Mommys Girl! I have never been disappointed with any site in the Girlsway network, and I doubt Mommy’s Girl will be any different. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Girlsway, it is an American porn studio that produces exclusively lesbian porn. More specifically, Girlsway tends to focus on narrative-driven, high-quality lesbian porn to be exact. It is, for me anyway, in the incredible stories and extremely high-quality production of the porn where Girlsway really sets itself apart from the other premium porn studios out today.I was never a huge fan of lesbian porn, if I’m being honest, until I visited Girlsway for the first time. In the past, my stance on the matter went something like this: since I watch porn to place myself in the sexual situations presented (aka I imagine the porno dick fucking the chicks as my own dick fucking the chicks) and there is no place for a man in lesbian porn (no dick = no me in on the sex); therefore, I reasoned, as I cannot project myself into the scenes in lesbian porn, there is no point in my viewing lesbian porn.Then I saw Girlsway, which made me realize that I don’t necessarily have to be able to envision myself in the porn to enjoy it. I can always sit back and find pleasure in watching these beautiful girls exploring and discovering their own pleasures. I can, it turned out, be kind of like a voyeur to lesbian sex, if not a participant. Now I am on board.Revitalizing the Lost Art of Story in PornOf all the sites in the Girlsway network, Mommy’s Girl has to be one of the kinkiest in its premise: sexy teen chicks fucking their maternal figures. More often than not it is the girl’s “stepmom.” Again, though, in classic Girlsway fashion, Mommy’s Girl is for porn lovers who also appreciate the lost art of story in porn.Allow me to demonstrate what I mean exactly when I refer to "story". Because I don’t mean what you idiots are probably thinking: oh, dude, like, so, this hot chick, like, delivers pizza to another hot chick, and then, like, when she opens the pizza box, her pussy is in it. No, the stories on Mommy’s Girl are elaborate and super original (which is all too rare in porn today in general).In one particularly spicy video, “Closer to Home,” Jill Cassidy checks the mail and finds that she has received a letter from the college she applied for and was really hoping to get into. Too nervous to open it, she sits down on the couch. After some time of building up the courage, finally, she tears open the envelope. At that very moment, her stepmom, Kendra James, walks in and sits beside Jill as she reads the letter.With a huge smile on her face, Jill looks up excitedly at her mom and tells her she has been accepted to Alaskan University [kind of a weird school to be your top pick, but whatever]. Kendra, however, is not so pleased by the news. “Alaska is too far,” she tells Jill, “Didn’t we talk about you staying closer to home?”Kendra suggests the nearby community college instead, insisting that it would be better for Jill to slowly ease into the experience of college without having to be too far from home. Jill definitely does not agree with her stepmom, though, claiming that Alaskan University has the best program for her major. Jill doesn’t budge, even when Kendra offers to buy her a car.“'But wouldn't you' Kendra asks with a sultry bat of her beautiful eyelashes, caressing Jill's arm softly,” reads the scene’s synopsis, “'Wouldn't you miss our time together?' Kendra asks as she hikes up her skirt, pulling aside her panties to enticingly reveal her shaved pussy. Jill gasps at the sight of it, biting her lip. 'Wouldn't you miss your stepmother's love?' Kendra asks. Of course, Jill would, and she immediately shows Kendra how much she would miss it, bending down and tonguing her stepmother's clit eagerly.”Come on. Name one other porn studio offering that much backstory and seductive action. Oh, and if you are not a big porn story person, no need to worry, all of that only takes about two and a half, three minutes tops to transpire. So, you aren’t having to sit around through a whole episode of a sitcom or anything before the action begins.And once the action does begin, it is fucking beautiful. You don’t have to sacrifice anything with Mommy’s Girl. You’re not getting subpar porn in place of a great story, and you are not getting a subpar story in place of great porn. Plus, adding on the fact that you have the hottest teen girls in bed with the sexiest cougars in the porn industry today, there’s a little something for everyone on Mommy’s Girl (well, everyone except for gay dudes, I suppose).Awesome, Minimalist, Easy to Use Site DesignThe site design and layout itself is very different from your typical premium porn paysite. This is because a subscription to Mommy’s Girl is actually a subscription to the entirety of Adult Time (the larger porn company that owns Girlsway and, thus, Mommy’s Girl). So, when you log into, you are actually brought to the Girlsway-specific portal page of the Adult Time member’s area.Whereas you might expect to find a black background, a large banner at the top of the page and then a bunch of organized thumbnails, you will find a white background, a slender banner with a menu bar, and then a few crucial dropdown menu selectors that allow you to easily sift through all the content on the Girlsway network. Mommy’s Girl will, of course, be selected as the default studio (since you logged in through it), but you can also select Girlsway Originals, Web Young, Girls Try Anal, Sex Tape Lesbians, or All Sites.Also, just above the search results will be three more dropdown options to help you filter content. Do so by Category (checking off the box of just one or as many as you want), Porn Stars, and Series. Also, select how you want videos to be ordered … choose from Latest Updates, Most Viewed, Highest Rated, and Coming Soon. Every time you alter your selection, videos will become quickly and automatically filtered based on your parameters. It’s pretty fucking awesome and super easy to use.Then, of course, you can always click on the Adult Time member’s area button at the top of the page to instantly gain access to all 77 of Adult Time’s sites at no additional price. This has to be, by far, the best deal on premium membership porn available on the internet today.Active and Engaged Community of UsersWhat’s more is that the users of Mommy’s Girl are very active and engaged in the comments section of the videos. Every video I clicked into has nearly a popular Reddit thread’s number of comments and replies to go along with it. So, if a sense of community is something that is important to you when it comes to deciding what porn sites you will subscribe to, well, you will definitely have plenty of fellow pornoholics to shoot the shit with (before and after you shoot your loads).Plus, on Mommy’s Girl, there’s a good chance that you won’t just be fapping and chatting with all dudes. I’m willing to bet a fair share of ladies frequent this site as well. Hopefully, that doesn’t scare you cucks off…All in all, Mommy’s Girl is a great site that offers a strictly lesbian take on the taboo / “incest” kink trend taking over the porn industry these days. Even though I normally kind of cringe at the thought of incest porn, somehow it feels less gross when it’s a lesbian taboo relationship. I don’t know if it’s because it actually happens much less frequently in real life or what, but the thought of a father actually fucking his daughter seems so much more despicable to me than a mother committing the same act. Has Mommy’s Girl found a way to make incest porn palatable for the masses?I love Mommy’s Girl’s elaborate storylines (that don’t get too in the way of the actual porn), the high-quality scenes, the extremely gorgeous girls, the variety (milf and teen lovers can both rejoice alongside taboo porn heads), the clean and minimalist site design, and the very active community of users. Add on top of all that the fact that you get access to 76 other sites all for one price, and it’s a no-brainer.In other words, if you love and appreciate the female form, you need to stop what you’re doing and go sign up for Mommy’s Girl right now.