We Live Together! Have you ever wondered what women do when they are alone together? The TV would have you believe it’s some pretty boring shit. They sit around talking about their goddamn feelings, drinking wine, and making scrapbooks full of memories of their ugly little children. Sometimes there is yoga, but it never devolves into all-out orgies between a bunch of really fit bitches. I’ve always hoped these were just untrue stereotypes, and the all-girl scenes at WeLiveTogether seem to back that up.WeLiveTogether.com is a roommate-themed lesbian site from the devious minds at RealityKings. The RK name alone should give you an idea of the quality you can expect. This clearly ain’t no fly-by-night operation shooting iPhone movies of crack whore blowjobs. They’ve been around for a good long minute, too, uploading their first pussy-licking threesome way back in 2003. Internet users are quick to give up on something the moment they figure out it’s bullshit, so the fact that they’ve outlived giants like MySpace is another indicator we are about to get off really fucking hard.Standing Outside the Window at the Dike StoreThe landing page tries to entice you into parting with your hard-earned cash by showing previews of all the newest lez flicks they’ve posted. A few days ago they added one with redheaded goddess Molly Stewart and the ripe and illustrious Sabina Rouge. They didn’t even bother with a setup on this one, just tossed the two nymphomaniac lesbians together and aimed a camera at all the spanking, scissoring and ass-worshiping that happened as a result. It’s a simple formula, but good goddamn!The titles and animated thumbnails have me reaching for my erection and my wallet at the same time. Use My Shower and My Slit shows butt-cheek spreading and a 69. We Tease Together has sexy feet and Latina asshole eating. I’ve always wondered what broads are doing when they’re “just hanging out.” In Just Hanging out, it involves rapid fingers against the clit, ecstatic screaming, and a college girl sitting on her roommate’s face.The bottom of the preview page shows just a handful of the top pornstars and world-famous whores who have starred in WeLiveTogether movies so far. RealityKings works with the best in the business, so expect to see your favorite babes groping each other’s beautiful titties, eating each other out, and smashing the living hell out of each other with strap-on dildos, double dongers, and vibrators.Mia Malkova, Monique Alexander and Riley Reid have all done girl-on-girl movies that you can jerk off to with your membership. So have Audrey Bitoni, Nicole Aniston, and Asian super slut Asa Akira. I could go on, but the full list has nearly 700 superstars of video sex. You definitely enjoy perusing the list much more than you would enjoy reading me type it out. The text just doesn’t do those supple melons justice, no matter what font you’re using.Buy the Cow, Get the Farm for FreeI tried to watch the preview video for a little something called Be My Slut. It’s the touching and intimate story of a hot Latin Mamacita and a lovely blonde chick waking up in bed together after a sleepover. With just T-shirts and panties on, there’s not much to cover up those perfect bodies and flawless skin. I certainly can’t blame them for wanting to touch each other, which naturally leads to kissing, boob play, scissoring and squirting.WeLiveTogether tricked me with a fake play button on the movie “preview”. I clicked that triangle, the universal symbol for Watch Now, but instead got transported to the magical and totally sexy sign-up page.The regular price for a month at WeLiveTogether is the industry standard 30 bucks a month, with cheaper rates for longer memberships. It’s a decent price for a paysite, literally exactly what you should expect, but you’re not buying a subscription to just one site. Since WeLiveTogether is part of RealityKings, you’re gaining access to the full network.Check out my review of RealityKings on The Porn Dude if you want the full rundown on those big boys of premium pornography. There are some damn good reasons they occupy such a prime position on my Premium Porn Sites list. There is at least one update a day on the network, and the production values are consistently really fucking high. You’ll find pretty much every genre of sex movies, so if you get bored of the lesbians on WeLiveTogether (yeah, right) you can crank it to teen deflowerings, Euro sex parties, public club fucking and tranny surprises.I should mention that there is a cheap, short trial available, but be careful if you choose that option. Once your little preview period is over, you start getting billed monthly at an inflated rate. A lot of porn sites do this, and I always get a little chuckle out of the blatant shadiness when I see it in the fine print. Just don’t be a retard and you’ll be fine.Better Lesbian Sex through ChemistryFor years, alcohol was considered the ultimate chemical panty remover. Holy shit, though, have you ever tried molly? The psychedelic amphetamine gives girls a boost of energy while also making them all lovey, touchy, and horny. It makes them happy as hell, reducing the risk of psychotic bitch freakouts and tearful meltdowns that are sometimes the result of alcohol consumption.Pussy Licking Lust, one of the newer scenes from WeLiveTogether, features a couple of festival babes coming home after a long day of dancing to EDM. You’d think they’d be crashing after hours of physical exertion, but somebody must have hooked them up with some potent beans because these bitches are fully on right from the jump.The movie opens with Karissa Shannon’s killer booty in Michelle James’s face. Karissa gyrates while Michelle sticks her tongue in that luscious crack, both girls breathing hard, moaning and smiling sweetly. The gorgeous sluts ain’t phoning it in at all. That’s real excitement and real lust, so I’m already really close to popping.Michelle puts her legs up over her head and Karissa rips the brunette’s rainbow fishnets so she can get her tongue in the little slut’s pussy and asshole. Both girls are practically screaming with each breath and we’re not even five minutes into the scene. Somebody hook me up with their dealer’s number, please.Paying for the Milk When You Already Bought the CowI have to admit, I didn’t even make it to the part where Michelle gets to work with the 3-foot dildo. This is a hot fucking scene! I clicked Like, Favorite, and then Download. Shit. I forgot that RealityKings charges extra for downloads, so that also applies here on WeLiveTogether.Download access is going to tack another 15 bucks onto the monthly membership fee. So that’s how they get you! Considering you get full access to everything on RealityKings, it’s arguably worth the premium if you’re the sort of person who likes to stockpile your clips of girls smacking each other’s asses and slurping the juices of their clits. You never know when you’ll be trapped in an underground sex dungeon without access to the Internet and suddenly get the urge to fap to lesbian MP4s.The extra charge to save files was my only real issue with WeLiveTogether. I certainly have nothing bad to say about the pornography. After watching Michelle and Karissa fool around, I watched an Ebony locker room cunnilingus scene and a road trip lesbian threesome in the back of a jeep. Then I snorted a Viagra and spent a few hours watching lesbians paint each other’s vaginas, toss a lot of salad, and ride bikes with dildos on the seats. Every element of every movie had the same high level of quality, from the crisp HD video to the gorgeous women to the depraved sexual talent on display.Other premium lesbian sites can learn a thing or two from WeLiveTogether. It has everything you look for in a paysite. The updates are regular, the girl-on-girl smut is incredible, and the site is set up to help you easily dig through the hundreds of movies they have in the archive. Throw in the rest of the RealityKings network and you’ve got yourself a hell of a porno package.