Viv Thomas

Lesbian sex! Now that I got your attention, let’s dig into what VivThomas has in store for you. This is one of those Sapphic sites that’s got real romantic ass, touchy-feely lesbian movies that are all about the exploration of female sexuality. Now I know how to satisfy a woman, obviously, but half of this shit is really confusing to me. – Like how women watch porn for the story and not the penetration.A Brief HistoryVivThomas is actually a legendary website that’s been around almost as long as I have. All of the videos are directed and produced by legendary porn producer Vivian Thomas, hence the name. I gotta say, this guy really knows lesbians. I’ve never been a fan of his stuff, because he’s actually a bit of a romantic – a real standup guy. Personally, I prefer filthy smut, and VivThomas is anything but filthy. These movies are pure quality, rivaling Playboy in levels of respect they have for the female form.The Flavor of Lesbian PussyNow just because it’s not my cup of tea, doesn’t mean this website was made for women exclusively. I’ll admit, I jacked it to some of these videos without a problem; they’re hot as fuck. But they’re obviously not made by a pervert director with his dick in his hands – there’s some quality directing going on here.Most of the videos are one on one vids between two girls who are seemingly in love. There’s a certain sense of privacy. They’re not acting as if they’re there to impress you with their lesbian action – they’re just sort of swept up in the moment.There’s a lot of sensual kissing, a lot of really hot pussy eating and the girls really seem to be enjoying themselves. I saw a bunch of what looked like realistic orgasms. I’m always down for realistic female orgasms.What I’m trying to say is, VivThomas is not a smut site, it’s a movie site. These movies were planned, scripted and directed carefully. The camera is constantly shifting between different angles that show off as much of the girls as possible. One minute you’re seeing a really close up shot of them making out, the next, there’s a wide angle showing both of them so you can fully appreciate their asses while they’re busy fingering each other.But What About the Girls?The girls are all… gay, and very talented. They don’t strike me as the kind of fake lesbos that practice fingering each other on camera, but then go home to their husbands. I’m willing to bet that most of these chicks are out and proud dikes even after the camera stops rolling. As for what they look like, well…They’re also pretty fucking plain. Now don’t get me wrong, if you’re a 6/10 loser who lives in his mother’s basement, these girls are all going to look like supermodels to you, and you’d be damned lucky if one of them touched your funzone.What I’m saying is, I’m a man of standards and there is not a single 10 on this entire website. That’s one of the reasons I believe they’re all dikes – none of them got that triple-A pornstar vibe to them and I did not recognize a single one of these girls. Chances are, I’ve never slept with any of them because they don’t swallow solid foods.Who does Viv Thomas Cater to?Lesbians, closeted lesbians and men who would like to roleplay as lesbians. Also, anyone over the age of 50. Like I said, these movies all have a strong Playboy vibe to them. Like they were made by someone who lived in a time when pornography was considered extremely inappropriate and vulgar, so he considered it both a political statement and a work of art to be able to make his own pornography.And I’m not throwing shade at Viv Thomas, I got nothing but respect for the guy. He’s an absolute legend. I’m just saying that these videos are so artistic that they warm my cold dead heart, and I like my heart below room temperature.Regardless, every single Viv Thomas video gives me a serious hard on because these girls act like they’re really at home inside each other’s vaginas. They’re relaxed, they’re enjoying themselves and each other’s company and they’re very thirsty for the pussy juices.Now there’s not a lot of variety on the site – Vivian Thomas has a very specific love and appreciation for classical lesbian sex. What does vary are the girls. VivThomas doesn’t seek out the most popular girls and put them in a boring stereotypical scenario so they can get views. There’s none of that.All of these girls came right off the talent wagon and straight to VivThomas for their debuts, or at the very least came to the site to perfect their art. That’s probably why you don’t see a lot of 10s. It’s not just about the beauty of the girl on this website, it’s about how well she can perform a realistic lesbian act on screen, with no coercion or smut elements. In that way, VivThomas is probably the most wholesome website I’ve ever reviewed.Is VivThomas Still Hip and Cool?Definitely. This is one of those websites that started off with your dad as their target audience and he eventually passed the torch to you. These movies are enjoyable by anyone and everyone of all ages, provided they’re in the market for real Sapphic erotica.Plus, there’s none of the old school implied sexual scenes where you gotta pretend that the pussy is wet but you don’t get to see it. These girls get down and dirty on camera and you get a close up shot of all the action. – No compromise.Besides that, VivThomas has been evolving in quality as well, and they’re not letting up. I mean they’ve got 8 new movies this month alone, and we’ve still got a week to go. They’re obviously hard at work and not running out of ideas any time soon.Retro is the New CoolWhat I absolutely love about VivThomas is that while I personally don’t like their newer stuff, because it feels kind of tame for me personally, you can just scroll down to their older stuff, all the way to the videos that they made back in 1999. Some of you bastards weren’t even born back then for fuck’s sake. Don’t you find that mind-blowing?I love the older stuff from back then both because they remind me of a simple time and because I remember that back then seeing a girl finger another girl’s asshole violently was practically blasphemy. That shit was either illegal or extremely frowned upon. Well, good old Vivian Thomas was pushing the fold back then, trying his hardest to be the first and the best at lesbian experimentation.The WebsiteVivThomas has gotten a few upgrades over the years, with no changes to the actual videos. The interface got a bit of makeup here and there, and right now it’s looking very modern and clean cut. It’s dark greyish, with very little menu options. You can jump right into the films and navigate them really fast. I mentioned that you could scroll down all the way to the 1999 material if you wanted, in a single click.There’s also very little if any cross-network advertising. During my jack session, I only saw a bar at the bottom of the page advertising some MetArt galleries, and since I love MetArt, I didn’t mind in the slightest.There are also a lot of galleries on VivThomas specifically, either made at the same time as the videos or separately. There are tons of them and they all have a strong adult-magazine vibe. There’s also a blog where the writers go way out of their way to produce regular enjoyable pornographic content, if you’re into that kind of thing.To Wrap UpI love VivThomas, and I respect Mr. Thomas himself. I spoke a lot about how his newer stuff isn’t to my liking, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. This man could take a couple of $50 crack whores off the street and make them look like every man’s dream threesome waiting to happen. He’s got a vision and it is Sapphic.I’m very impressed by the fact that he hasn’t slowed down with video production in almost 20 years, and I warmly recommend this website both to men and women and especially to people who consider themselves porn connoisseurs, because VivThomas is a real piece of history.