Girlfriends Films

Oh yeah! Premium lesbian smut at GirlfriendsFilms! Is there anything more classic in the world of adult entertainment than lesbian porn? Probably not. Since the infancy of smut cinema, back in the days of porn staches and big, hairy ‘70’s bushes, lesbian porn has been a staple to the industry, garnering a huge following and creating a whole new space in the arena of male sexual desire. When lesbian porn first took off, it was still kind of a taboo thing, and guys didn’t lust over lesbians to the same degree that we do now.But nowadays, more than 50 years later, every guy with a working dick and a functioning libido has, at one point or another, fantasized about being invited into a lesbian couple’s most intimate moments, fucking one girl doggystyle, for instance, as the other one lies back and gets her twat licked. Ah, the highly allusive (and even sexier) life goal of having your dick used as a dildo for a lesbian couple to make love with. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen nearly as often as the porn industry would have you think, but if you remain vigilant, it is definitely possible.I’ve had a few FFM threesomes in my day. A word to the wise, for whatever it’s worth, they have actually tended to be on Halloween night. Apparently, that is a highly erotic time for a lot of ladies out there. So, definitely go out to the clubs and bars next Halloween and keep an eye out for the possibility. Stick around long enough, wear an entertaining enough costume, and, who knows, it could happen to you!A lot of the lesbian porn out there, however, does not even involve a dick whatsoever. This is even more forbidden and less likely to play itself out in real life – that a lesbian couple will ask you to come over to merely bear witness to their sweet, sweet bodies and the licking, sucking, and fucking to ensue therein. It is for that very reason, actually, that I have always had a bit of trouble getting into lesbian porn in the past. It just didn’t seem like it could actually occur in any realistic situation. And I am one of those porn lovers who gets off on inserting myself into the scenarios; if I can’t pretend that I’m the one in the video who is actually doing the fucking, then I have trouble getting off to it. It’s just too far from the realm of reality. And usually that amounts to there being a dick present, one that I can feasibly imagine is my own.But, then again, lesbian porn has also always been extremely alluring for, paradoxically, the very fact that there are no dicks in it whatsoever. As much as I like to be able to insert myself (literally and figuratively) into the pornos that I fap to, I am also not fond of having to look at a lot of cocks in order to do so. So, the fact that lesbian porn is cock-less is something that has a definite draw to it. No dicks to obscure your view of unbelievably tantalizing female bodies being pleasured by other even less believably tantalizing female bodies. You just can’t go wrong. You just have to have a little bit more of an active imagination to put yourself there, that’s all!That being said, once you let go and allow yourself to fully embrace the beauty of lesbian porn for what it is, it is fucking amazing. And I’m glad that I did. Honestly, there’s no going back now. Not fully, anyway. I mean, do I still watch guy on girl porn? Well, obviously, in fact, it is still my go-to. But I definitely get a serious hankering for some girl on girl action regularly now, too, more than a couple times a week. So, as is the case anytime you develop a new pornographic appetite – a new niche means you are in need of a new site. So, today, I am going to be taking a look at a premium pay professional lesbian porn site known as Girlfriends Films – a studio that has a reputation for producing high-quality lesbian porn.The Site is as Clean and Inviting as a Freshly Shaven PussyFrom the moment you log into Girlfriends Films, you will be impressed with the clean and organized nature of the site. It has a great look to it. It’s minimalist, neat, professional, easy to use, and full of all the bells and whistles you want from a monthly subscription porn site. A simple white and pink theme takes the shape of a classic porn site. At the top of each page, you’ll find a site menu bar, which makes it as easy as possible to browse hundreds upon hundreds of HD lesbian porn videos.Here, you can navigate the site without worries. Choose between Home, Videos, Movies, Archive, Girls, and Photos. It’s as simple as that. No bullshit, no hidden ads disguised as parts of the site, no bullshit. Just girls. And that’s exactly how a premium lesbian porn site should be! There is also a very narrow user menu bar, too, at the very top of the page. You might miss it, in fact, if you aren’t specifically looking for it.This is where you will find a lot of the additional options that are more typical to premium paysites (although other sites will often try to hide them in with the main menu bar). You have a cam site, a free scene from a sister site (when I visited, it was from a studio called Lesbian X), Deals, Shop DVDs, a VOD service (which you can have pay per minute to view additional content from other studios), and a Community tab (which basically amounts to a newsletter, an About page, and links to Girlfriends Films’ social media accounts … kind of a copout as far as community features are concerned, but definitely not necessarily a boner killer).Quality, Quantity, and Everything In BetweenAs far as the quality of the porn itself goes, well, I believe that their list of awards will do a fine job speaking to that. If you check out Girlfriends Films’ About page, they list all the awards they have ever won, and, fuck, the list is staggering. Honestly, if I were in the business of producing lesbian porn myself, it might be a bit intimidating. They have won an XBIZ award every single year since 2010 (frequently sweeping the category of Best All Girl Series of the Year), and they have nabbed a fuck ton of AVN awards, every year since 2008. And, looking at a few of the videos, it becomes immediately clear to see why. They are great at providing content that toes the line between erotica and hardcore, striking the perfect balance between intimate and lustful. Honestly, it’s really great shit.If all that wasn’t enough to get you onboard the Girlfriends Films bandwagon, maybe you’ll be swayed by learning that they update with a new full-length scene every single day. That is often the game changer for me when I’m trying to decide whether or not I will sign up for a premium pay porn site. Especially since many of the big-name, so-called top-tier studios only put out new content like once a week, if that. To know that I could visit Girlfriend Films every morning to satisfy my morning wood and be greeted with an all-new feature film I’ve never seen before? Well, sign me the fuck up!Plus, Girlfriends Films has an extremely organized archive of all their videos, too, making it easy as a slut to find what you’re looking for. No more clicking page after page after page, aimlessly browsing Porn Hub. Find what you want as soon as your horny and cut hours of wasted time out of your fapping life. Their Archive section is also awesome due to the fact that you don’t just get access to the daily films that the site has put out since the site has been operational. You also get access to scenes that were originally released only on DVD, increasing the number of videos you have at your disposal exponentially. You’ll definitely never get bored on Girlfriends Films, that’s for damn sure.All in all, if you love lesbian porn, want to see some of the sexiest sluts in the industry sensuously licking each other’s pussies, and don’t know where to turn, Girlfriends Films may be just the site you need. There aren’t really that many other sites out there that do what Girlfriends Films does. At least not to the same degree of quality.