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SweetheartVideo! Let's talk about the ‘L' word. No, not the sappy, sentimental one. The one about the best kind of girl-girl bonding anyone woman can ever experience and any guy can ever see – lesbianism. Sadly, most homosexual females in the real world are either too focused on their careers, attending to their cats, or planning their next trip of hiking through the Ozarks, rather than making out at the bars for our delight.But sites like SweetHeartVideo.com have you covered. No matter who you prefer your girl-on-girl action, you’ll get it on there.ScenesI know a lot of people think that porn is porn; there’s no need for extra frills or set pieces to make a scene with two girls going down on each other exciting.I disagree.Sure the whole point of the video are the chicks diddling each other, but after a while, it's nice to spice things up with something different. Especially if you're looking for stuff which unlocks your hidden fantasies…even the ones you didn't know you had.Fortunately, the directors at Sweet Heart Video have thought up all kinds of unique and titillating for their girls to get down and dirty. For instance, there are vids with teachers seducing their nubile students, students getting with their professors, girls at university doing some serious collegiate "experiments," woman-on-woman bondage scenes, and more.To make things even better, Sweet Heart Video uploads fresh content all the time. From what I can tell you can expect a new, full-length fuck vid about once every three days.Featured SeriesAs I brought up earlier, this site has some of the most high-quality, well thought out scenes on the web. In addition to one-off scenes, this site has great series which involve a compelling plot (or at least as compelling as porn gets) with well-rounded characters, great sets, and of course tons of licking, fucking, and cumming. How often do you see all of that together in porn?Seriously, the writing and production values will give the people at Vivid a run for their money.To give you a taste of what you’re in for the series being promoted right now are…Talk Derby to Me – We all know that 80% of roller derby girls are lesbian and the other 20% are just in denial. Well, this series plays off of that stereotype with the story of a former derby star, Allison, attempting to assert herself as a great player once again. The challenge – Allison's Los Angeles-based team, is super competitive, aggressive, and horny beyond all belief. However, will Allison take charge of the team and satiate her teammates' randy desires?This wild lesbian romp stars Stoya and the legendary Joanna Angel. Besides all of the lady licking and pussy play, the dramatic acting, intricate plot, and derby scene ain't bad either.Becoming Elsa – It seems like there are so many stories of guys finding their inner gay after two hours of self-discovery and acceptance in the theaters these days. Well, this is the porn, straight guy-friendly version of that. Innocent Elsa Jean moves to Los Angeles to find herself and while she does, she meets a lot other sexy women who not only tap on her G-spot but a side Elsa never knew she had.After a little sisterly guidance, Elsa discovers her inner love and lust for ladies. Besides Jean, other performers include India Summer, Ana Foxxx, and Jade KushThe Coven Wives – In the mood for something that combines suspense and sex? After her divorce, thirty-something and still busty Cherie DeVille relocates to a perfect house in northern California. While there she encounters a series of strange neighbors and even weirder dreams. What kind of dreams? The kind involving naked ladies massaging their mammaries and licking their labias.Confessions of a Sinful Nun – Lust is a sin. Seduction is a sin. Lesbianism is a sin. All of these things Charlotee Stokely (aka Sister Charlotte) knows too well, but can't help herself from indulging in. Since coming to a new convent, she's struggled with her desire to dine on the vag of every woman she sees. Not only does Charlotte try and, fortunately for us, utterly fail to repress her urges, but Mother Superior (played by the Nina Hartley) will have to dish out some discipline.Go ahead, relieve some of that Catholic guilt, and check this wank worthy flick out. Even if your not Catholic, I’m sure you’ll find this bean flick fest to be lots of fun all the same.These are just a few examples, and there are plenty more. If I've aroused your interest, check out Sweet Hearts website and tell ‘em the Porn Dude sent ya.ModelsA porn site isn't shit if it doesn't have good talent. Fortunately for all of us, Sweet Heart's talent is truly legendary. This site has hundreds of hot honeys of all colors, with tits of all shapes and sizes, and asses which just won't quit. While most of the girls are the lipstick lesbians types that everybody loves, there are a few butches but still hot ladies on this site, too.On each model's profile, you get a layout of all of her scenes, her filmography, and a link to her most recent scene.Another cool thing about Sweet Heart Video is that you can vote for models and you don't even need an account. I'm not sure what the voting does exactly, but one thing I know for sure, looking at these ladies' scores, no matter what your taste you won't be disappointed.Plus, you can even leave some feedback to your favorite model in an interactive comments section. And you don’t even need an account to do any of this.PhotosVideo footage is awesome, but who doesn’t love looking at some nude, naughty pics to spice things up every now and then? Sweet Heart Video has literally dozens of pics per scene for all of their models. I didn’t do a full count (sorry, I got distracted by all of the tits) but there’s probably on average hundreds of hot images per model.DVDsIf you like what you see on this site, they've got hundreds of DVDs packed with your favorite scenes. Generally, each movie revolves around a fantasy or theme, like stepsisters fucking or rimming, and run up to two hours or more. There are dozens of categories like Asian, hairy, or face sitting, and each can be searched for on the Sweet Hearts DVD page.Membership BenefitsAs a member, you get full access to all videos including series. You can save short scenes and movies to your personal profile, and even create a playlist of your favorite porn.Further, you'll be in the know with detailed updates and promos every time you log in. On top of all of this, by signing up, you're also a member of Sweet Heart's parent company, the Mile High Network. What all is on this network? Only one of the best selections of porn on the web like…Lesbian Older Younger – Everyone needs a mentor, right? Well, these nubile ladies do, and they’ve each got a guiding female friend to show them the ropes of lesbian sex.Reality Junkies – Camp, cunts, and cuteness unite! Combining good ol’ fashioned realistic porn with wild fantasy, the videos on this site are fucking great. In addition to seeing hardcore porn, you’ll see some pretty nifty, even romantic scenarios. You might just end up going "awww" before your face goes O!Bi Empire – Got a kinky side? Do you like seeing two girls go to town on a guy? Enjoy seeing two guys go to town on one girl? Do you go both ways? Then Bi Empire is for you. Every scene has awesome threeways with plenty of tag-teaming, flip-fucking, and DPing.Mile High Cams – That's right, this network even has it's cam models and a helluva lot of them, too. Yeah, it's a cam site, and you have to pay extra for the good stuff, but it was still too great not to include here.Should You Check Out Sweet Heart?If you read the whole article, you probably know the answer. If you didn't then, I'll summarize. Sweet Heart Videos has bangable babes, well shoot scenes, high production values, and other kickass bonuses.Unlike other sites, you’re limited to five previews which are only about a minute long. On the other hand, through Sweet Hearts parent network, you do get one free full video preview. That’s right, one entire free video, complimentary of the Mile High Network. Enjoy.Between the well-blocked scenes, hot models, and all of the awesome features, I highly recommend Sweet Heart Videos.