African Lesbians

AfricanLesbians! What’s black on black on black and pink inside? A couple of African Lesbians scissoring while one of them gets her face ridden by another sexy ebony chick. I came up with that joke and thought it was pretty fucking funny, but it got me escorted off stage when I tried to tell it at my local coffeeshop’s open mic comedy night. I’m not sure if it’s because they have no sense of humor or because I accidentally started touching myself on stage. I just get all horny, even thinking about that sort of thing, which is why I stocked up on lube before checking out this next site.AfricanLesbians.com is a porn site about, you guessed it, lesbians from Africa. I love it when it does what it says on the tin! When they say African, they don’t just mean any old black chicks; they mean chicks from across the African continent, from Nigeria to Mozambique and everywhere in between. Hey, when you’ve got jungle fever, it makes sense to go looking in countries that have actual jungles.Let’s Fap to African LesbiansI’ve got to tell you, the landing page at AfricanLesbians is a bit of a tease. When I first saw the place, I thought it was a free tube devoted to beautiful black chicks getting their pussies eaten by other black girls, scissoring, and doing all kinds of crazy shit with double-ended dildos.There’s a sexy amateur vibe going on here. The screengrabs show bad bitches in rough, raw, real fuck scenes in what looks like real bedrooms and hotel rooms. One chick is getting her pussy fingered on a toilet and a couple of other babes are about to get it on in the middle of a busy public sidewalk. As much as I love the polished, professional shit, there’s something special about genuine DIY fuck movies. They’ve got passion and intensity that’s hard to fake, no matter how many bright lights or 4k cameras you aim at a bored big-name slut.A living-room threesome scene on the page caught my eye. A thick black chick has her head back in the thumbnail; eyes rolled back in ecstasy as two other broads suck her nipples and go to town with a dildo. Raging hard and dripping, I clicked that sideways triangle everybody recognizes as a Play button.Except it wasn’t a Play button. I bet you saw that coming, huh? The symbol means Play literally everywhere else but porn sites, where it often just sends you to the sign-up page. AfricanLesbians.com pulls a head trip on you by loading what looks like a video player before overlaying it with the current membership prices. Got ‘em!How Much Ebony Porn for How Much Cash?As far as price goes, African Lesbians is in line with most paysites. A standard month of access goes for $30, with lower rates if you sign up for 3 or 6 months. Most of you are going to pay by credit card like normal people, but they also accept PayPal, bitcoin and even checks. It looks like cybercriminals are covered and your grandpa is, too.One of the things I always like to see is how often a paysite updates, because that’s very often a determining factor when you’re about to shell out some of your hard-earned dollars for a month of jacking off to premium smut. With AfricanLesbians.com, I can’t tell how often they’re adding new material to the site. You can browse videos by newness, but there are no upload dates listed. It’s just a mystery.“At least they have thousands of ebony porn videos,” I thought. A huge collection can help make up for even the shittiest release schedule. This site certainly looks like it has thousands of movies if you check out the Categories sidebar. It breaks down into 157 categories, and they all look really well-stocked. According to the numbers, they’ve got 1498 movies filed under African Lesbians, 3520 stashed under Big Tits and 4278 tagged with Black. Weirdly, this girl-on-girl site supposedly has 3749 Big Cock films.The problem is, those numbers seem to be fucking bullshit. There was only one movie under Big Cock, and it was a black lesbian movie with no cocks. There are no movies available when you click Anime, Blonde, Footjob or Party, despite listed numbers to the contrary.Even the African Lesbians category, the goddamn namesake of the site, is only 9 pages deep. That’s nearly 200 ebony lesbian flicks, which ain’t shabby but falls far short of that 1498 number. I think this is actually the full collection, because you get the same 9 pages when you browse the movies without clicking on any of those fake-ass categories.AfricanLesbians.com actually sells itself pretty short with their setup. They don’t mention it on the sign-up page and it’s practically fucking hidden in the member’s area, but they include thousands of bonus African, Black, and Lesbian bonus movies. Click the Sites link in the header and you’ll get a huge menu of brands like African Casting, Blacks on Asians, Why Mommy Bangs Blacks, Anal Lesbian Girls and Homemade Lesbian.Amateur African Chicks in Kinky SituationsSince the categories listed in the sidebar were nonsense, it didn’t make any sense to choose my AfricanLesbians porn from that list. Instead, I pulled up the Newest view and started with the absolute freshest piece on the site: a 25-minute girl-on-girl, black-on-black film called Lesbian Lovin 101 with Tatiana and Tanisha.The flick ain’t in super-high def, but it’s passable and loads immediately without any buffering. The titular Tatiana and Tanisha are sitting on a rock wall at what looks like the edge of a shantytown, with a corrugated metal building in the background amidst the dense greenery. I don’t know what language they’re speaking, but it’s helpfully subtitled, so I know what they’re talking about.“Oh, I missed your boobs,” says one girl, feeling up on the other’s boobs through her shirt. The taller chick has nice legs, and I’m eager to see what’s between them. I skipped ahead a few minutes and found them fully naked on a bed somewhere inside.Somebody’s operating the camera, but it’s stationary, on a tripod. For most of the flick, you’re looking at the scene from the same, unmoving angle. There are some minor adjustments a couple of times along the way, and the final segment is shot handheld.It’s truly an amateur affair, but that’s one of the things that makes it so fucking hot. These chicks are excited right from the beginning. One gets on her hands and knees and the other works her twat from behind. You can tell by the way she thrusts her pelvis into her partner that she’s loving every second of it and is eager for more.Twenty-five minutes gives AfricanLesbians plenty of time to experiment. They make out and finger, spank and scissor. There’s titty tweaking and pussy eating, lots of grinding and lots of moaning. These bitches are into it!Tons of Bonus Content to Sweeten the DealI’ll admit, I was initially a little disappointed with what AfricanLesbians.com seemed to be offering. Those weird fake categories and made-up numbers were almost a dealbreaker. The site itself seemed to load slowly, too, sometimes making me wait a few seconds between pages. Videos, at least, streamed fine without the same load issues as the pages.The bonus content really sweetens the deal, though. You’re actually getting thousands of movies with your membership, not hundreds. I have no idea why AfricanLesbians isn’t louder about this fact, or why the collection isn’t all integrated in a more convenient way. Those numbers beside the categories might actually be accurate, but the system only ends up pulling from the AfricanLesbians-branded movies in the library. You’ll have to browse each of the bonus collections separately, which is kind of stupid.I was going to recommend this site mainly to connoisseurs of ebony lesbians looking for amateur smut straight out of Africa. The bonus content actually makes this a well-rounded value for masturbators who like ebony porn, interracial porn, BBC, lesbians and amateur content. Check it out if you’re looking for a way to really stretch the fucking hell out of that COVID stimulus check.