As a part of the Gamma Films family, Girl Sway (or is it Girl’s Way? I am not entirely sure…I’m going to just go with Girls Way because I like it better) is one of the production company’s most popular sites, and one of the most popular all lesbian porn paysite providers on the web. Gamma Films is also known for its other premium paysites, such as 21st Sextury, Fantasy Massage, and Pure Taboo. GirlsWay.com, however, has attained, arguably, the best reputation when it comes to all lesbian videos. And they have done so through putting out nothing but scores and scores of great content over the years.I have had a number of debates with my guy friends about whether or not lesbian or hetero porn is preferable. These debates didn’t really get us anywhere. Men seem to be pretty split on which they prefer. Some say that they only wank it to lesbian porn because they are not trying to see a dick or hairy balls when they are trying to get off; others have said that they prefer straight porn because they are more concerned with seeing the actual penetrative fucking and doing so allows them to more easily fall into the fantasy of the video. Although I tend to fall into the latter camp, I totally get the appeal of girl on girl porn, and definitely can appreciate beautiful women appreciating each other’s bodies.Although Girls Way, therefore, might not be my typical go-to site for my own fapping needs, I already know I am going to love what they have to offer. As soon as I land on the member’s area page, I am immediately impressed with the design and layout of the site. A white background with blue text is laid out in a well-organized and easy to navigate way.Wait a Minute…Am I Watching Netflix or Porn?There is a giant banner at the top of the page advertising, not other content that they are trying to get me to pay for, but, instead, a new 1980s inspired series called Girlcore (which is actually provided via Adult Time, but, hey, your Girls Way membership provides you unfettered access, so, fuck it).Girlcore’s ad shows a diverse group of sexy ladies in bright neon workout leotards, the girls look somewhat reminiscent of the ladies on the popular nostalgia tv show, Glow. As a huge fan of Glow, I have dreamt of fucking the Glorious Ladies of Wrestling on more than one occasion, so you already know I had to check that out first.Girlcore did not disappoint. In fact, it was really fucking impressive. The attention detail paid in the filming, the costumes, and the music is incredible. Everything in this series looks to be straight out of the 80s, even down to the filming style—we see a brightly colored gym, dynamically lit, with a very soft focus on the girls (all classic elements of the quintessential 80s film style.The girls also don’t disappoint in this series. There are Asian girls, black girls, blondies, and brunettes, and we see them all doing squats in the opening scene. The girls continue to work out for a few minutes and, eventually, decide to take a break.As soon as they do, the ladies all start immediately taking their tops off. Well, all except for one. She seems a little shy and uncomfortable. But, worry not, two of the more confident girls are quick to lend her a helping hand, getting her out of her shirt to expose her pretty little perky tits. I am willing to wager that you can probably guess where this episode of Girlcore goes from here.In case you’re a little slow on the uptake, though, allow me to fill in the blanks. They start assisting each other in exercises, encouraging one another, and spotting each other, until, eventually, nipples get sucked and pussies get licked; then, buckle up your seatbelts, because there are faces to ride! And, just like that, you have an amazing all-female orgy playing itself out before your eyes. Again, I absolutely cannot believe the production quality and level of thought that went into this.To the right of the video, all the while, a conveniently placed playlist of the rest of the episodes in the season of this series can be found. As far as streaming a series is concerned, the ease of use and design of this site rivals that of Netflix (and, personally, I think it’s even better than that of Hulu or Amazon Video).Girls Swaying Girls Swaying GirlsMuch of Girls Way’s content contains similar situations to the one I just illustrated in Girlcore. Girls are hanging out in various situations together, one of them helps the other with something that could turn sexual, then it does, one of them is unsure if she should partake, then she ultimately gives in and experiences some of the best sex of her life.And that might be my one criticism of the site as a whole, is that they could probably figure out a way to extend themselves a little more creatively. There are only so many times the same scenario can play out without losing some of its novelty over time, even if it is set in a different decade from time to time.Creativity is Born of LimitationThat being said, I don’t know how much deviation there truly could be from that basic formula—and it clearly works. Plus, to their credit, I do think that they find some pretty interesting variations on it. In “My Conscience,” for example, Lilly Hall and Candice Dare are hanging out on Lilly’s bed when Candice mentions that she’s hot (hell yeah, she is…) and so she goes to take a shower, leaving the door ajar.Still on her bed, Lilly likes what she sees as Candice slips out of her clothes and into the shower, so she starts rubbing her pussy at the sight. That’s when Jenna Sativa materializes to the left of her, in red lingerie, and announces herself as her “naughty conscience.” Jenna goes on to rub her shoulders, encouraging her to fuck Candice.Then Gianna Dior appears to Lilly’s right, dressed as a sexy angel. Gianna begs Lilly not to do it, claiming that she can satisfy her enough on her own. With the devil rubbing her left shoulder, and the angel stroking her right, this moral debacle quickly turns into a supernatural threesome between Lilly and both sides of her conscience. Pretty wild stuff, am I right? This is the kind of awesome, high-quality content you can expect to have access to with a membership to Girls Way.Tons of Awesome Features and Exclusive ContentIn addition to really cool videos like that one, Girls Way also offers full-length feature films, tons of extra behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with models, high-resolution pictures, and a featured Girl of the Month (chosen based on member’s votes and “brand collaboration”), where you can read the winner’s bio and find all of the scenes, films, and videos she has appeared in.Also on the Girls Way home page, you will find a special announcement video claiming that all of the aforementioned sites affiliated with Gamma Films are to soon be easily accessible for one membership fee (the one you already pay) on a convenient portal site that is in the works. So, if you have been weighing your options and considering a membership to Girls Way, now is definitely the time to do it! It might just be the best (virtual) bang for your buck.Drumroll Please…As if Girls Way didn’t already have enough going for it, I am happy to announce that there is not a single ad to be found anywhere on the site. You can find their partner sites, sure, if you wish to seek them out; but, thankfully, they do not shove it down your throat, or try to sway you to visit them by peddling additional products. I have so much respect for this. This is exactly how a paysite should treat its members.A great website, easy to use, plenty of Hollywood budget lesbian porn to choose from, soon a whole network of sites for the price of one, some of the sexiest girls in the industry today, and no ads? Sign me up! In fact, I’ll even take a lifetime membership if you have one. I have reviewed many a porn site in my day and I can honestly say, as far as user experience and quality of content goes, I have never been more impressed than I am with what Girls Way has to offer.It would be nice if they had some straight material (as I mentioned my typical preferences earlier), but with content this good and girls this hot, I think I might be swayed to lesbian porn as well after spending some time on Girls Way. I say put your dick away for just a second, grab your wallet, take out your credit card, and sign up for a membership right away! You won’t be disappointed.