Sapphic Erotica

SapphicErotica! Ever wonder where the word “lesbian” comes from? Well, if you spend as much time thinking about lesbians as I do, then it’s probably crossed your mind once or twice before. The term “lesbian” that we use all the time today to describe a lady loving lady can be dated back to the days of ancient Greece. Maybe you remember learning about the island of Lesbos way back when in history or geography class?That lesson always got a good chuckle or two in high school. Personally, learning about the island of Lesbos always turned me on. Because all I could think of was an island filled with nothing but lesbians. In my mind, the island of Lesbos looked something like this: after taking a dip in the warm waters of the Aegean Sea on a hot summer day, still dripping wet, beautiful naked Grecian women would frolic and laugh and lick each other’s tight pussies until nightfall. Well, it turns out my fantasy was not entirely inaccurate. There is, in fact, a direct link between lesbos and this Greek island.The island of Lesbos is actually where the word lesbian is derived from. Over time, people began conflating the island of Lesbos with a certain famous and controversial female poet from there. Her name was Sappho, and she was known for writing erotically charged verse dedicated to other women. She was an openly lesbian poet from the isle of Lesbos. Hence, the whole reason gay women are called lesbians today.This lesbo poet, however, is also where the lesbian porn site Sapphix gets its name from. The word sapphic is an adjective used to describe something relating to lesbians or lesbianism. Consider that your word of the day. Maybe now you’ll be able to sound smart when you’re telling your friends about all the porn you watch: ‘I stroked my phallus tumescent as I gazed upon a sapphic scene.’ It helps if you say it in a British accent.Now that you’re a little bit smarter, you’ve earned the right to fap yourself silly today. There’s nothing quite like a well-earned fap after a hard day’s work. Nothing resets the mind and gets you relaxed quite like it. I’m sure you can relate: you come home after a long, stressful day at work, and immediately grab a beer and go to your favorite porn site. Well, let’s see if Sapphix might become that default porn site you go to, to relieve your stress.Elegant Site DesignUpon logging into the members area, my first impression of Sapphix is that it’s classy as fuck. Instead of the usual black background and loud, bold text or enormous banners popping out at you from the screen, you’ll find a white background, pink text, and an elegant, minimalistic site design. At the top of the page, you have a menu bar that blends seamlessly with the rest of the site, providing a nice aesthetic flow. Then, you’ll find a very brief description and a gallery of smallish, high-resolution thumbnails to browse. It’s not flashy, it’s not stereotypically porny. It looks nice, professional.On the home page, you have one section of thumbnails, organized by how recently they were uploaded. You could, if you so desired, browse these videos for 143 pages. That is a ton of hot sapphic action to enjoy. I must say, I find this particularly refreshing. You wouldn’t believe how many premium pay porn sites out there really shorthand their users in terms of quantity.Frequent Video Uploads, Tons of ContentI’ve signed up for pay porn sites before only to discover that they had a grand total of 15 or 20 scenes. I fapped my way through all of them in the first couple weeks! So, quantity is always an important factor when it comes to deciding which sites are worth your money and which ones are to be avoided. And I am happy to report that Sapphix has a fuck ton of porn for its members. With about 16 videos per page, 143 pages means you have, what, nearly 2,300 videos?Plus, it looks as if Sapphix uploads new videos around 9 or 10 times every month. So, it’s not even like you’ll have to wait around long to enjoy brand new content. Now, that is what I look for in a premium porn site. Because another premium porn pet peeve of mine is paying for a site that does not provide regular updates. Even a lot of the better known, ‘top tier’ porn studios often upload a new video maybe once or twice a month if you’re lucky. So, to have 10 times that in new content every month? Well, you just can’t beat it. Unless, of course, you’re talking about your meat … then you just can’t not beat it.Let’s go back to that seamlessly integrated site menu bar I spoke of a minute ago. Not only does it blend in perfectly with the rest of the site, visually speaking, but it actually seems like a pretty effective tool for browsing the site as well. Here, you can choose from Home. Movies, Models, Bonus, Discounts, Cams, Shop, Forum, or Support. To the right, you’ll also find a convenient user menu, where you can quickly edit your profile, change your avatar, or access your favorited videos.Clicking on Movies will allow you to access Sapphix’s entire database of scenes, and, thanks to an incredibly customizable filtering feature, you will be able to search them with amazing precision. Filter videos by category, location (living room, outdoors, kitchen, beach, office, etc.), face type (baby face, slutty, next door, glamorous, punk, butch, etc.), ethnicity, hair color, hair type, eye color … even pussy / labia type (small, medium, meat curtains, or big clit). And those options are only scratching the surface of how specific you can get with your searches. I love a porn site that understands the specific horny cravings that we get and then caters to it. Bravo.The Models section of the site, although it is much appreciated to be able to browse scenes by girl, is a little underwhelming. I always like it when a site really gives the girls a place to shine, you know, as individuals; show off their personalities a bit. The Models section of Sapphic Erotica, however, just brings you to a model page with a few very basic stats (hair color, breast size, race, pubic style, country of birth) and then a list of videos she appears in.It would be kind of nice if they at least also provided a bio, even a brief sentence or two, showing us a little of who she is. But, then again, obviously I’m not here to fap to learning a girl’s astrological sign or origin story, so let’s take a look at what matters most on a porn site: the porn (surprise, surprise).High-Quality, Sensual, Authentic PornThe porn itself is extremely high quality. Every video is available in up to 4K and, so, the scenes are crystal clear. But, in addition to that, the camera work is great, and the girls are all sexy as fuck. As far as style is concerned, Sapphix definitely specializes in the erotic. The sessions are very intimate. The girls actually look like they are enjoying themselves, too, which is something I feel is far too rare in porn. It’s sensuous and authentic, but still crazy hot and explicit—a combination you don’t cum across enough these days.Not only is the porn incredibly fap-worthy, the video pages provide everything you’d expect from a premium pay site as well. Feel free to rate videos from 1 – 5 hearts, download them, add them to your favorites list, and comment on them. Plus, each video is very thoroughly tagged, providing extremely easy browsing of the rest of the site from one video to the next. The only downside to the video pages, as far as I’m concerned, is the fact that you don’t get previews of what’s to come in the video when you hover your cursor over the video’s scrub bar. I always find this a little frustrating, but I suppose I’ll live.Plus, if you ever find yourself growing tired of sapphic content, the site also provides a page of bonus scenes from another studio. At the time that I visited, that studio was Blacked and, without leaving SapphicErotica.com, I was able to watch one of my all-time favorite girls, Dolly Little getting fucked by a BBC, and switch back to beautiful lesbians in a matter of seconds. If you need something new, you can also mosey on over to the Discounts section and see what special deals you are entitled to as a member of Sapphix.All in all, Sapphix is an incredible erotic lesbian porn site. The porn is awesome, there is a fuck ton to do and plenty of content to enjoy, it packs all the features you expect from a premium pay porn site, and you get some bonus content to boot. In my opinion, if you love sapphic porn, you can’t go wrong with Sapphix!