Web Young! No site on the Adult Time network will lead to a typical porn review. Especially not since the porn studio recently merged all of their channels into one … creating one convenient membership price and area to allow you to access any of their content. This means that whether you’re looking for the hottest lesbian action from channels like Mommy’s Girl or Web Young, or you’re really into seeing girls’ asses get ravaged by giant cocks and might be more into Anal Teen Angels or Asshole Fever, one price fits all.A membership to Adult Time, actually, might be the best deal out there when it comes to paysite memberships. You get access to 77 individual channels, 9 networks, and 32 series, all for the price you would typically pay one network each month. It’s a fucking steal, and I highly recommend taking advantage of it.But, for today, let’s just take a look at one of the many channels available on Adult Time: WebYoung.com. Web Young is a part of the Girlsway network and, therefore, features exclusively story-driven lesbian porn. Okay, when I put it that way it almost seems like it sells the content short somehow. It would be more accurate, perhaps, to mention that lesbian porn is insanely hot and that the stories are as erotic and stimulating as they are elaborate and engaging.Extremely High-Quality Lesbian PornI was never a big lesbian porn watcher, to be honest, before I came upon Girlsway. I always just felt like having a dick in the scene helped me to imagine myself into the scenario, you know what I mean? Watching videos on Girlsway, though, made me realize that maybe that wasn’t necessary … that I could just enjoy the art of the female form being pleasured. These lesbian scenes are that good. And the videos to be found on Web Young are just as high-quality and equally well produced.Just to give you a taste of what I am talking about, let’s take a look at just one of Web Young’s videos. Here is just one example of the elaborate backstories to be found on this site: “Kenzie Reeves and Abella Danger were once inseparable best friends until Abella pushed Kenzie away because of an intense crush on her. Abella's confusing and powerful sexual desires toward Kenzie put a strain on their lifelong friendship. Yet, once Kenzie was no longer a part of her life, Abella realized just how much she missed her and needed her. Hoping to finally set things right, Abella invites Kenzie over…“Kenzie laments about how awkward things have been between them. She also admits that she's noticed Abella checking her out in the past, more than hinting that she knows Abella's into her … If she's going to try anything with a girl, she wants to do it with Abella. Abella is stunned that, after all this time and heartache, Kenzie actually wants to be with her. It's like a wet dream come true!”So, now do you see what I mean? There is more character motivation and thought put into the story that goes into this one scene than there is in most of the series that get greenlit from Netflix these days. I think that the girls knowing their clear motivations and backstories really help the actual porn of the scene too. The acting is much better here than I am used to seeing from either of these girls in other pornos. There is definitely a palpable sense of passion to the lovemaking, too, that is hard to fake. Who knows, maybe there is an actual off-screen spark there between Abella Danger and Kenzie Reeves…Active and Engaged MembersAnother thing to note when it comes to Web Young is that the site seems to have a very active community of members. I’m not talking like a vote and a comment on a video here and there; I’m talking a consistent barrage of comments, replies, likes/dislikes, votes, etc. on every video. It’s actually pretty fucking surprising … there are some subreddits that I’ve seen with less activity than a single video on Web Young. So, if this is an important factor in your decision-making process for what porn site to subscribe to, you are in luck.As far as the Web Young members’ area is concerned, it’s a little bit confusing, mostly because it would appear as if there are two at the moment. Granted, this might be only temporary since Adult Time is in the process of completely revamping and integrating everything. But, as of right now, you have two separate members’ areas; one for Girlsway (and all of their channels, including Web Young), and another for all of Adult Time. Simply going to webyoung.com and logging in brings you to the Girls Sway home page; but logging in through Adult Time gives you a different version of the site.For the sake of our review (since Adult Time’s new site is still in Beta), we will just take a look at the Girlsway / Web Young page, not the Adult Time version. And, I must say, it looks very unlike any other pay site’s members’ area that I’ve ever seen. Not necessarily in a bad way … I tend to like different better anyway (once it grows on me).Easy to Use, Clean Site DesignYou’ve got a white background, with a ton of medium-sized thumbnails to choose from. Instead of forcing you to go all the way to the bottom of the page to click into the next page of videos, you can do so by conveniently clicking the right-facing arrow button, which follows you as you scroll up and down … I think this is a really nice touch that really adds to the user-friendliness of the site overall.You can also choose how the thumbnails are ordered (most viewed, highest rated, or coming soon) … but that is pretty standard of most porn sites. What I find really cool about the Web Young / Girlsway site in terms of design and navigation is located directly above all the thumbnails in the “Videos” section.There, you can easily choose from a list of dropdown menus. Conveniently filter through all of the lesbian content by site (Mommy’s Girl, Web Young, Girls Try Anal, Sex Tape Lesbians, and Girlsway Originals), category (a huge A-Z list that I am definitely not about to type out right now … you know the drill, though, all the usual suspects), porn stars, and series.In addition to featuring a fuck ton of awesome content, some kick-ass web design, and an active and engaged community of users, you also get access to the Girlsway store, which features exclusive content for streaming/download/DVD purchase, apparel (edible undies, anyone?), and sex toys. Seeing as Girlsway / WebYoung focuses on solely lesbian content, outside of the porn, I can’t imagine that there will be much in the way of sex toys for dudes … but, if your pathetic ass ever pulls off the impossible and gets a girlfriend, there will likely be a bunch of sexy gifts for you to buy her on the site.A Celebration of YouthWeb Young seems to set itself apart from the original Girlsway (and the other lesbian sites in the Girlsway network) by billing itself as a celebration of youth. Therefore, the scenarios are more geared toward things girls experience from the ages of 18-25 (you know, going off to college, joining a sorority, going shopping with their BFFs, etc.); whereas a scenario on the original Girlsway will be more likely to take place in an office setting or sex with the babysitter, that kind of thing. It may seem like a subtle difference, but for a site so focused on the story, it really makes all the difference.All in all, I am a huge fan of Web Young. I love young lesbians, high-quality porn, and easy to use site design, so of course, I am a huge fan of Web Young. There are also no ads, which is always a great thing. I know, it seems like it should go without saying for a paysite … but, you’d be surprised.Great porn, awesome storylines, great acting, sweet site design, an absolute fuck ton of content, a huge variety available at your disposal, and an actively engaged community of fellow users? I would say that, without a doubt, Web Young is definitely worth a monthly membership. Besides, not only do you get all of Web Young’s videos, you get all of the videos that come with all 77 channels of Adult Time as well. Now, how the fuck could you say no to that?I say check out Web Young. Even if you’re not into lesbian porn … maybe you’ll have your mind changed as I did. Speaking of, I think I’m going to have to excuse myself and spend some time with the girls of Web Young right now. Happy fapping, gentlemen; and happy flicking, ladies.