Addicted 2 Girls! A lot of people have accused me of being Addicted 2 Girls, but I’ve always considered myself more of a porn junkie. Some would argue they’re one in the same, and I guess that may well be true; the dirty movies I jack off to all day would be nothing without a steady stream of beautiful girls showing up to get their pussies licked clean on camera. Still, others might accuse me of being self-obsessed, committed to nothing more than my own pleasure as I stroke myself to completion. Again, the act wouldn’t be half as fun without the girls to look has got exactly the kind of girls I love gawking at whenever I’m all lubed up with my dick out, whether I’m working in my home office or riding the bus to meet my probation officer. The babes of this site suffer the same affliction I do, crippled by their addictions to beautiful girls and depraved sex acts. They’re constantly getting their fuck on in premium lesbian movies, and insatiable pervs like me just can’t help but tune in.Help Me, I’m Addicted 2 GirlsHalf the perverts reading this clicked away at the mention of premium smut. Sure, that means you’re going to have to bust out your wallet if you want to bust a nut to this one, but it’s going to be a satisfying fucking nut. I also mean premium in the sense that this is some top-shelf shit. I’m talking about high-end cameras, expensive sets, and some world-class features some of the hottest pornstars in the world. If you’re a regular consumer of online smut, you’ve no doubt fapped to a lot of these girls who love girls before. Their very newest movies feature Adriana Sephora getting it on with Alena Croft, Sinn Sage doing it with Missy Martinez, and Britney Amber getting her insides tasted by AJ Applegate. Past performers include girls like Melissa Moore, Aidra Fox, and legendary MILF Julia Ann.It should go without saying that whenever you see these babes, you’re going to be seeing some really naughty fucking activities. The previews out front show double-fisted fingering, manic pussy eating, intense scissoring and some wild strap-on action.I also can’t help noticing all the passionate kissing going on and fuck-me faces being exchanged. Addicted2Girls is a production of Zero Tolerance, an award-winning porn studio known for their girl-on-girl flicks. One of their gimmicks is “real sex with exciting kissing and foreplay,” which is easy enough to say but harder to pull off if you’re not pulling the right girls for your productions.Cheap Lesbians? Sign Me Up!I’m a man of steel when it comes to the sheer hardness of my hard-on, but not so much when it comes to my willpower. When I told myself I wasn’t going to sign up for another premium porn site this month, it was before I watched the trailer for Make My Kitten Squirt. The decision was made a little easier by the fact that a standard membership is considerably less than most paysites.These days, most adult sites will cost you thirty bucks a month, give or take a few cents. is only twenty for a full membership with streaming and downloading, and half that if you don’t want to save anything to your hard drive. While I was typing out the regular prices, a robot offered me coupons for up to 50% off those.What’s the catch? Well, I think this may be an introductory offer. Addicted 2 Girls has only been offering junkies their fix for about a month as of this writing, and therefore hasn’t had much time to grow. They’ve pledged to build the library fast, adding three new lesbian scenes every week.They dropped a big-ass starter set of girl-on-girl videos at the very beginning to help bulk up the catalog. The 62 scenes they’ve currently got up comprise 18 full DVD-style movies. I’ve seen other sites use similar counting to make their collections look bigger than they are, but there’s no such trickery at play here. The individual scenes are full-length encounters, typically running between 20 and 30 minutes. While it ain’t as much porn as you’ll find on long-established dyke porn networks, you ain’t going to run out of Addicted2Girls movies any time soon.Lesbian Swingers Who Fuck with PassionOne of the four scenes in the Addicted2Girls’s movie Lesbian Swingers is a sexy little affair between blonde Keira Nicole and redhead Edyn Blair. I’ve had a porn crush on Edyn ever since catching her in a fetish movie and thinking, this woman is beautiful even when she’s stepping on a dude’s nuts in army boots. Maybe I’m becoming more vanilla as I grow older, but I’m even more excited about seeing Edyn getting her red-bushed twat getting licked.The 27-minute scene opens with a bunch of lesbians sitting outside, looking sexy and talking about swinging. Edyn and Keira are on opposite couches with their respective partners while an arrangement is worked out. “Can she take her?” The next thing you know, our two starlets are making out in bed. It’s a simple plot, but it works.I watch a lot of hardcore porn where they’re always pushing the envelope, trying to get as depraved as possible right away. The Zero Tolerance studio formula includes a slow buildup, and they aren’t bullshitting about the passionate kisses. I skip the foreplay in most pornos, but watching these two kiss each other on the mouths and bodies has me feeling all kinds of ways. The girls aren’t even both topless until 5 minutes in, but in this case, I ain’t complaining.The very real chemistry enhances this already hot duo, making them even sexier. The moaning and giggling get more intense as more clothes come off, and even more when Keira starts licking Edyn where she pees. When the fingers go in, Edyn can barely contain herself. I love the big smile on her pretty face as she moans with pleasure. When it’s time to reciprocate, that mouth gets Keira squealing.R U Addicted 2 Girls 2?The camerawork is simple but glorious, alternating between wide angles that showcase the lesbians’ stunning bodies to perfectly framed tight shots of pussies with fingers and tongues in them. The bright lighting, crystal clear picture and mansion décor give the production a really clean vibe, even as the girls get absolutely nasty with each other.Keira rides Edyn’s face toward the end, a feat that elicits some sexy noises from both of them. I love how their enthusiasm for each other never seems phoned in or fake, and it’s a non-stop driving force throughout the entire film. When they kiss each other on the mouth, smile and laugh at the end, it feels like they can’t wait to do it again.Frankly, I can’t wait to watch them again. After browsing the scene’s still gallery, which includes a fair number of gorgeous posed shots in addition to in-movie action, I went looking for more of the pair. Edyn and Kera are each in a couple other Addicted 2 Girls movies, so I guess I have my evening lined up. Then again, I have a feeling I’m going to end up fapping my way through the site’s entire is a new porn site, which means it has the inherent flaw of a small catalog compared to some of the competition. That’s honestly my only complaint I can level at the site, and it’s not much of a complaint. Instead of making their fans wait endlessly for that back catalog to fill up, these perverts front-loaded the place with a bunch of movies, and they’re banging out 3 new scenes a week.Throw in the top-shelf video sluts and the award-winning price and you’ve got yourself a kickass lesbian porn site on your hands. is really going to appeal to girl addicts who love seeing genuine passion between the girls, and not just babes mindlessly fisting each other with dead eyes and fake moans. The studio is known for creating chemistry between its female stars, and this site carries on that proud and sexy tradition.Look, I’m the last guy who would ever judge you if you struggle with serious girl addiction. I’ve been needing a fix at least 5 or 6 times a day lately, and I think that’s only going to get worse now that I’m signed up for Addicted2Girls. You know, they might actually be making my addiction worse, but at least they’ve got a potent cure in stock.