, you’re definitely going to see spam on Piss Rip, but that’s pretty standard. Given the fetish nature of the flicks on offer, I’m actually a little surprised they don’t spam you even more than they do.Those video host services come with the drawback of spam, but they do come with their own set of perks. Specifically, I’m talking about the fact that you can download full movies from PissRip. I like the setup better than sites that host their material on file lockers like Keep2Share, because I didn’t have crippling wait times to grab those videos of wet and wild women.PissRip.net does have some minor inconveniences that you associate with free porn sites and especially with fetish sites, but I don’t think any of them are going to be a dealbreaker for fans of the genre. On the contrary, I think most of you are going to think the spam and free-user limitations are a small price to pay for this stuff. We’re talking about a pee porn library with over 28,000 videos, many of which you’d normally have to pay full price for.Ultimately, this one’s an easy recommendation for fans of pretty girls and pee. It’s really fucking easy to see why they get so much traffic for a niche smut site, and it all ties into their vast collection and their free-tube delivery. Even if you are the type of deep-pocketed masturbator who’s always signed up for a pee paysite or two, Piss Rip collects material from enough sources that you may end up with some new favorites you’ve never heard of. Check this one out if you’re taking an extra-long piss break at work and would like to spend it watching babes do the same thing.